So here I am again. Yeah, I know, I’ve probably been posting on here too often lately too. Ha

Since I started wearing my FitBit I’ve met my step goal every day, so that’s pretty cool. Especially since I managed to give myself a very painful blister. It’s been bandaged up since this weekend.

Funny thing, I have always had a fight with my feet. Once a few years back we spent like three days at Disneyland and I was wearing new sneakers. I got blisters inbetween my toes so bad I could barely walk. I even went to first aid there. I skipped some of the trips there and stayed in the timeshare while everyone had fun. Another time I went walking one Christmas Eve with friends and I didn’t really have anything to walk in so a friend loaned me a pair of shoes to wear. When we got back to the house everyone realized my feet were bleeding! HA. Yeah, so.

Finally saw The Mule last night. It was not violent considering the subject matter. There were a couple of naked butts and boobs (none of which were ancient Clint, thankfully), but that was all, really. It was pretty depressing though. And oddly enough I ended up liking the drug cartel guys more than most of the cops (the main cop was Bradly Cooper who I am extremely meh on)

Today I am working on the Flash so there will be no updates, and then i’d really like to work on a chapter of Nine Lives after that even though it’s not next up AND I could be working on The Experiment.

Why is it that short work weeks always seem to last forever? I so wanted to stay in bed this morning. I was tired, I felt gross, I felt depressed, it was cold in the house, I just didn’t want to get up. Unfortunately my alarm going off at 5:30 said otherwise.

Have a pretty pic