Because you are my friends as well as readers on here, I thought I’d be very nice to you (after being mean on The Mysterious One) and give you a sneak peek of a holiday flash coming up. What story is this? Well you will have to wait to find out.

PS. Yes I know the shuttles probably don’t work like planes, I’m going with it!

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Jim hadn’t wanted to come to Riverside for the winter break. He’d told his mother no. At least a dozen times. But then he had nothing else to do. Nothing. Bones was going home to Georgia for two weeks with his daughter and to see his dad, and though Bones had invited him, Jim felt like he’d be an outsider.

And then Spock, who he’d hoped to maybe spend some time with, to, um, make it clear he liked the Vulcan more than as a buddy, had declared he was going to Vulcan to visit with his parents. There had been no specific invitation there and Jim would have turned it down anyway.

Mom would be returning on the same day to Riverside from having visited with Sam and his family for the last month or so in Toronto.  

From San Francisco to Riverside, Spock would be riding the shuttle with him. Spock had a short meeting at the shipyard there and then he would be taking another shuttle direct to Vulcan.

Just before they were due to land, the pilot had advised them that Riverside was experiencing a significant snow storm.

Spock eyed Jim. “I hope that does not mean what I think it means.”

Jim grimaced and took a chance, reaching over to pat his friend’s hand. Yeah Vulcan’s didn’t like touching. Except, well, Spock didn’t seem to mind it too much from him.

“I’m thinking it means what you think. Your shuttle won’t be leaving for Vulcan, Spock. Not today.”

Sure enough, when they landed and departed their shuttle, the boards were filled with cancelations to every single destination.

Jim stood next to Spock as they surveyed the information.

“Sorry, Spock. Looks like you’ll be stuck here. At least overnight.”

“It would seem so. Wasn’t your mother due to return on the shuttle from Toronto?”

Jim followed his gaze to the cancellation board for arrivals. “Uh-oh.”