The Crew knows (inspired by my own work meetings). This could be TOS or AOS honestly

“Oh, God, not the snorefest,” Havers complained to his friend, Phillips. “Every month we have this damn conference with the captain where he drones on and on about shit I just don’t care about. Once I tried to skip it and I got in trouble.”

Phillips snorted. “What I can’t stand is when he asks if there’s anything someone else wants to bring up because there always is. And usually it’s the commander. That monotone drives me nuts.”

“Or Mr. Scott going on about some stupid engineering stuff. You know when I was in the Academy I used to like that subject but he’s pretty much killed my interest in it.”

Phillips leaned against the wall in the corridor. “Then we’re subjected to an hour of Commander Spock gazing at Kirk like his words are drops of gold.”

Havers laughed. “You know why, don’t you?”


“They’re doing it.”

“Wow. Are they?”

Havers froze at the new voice. His stomach doing a sickening flip, he and Phillips turned to see the captain himself standing there together with Spock.   


“Perhaps it would be more produuctive to pay more attention to one’s duties, Ensign, then to participate in idle gossip,” Commander Spock said.

Havers straightened. “We’re both lieutenants, sir.”

Kirk smiled. “Are you?”

“S-sir?” he stammered, feeling his face heat.

Phillips took a step back. “Sorry, Captain. We’ll, um, we’ll get back to our duties.”

“That would be wise,” Spock said.

“Dismissed,” Kirk said curtly

As Havers went to turn around he saw Kirk and Spock exchange a look, with the Vulcan raising an eyebrow and the captain smirking. There were two things he knew for sure, next time he needed to make sure the corridor was clear, and yep, they were definitely doing it.