Two updates got done this week on AO3, Transfer Request and The Sight. So that’s better than I thought. I plan on ending The Sight with the next chapter.

I have two of the November Wednesday flashes done now with only two to go and plans for what I want to do with those. I hope to complete those in the not distant future. Once those are done I will be moving on to the Holiday stories.

Up for possible updates next week are The Mysterious One and The Fling. So cross your fingers for those.

Friday is my last song flash for now (they have been popular so I will likely continue them at some point) with Dancing On My Own. Though the song is sad and doesn’t end well, my flash does.

Next month I continue my Kirk and Spock from the Super Flash series. When last we left the boys, Jim was given leave to recover from his injuries. These guys, I am calling them my Fall Guys, will appear every Friday in October, November and December.

For Wednesdays in October, look for October themed flashes. I can’t wait for you to read some of these. I am super excited for the coming months and I am certain you will love it all.

The move is Friday. I’ll have updates for you next week on my new location. And for those keeping track, we are still waiting on that garage door! Sheesh