Look what came in the mail? Ha. The ability to order the above. For $300 of course. I’ll have to pass, but cool, nevertheless.

I’m hard at work trying to get this stuff written. I am scheduled through mid-October now with the next one for the flash series needing to be written for October 18th. That’s somewhat of a relief.

I was trying to get both the last chapter of I Will Follow You and the next of Space in My Bed done at the same time. I finally did get The Space in My Bed chapter finished and it will go live shortly.

Coming up at the end of this month for me is our annual trip to the Hollywood Bowl for dinner and a show. This year we are seeing the Philharmonic play much of the music John Williams has written. Bound to be a fun show. It’s the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. I took an extra day off that weekend (Tuesday) so I am hoping to get a lot of flashes written at that time.

Also coming up in September is my work move so I really need to get my desk in order for that. Shucks.

In other news, as if writing isn’t taking up too much time, ha ha, I am also reading a few other fics on AO3.