I am mean.

Well this probably won’t surprise some of you.

Monday morning these two “ladies” in my office started loudly talking about the latest Avengers, which I haven’t seen yet, but plan to. Yes, I know some of you aren’t into them, but I am. I already had to deal with the various family members on Saturday not spoiling it at the birthday party.

These “ladies” asked my co-worker if it bothered her to talk about it. FYI, she is twenty-four and giggly. She says, Oh no, I don’t care about Marvel.

So they proceed to loudly start discussing what they’ve seen. I say, nicely, no spoilers, please. Giggly hears me because she laughs, because that’s what she always does.

They continue discussing it AND I hear something. So now I am mad. I yell out “NO SPOILERS.”

There’s like a collective gasp and then nervous laughter and a “oh, sorry.” I yell THANK YOU. That kills the conversation.

So later my friend, who I told the whole thing to, tells me these same “ladies” said I was so mean and loud when I yelled at them.

So, yeah, okay, I’m mean.