Since Valentine’s Day comes on a Thursday you are getting this Valentine’s Day flash this week.

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“Should I send chocolate to Jo?”

“Huh?” Jim’s steps faltered in the grocery store where he walked beside Bones.

“You know. For Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh. Um. Sure, I guess. Does she like chocolate?”

Bones smirked. “Doesn’t every kid?” He stopped before a display of brightly colored heart shaped boxes. He eyed Jim. “What about you?”

“Me? Since when have we exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts?”

“Not with me, genius. Aren’t you…well whatever…?”

“Involved in a sexual relationship? Yes.”

“So, there’s like no feelings there or anything.”

Jim eyed the glittery boxes with a baleful stale. “None worth these monstrosities.”

“A romantic to the end, our Jim.”

“Well. It’s not, um, you know. Not like that.” He felt himself turning hot and red, probably to match the candy boxes. But really.

“I see.”

“Well, it’s not like we have, you know, conversations and stuff. Candlelight dinners.”

“So, it’s just bend over and take it?’ Bones chortled and Jim turned redder. His friend held up his hands. “Kidding. You know what? I just don’t care that much about whatever goes on between you guys.” He made a face. “Maybe chocolate is a bad idea. A toy? Like a doll? Or maybe jewelry.”

“Or maybe a gift card and let her pick out her own gift.”

“That’s no fun. And not much thought into it.”

Jim shrugged.

“I know, look who I’m talking to.”

“You know my family isn’t much into gift giving and celebrations.”

“I know. That would mean you’d actually have to see each other.”

“Exactly. And God knows why we’d want to do that.” Jim picked up a large pink, sequined box. “How about this one?”

“Yeah, that one’s nice. I’ll go with that.”

They walked away from the display.

Bones suddenly grabbed Jim’s arm. “Look who’s here.”

They watched the tall, slender Vulcan enter the story and briefly pause in the doorway as he surveyed the store.

Jim opened his mouth to call out to him but Bones elbowed him in the stomach. He gave Bones a look.

“Let’s see what he does,” Bones whispered, drawing Jim away to the next aisle.

They watched as the Vulcan, Spock, stepped over to the display of heart shaped chocolate boxes. Jim frowned but Bones grinned.

“Isn’t that too sweet?”

“Shut up,” Jim whispered furiously.

Spock chose a big red heart with a ribbon bow and then walked up to the front of the store to the register. He quickly paid and left the store.

“Well?” Bones said.

“Well, er, what?”

“Come on, Jim. You have to get him something now.”

Jim bit his lip. He was so sure Spock wouldn’t be into Valentine’s Day. It was so unlike him. They’d even talked about it before and how stupid it was. It made no sense.

“I can’t get him chocolate, Bones.”

“Get him something else then.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, do I?” Bones laughed suddenly. “Sexy underwear.”



On Valentine’s Day, Jim went to Spock’s apartment. After a particularly vigorous sex session, Spock said he would get them takeout for dinner, and that Jim could take his time getting out of bed and getting dressed.

Jim got up, grabbed his clothes and went to go into the bathroom when he saw the big red heart box Spock had got for him. With a smile, he walked over to it. He’d left the wrapped package of the red silk boxers he’d bought for Spock in his book bag when he’d first got there as it had felt a little weird to give it straight away to him.

His smile widened when he spotted the tag Spock had included.  He flipped over the heart shaped tag.

“To: Nyota, From: Spock.”

Jim dropped the tag and backed away, disappointment coursing through him.

Of course it hadn’t been for him. What had he been thinking, anyway?

Nyota was just a friend. That much Jim had known. So he knew there wasn’t any grand romantic gesture on Spock’s part in giving her the candy. Likely, his mom had told him to or someone like that.

His disappointment didn’t come from romantic jealousy. But from his own foolishness at thinking he was getting a present. Gifts were for suckers. Jim’s family had taught him that. And expectations were for fools.

He went to his book bag, took out the package and stuffed it into the back of Spock’s sock drawer. Then he texted Spock.

“Oh, hey. Can’t stay for dinner after all. Sorry. I’ll be in touch.”

Jim hit send before he chickened out.

He was on his way out when he spotted a white envelop on the coffee table. He stopped. From where he stood he could see his name in Spock’s ridiculously neat handwriting.

Jim bit his lip, walked over, and picked up the unsealed envelope. Inside was a card.

It was a rather artistic drawing of a Vulcan with a pulsing heart at his side, beating, or the drawing was meant to imply a beating heart anyway. Inside were the words,

I want you to live long and prosper…with me.

Just then the door to Spock’s apartment opened and Spock stepped inside holding two bags of takeout. He stared at Jim.

“You are still here. I received your note and—”

Jim rushed over to Spock and threw his arms around the Vulcan, kissing him hard.  Spock seemed startled a moment, but then returned the kiss with equal fervor.

“Bones is right. I am an idiot.”

“I do not understand.”

“I know. But I swear, from now on, I’m going to be better.”

“About what?” Spock asked cautiously.

“About everything.”

“Then…are you staying?”

“I’m staying. And there’s something else.”


“I’ve been practicing this. Um.” He leaned in and whispered in Spock’s ear.

Spock’s arms tightened around him.

“Did I say it right?”

“What were you trying to say, Jim?”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you, in Vulcan.”

Spock’s lips twitched but his eyes were shining. “I love you as well, however, you did not say Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Jim frowned. “No? What did I say? I got the words from your family and they said—”

“You said that you were mine forever, that you were obedient, that you loved me…”

“Oh.” Jim smiled and nodded. “That’s okay then.”

“And you like to cluck like a chicken.” Spock paused to let Jim laugh.  “Sybok?”

“How did you know?”

Spock shook his head. “An educated guess.”

“We can reheat the food,” Jim said. “I have a present for you in the room. I’m dying to see you wearing it.”

Spock arched a brow, but he hurried after Jim, leaving the food containers on the coffee table as he passed by.