Okay so this is sort of inspired by art my mylochkatee here.

But there are some differences so it doesn’t 100% work with what I have in mind.

It’s sort of a mix between a royal story and Sound of Music. With no music.

Prince Spock is a widower with children (don’t know if I would go with as many as from Sound of Music). His wife, a Vulcan, died a while ago.

Prince James Tiberius runs away from home and responsibilities basically. But he is incognito and calls himself Kirk. Somehow he ends up getting hired as a tutor for Spock’s children. At first they try to trick Kirk but eventually the kids begin to accept and love Kirk.

Kirk also learns that Spock is dating a Baroness, Nyota Uhura, who he intends to propose to. The children don’t care for the baroness and they suspect if she marries their father, they will be sent away.

At a celebration Spock holds, the Baroness notices that Kirk catches the eye of Spock. She can see that Spock is smitten with Kirk and she, of course, feels threatened. She makes certain suggestions to Kirk about this and that their relationship wouldn’t work. Kirk agrees and leaves without saying goodbye.

Later the children try to find him but can’t. But Kirk has a change of heart and decides he should go back and finish what he was teaching the children and perhaps tell Spock the truth about his feelings and who he is. When he returns, he learns that Spock and the baroness are now engaged.

And well, if you’ve seen the movie, you kind of know what happens with the Baroness at that point, Spock realized it’s Kirk he loves, etc etc,.

So…what do you think? Should I put it on the canvas of writing for 2020?