Well certainly the news about a potential fourth Star Trek movies isn’t good. But perhaps someday. My own positive spin on it is that it means I can safely have Spock and Uhura broken up for good in any future offerings I may have. Hey, I take what I can get!

Speaking of, I updated The Sight today. I know…shocking. I actually had the start of chapter 7 written way back when I posted my AN about deleting it. I got a few more requests in recent days to continue it, so I picked it up again and finished it. The chapter not the fic! Ha.

In other news, of the writing kind, I got a Flash Fic done for this Friday yesterday. It’s not at all related to the boys from the Christmas Flash, but I think it is, dare I say, sweet.

I have begun the fic related to First Footing as well. The part you read on here will be the first chapter, aptly titled, First Footing. I don’t have a name for the overall fic yet, nor a plan as to when I’d start posting it. Not a for a while I think. Maybe not until it’s finished. We shall see. back in the very early days of 2013 and The Bond Between Them, I finished the whole darn thing before I posted it. Weird days that.