A few things to ramble about…

Back when Paramount offered for me to buy their special edition Star Trek Beyond in digital that came with extended content, I fell for the sales pitch. It also included a digital copy of 2009 and Into Darkness as well as cut scenes, etc. And the deal was that I got the movie before it was released to anyone else, so, naturally, I took this bait. It was through a service called Ultraviolet.

Fast forward to now. Ultraviolet is closing down. And my content? Well, Paramount has informed me I can’t access it through their site. I have to sign up for a whole other account somewhere else and link back to my movies that are on the closing site in order to retain them. Sigh.

Now I have Blu Ray copies of all three movies (in fact several copies of some because a certain M keeps buying them for me), but not all the extra stuff Paramount put in the digital copies. But you know what this all says to me? Streaming and digital sucks. Because you can still get screwed on your content. So when the next damn service goes out of business, there go my digital copies I bought from PARAMOUNT once again.

It took me a while to get my Flash done for this Friday but I finally finished it today and got it scheduled. Last week didn’t launch and I had to do it manually, so let’s cross our fingers it launches this time.

Because of that, I have no new chapters done. I’ll work on it.

M and I have Friday off and we are going in to Ventura for lunch with my mom and sister. Should be a nice day.

And speaking of, at the end of June is my sister’s 60th birthday and she has requested to go to Harrah’s Casino and Resort in San Diego for the occasion. We have agreed. She gets three free nights and so we are all rooming together to save money, obviously. If you say no, she cries, so naturally we said yes. Anyhow, I will be mostly out of commission June 30 until July 5th. We return the 3rd, but then M’s cousin does a thing at her place for Independence Day (their town even does their fireworks then), so we go to that, and then there is the 4th where we do a BBQ etc. So that week is pretty much shot. You have been warned, so mark your calendars!

I think Jamie’s birthday is the 1st so if she wants a fic, she better tell me well in advance and that goes for anyone else, again. Please do let me know. I don’t have a memory so you must help me.

Saturday of this weekend, M and I are going to this thing at one of the local farms called Tomatomania. I guess they are supposed to have every variety of tomato available for sale to plant for yourself. Since M is a gardener and I love tomatoes, it’s a social event for both of us. No making fun of us now. We know we are nerds.

If I am not as super friendly as usual (ha like I ever am) it is because I am quite overwhelm–er, fulfilled, right now. Please forgive me. It is not because you are not loved.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled enough.