This week we have had the very cool Pink Lady Butterflies flying in droves around our area. 1 billion to be exact. As you walk around, you literally almost run into them. Our crazy rains this year has made them exist in abundance and they are migrating. I don’t know why butterflies are so cool and other bugs aren’t, but such is life.

In other news I finished When I Loved You, as you all surely know by now. I was very close to giving it a Twilight Zone/The Strange Vulcan ending, but held back.

I got up the next chapter of The Ties That Bind today. I think next up will be the next one for Transfer Request, then My Heart’s a Virgin and then, probably, Best Friends. I only have two to go on that and I really want it to be finished before the end of the month.

Went to see How to Train Your Dragon 3 last night. It was cute.

Crazy swamped at work right now and a special project is coming in on top of that. I am managing though.

This weekend I will be going to my sister’s on Saturday. On Sunday, I am hoping M will make me some homemade Irish Soda Bread. We shall see.

Friday has a flash coming up. I think I kind of rushed it to be honest, but, hey, at least I got something up!

Okay, done boring you! Mwah!