Originally, we were just staying overnight only Saturday at our favorite place in Morro Bay, but yesterday I was sitting here at work going, damn, we should have taken Friday off work and taken both Friday and Saturday nights in Morro Bay. I looked up the place just out of curiosity and was surprised Friday was available. Even the exact room we are staying in. The rooms have names. The one I booked is called Morro Rock Suite. They aren’t really all suites they just called them all suites, lol. Anyway they only have I think 8 rooms total. The Morro Rock Suite has a view of the Morro Rock and Bay and also has a fireplace, which since right now it’s cold here, I am greatly looking forward to.

Anyway, just because it was available didn’t mean anything. Neither of us had Friday off and I didn’t relish the idea of going up there after work in traffic. I laughingly texted him that it’s too bad we didn’t take Friday off and then we could stay both nights. To my surprise, he said, well, is the room available? I said it was. Then I looked up a room in another place we like there and it would be about $60 less to stay there Friday night but it would also mean we’d have to switch rooms in the middle of the weekend. I asked, are we sure you want to do this and he said, I already asked for the day off. HA. So, I went ahead and did too. My day was approved first but eventually so was his. I ended up booking the Morro Rock Suite for both nights even though the other place would have been cheaper, but no fireplace and the switching locations. Plus we really do prefer this other place.

So now I am going up there Friday for two nights! I am very excited. This may be our only trip up there this year. It means less time for updating this week but oh well! HA

Regular readers on AO3 will notice I posted the first chapter of When I Loved You. I changed it a bit from some of what you read here and also added some stuff from one of my 100 word fics. And wa la! I might get the second chapter up before Friday but we shall see.

Yes, I know I should be working on some of my older works in progress, but alas my muse wants new shiny things. I will get to the older stuff, I promise.

I will have 100 words up on Friday, as part of my series. I already wrote it and set it up to post Friday morning.