Above is the view from my window at work today. Rainy day. Suppose to rain all day.

I think we were supposed to start up seeing a movie again this week but I think we will postpone it a bit longer. Not especially concerned about movie theaters or anything, but I’m feeling rather lazy and it’s so much easier to just go home and veg after work. Plus there’s not much out right now anyway.

Still planning on going to Morro Bay the weekend of the 21-24. It’s not a large gathering nor at an airport, besides which I think much of this thing about the virus is way over blown. People are beating each other up over toilet paper. The world is nuts. Anyway, my plan is still on unless the whole state decides to quarantine like Italy has. Plus I don’t quite qualify for the “older people” they talk about on the news and CDC sites.

Fortunately my mother stopped attending church a couple years back because she was just too frail to make the effort to get up Sunday mornings and get ready. She watches mass from the television now. She really is of the age you have to be careful. Even of the flu. She’s been in the hospital before with pneumonia.

In other news, well, I am, um, still working on the Bang story. I’m up to about 3,000 words and have to have at least 6,000 by the end of the month. And then I am supposed to have like 75% done by the middle of April or some such. So…yeah. Not sure. Either way you get a story out of me.

The next two flashes are very very short, so I apologize in advance.

Other than that, I have not much to share. Still fighting Macy’s. Ongoing. I think I did get my bank account straightened out. So that’s something. And I get a bonus this week, so that’s something too.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. I have no plans. And that is good.