Hello Friends

I have scheduled the first flash for December, Comfort and Joy, which will appear on December 01. I am already working on the next one for December 02. I’ll be working on a few December flashes before I go on to update Our So-Called Life. I’m about to get a little angsty with that one.

In other news, I saw Addams Family in the theater on Tuesday. It was cute. This weekend I have a three day weekend as I scheduled myself off for Monday. This was originally the Morro Bay weekend that I had to cancel. I didn’t cancel my day off though. I hope to get some writing in this weekend for December etc. I may also go to the dentist.

Our garage gets done on Wednesday the 23rd. M will be home dealing with that. Two months later.

I have a Halloween Party on October 26th. Then I also have off October 28 and 29 to go somewhere with my sister and mother. It’s just an overnight trip to the Solvang area for some casino, dining, and wine tasting, but I was invited to go (asked to go really and the sister is paying for everything, so how could I not?). Obviously that means that weekend not much writing will be done.

I have much much writing ahead of me though so I have to get working on all this or drive myself crazy. For one of those days in December I may take an old posted and deleted Pinto Christmas short and expand it just a wee bit so I can call it new! HA.

After Our So-Called Life, for AO3 updating, I will be back to My Vulcan Who Fell to the Earth.

And then of course there’s still work and you know life stuff. I am crazed. Some of those December flashes will be short, just so you know.

Fall Guys continue tomorrow.