From the prompt “I’m Pregnant”

“I’m pregnant.”

A million thoughts went through Jim’s mind. What is it? What would he tell Spock? After all they’d just gotten together, what would Spock even say or think? What about his mother? And—

Gaila leaned over and tapped him on the forehead. “Hello! Are you in there?”

Jim sat back in the chair in the cafeteria and scowled at her. She had just plopped down on the seat across from him. He had been enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee while he pretended to study for his test. He didn’t need to study. He would ace it.

“Well, of course I am. But what are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack?”

She rolled her eyes. “Focus, Kirk. I’m the one with the bun in the oven.”

“How did it happen?”

She smirked. “The usual way.”

“I mean…well, how far along are you? Because—”

Gaila burst out laughing.  “Oh, my God. You think it’s yours.”

Jim’s mouth dropped open. “It-I mean he or she, er, whatever, it’s not?”

“No, genius. You and I haven’t been together intimately since you caught yourself the mad Vulcan professor!”

“He’s not angry, he’s just—”

“I mean mad as in crazy. I’ve seen the way he looks at you. It’s like a cross between wanting to nail you against the wall and wanting to strangle you.”

Jim couldn’t dispute that. “Well, who does it belong to then?”

“No one you know and no one I know…any longer.” She shrugged. “So, you know, I’m dropping out.”

“Of the Academy?”

“No, out of the universe. Yes the Academy. I’m going back to Orion. Mama said she’d help me. I wanted you to know, Jimmy. Because it’s been real.”

He smiled a little. “I’ll say. Didn’t you tell me you loved me?”

She grinned. “I think I did a little. And maybe you even loved me a tiny bit. But that was before him.”


She inclined her head to the head of the table. “That Vulcan standing there glaring down at us.”

Jim looked and his eyes widened seeing Spock standing right next to their table. He did look the slightest bit glarey too. Glarish. Whatever. Jim suspected he viewed Gaila with just a tiny bit of jealousy.

Gaila rose and leaned over the table to kiss Jim right on the mouth. “See you.” Then she straightened and saluted Spock. “Professor!”


She sauntered off and Spock replaced her in the seat across from Jim. His eyebrow shot up.

“Hi Babe. You done for the day?”


Jim smiled and touched his fingers to Spock’s, who visibly relaxed. “She’s pregnant.”

Spock stared at him.

“Not mine. Thankfully. But she’s leaving the Academy and returning to Orion to raise the kid with her mama. She wanted me to know.”

“Ah.” Spock nodded.

“I’m definitely ready to go home.”

“You are finished studying?”

“What? Oh. Yeah. Like hours ago. I’ve just been waiting for you.”

They rose from the table and exited the cafeteria, walking side by side in the bright afternoon sun, toward home.