Very briefly.

I have just over a week until I leave on my cruise and I don’t really intend to stick to any particular update schedule between now and then. Other than getting an update done to Turning Page, I will let whatever moves me to work its update magic for the next week.

There will be a 100 word fic Friday. We’ll see what I have for next Friday, if anything. Same goes for Friday, Feb 02. I will be on the ship eating, drinking and being merry, but I might, just might though, have something scheduled for that day. Remains to be seen.

This past week I saw Jumanji. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think that’s it for movies until we are back from the cruise. Not even sure there’s anything in February I particularly want to see. I did finally catch on streaming, Rogue One, and Doctor Strange. I was pretty meh on Rogue One, but I did quite like Doctor Strange.

My friend’s birthday is Friday so we will be going out to dinner. She was supposed to go up to Paso Robles for the weekend but the freeway up there remains closed due to the mudslides and rather than going around like normal people she chose to cancel the whole thing. Anyway, her BF is taking her to a fancy place and invited us and is going to pay, so that’s our Friday evening.

Other than that, I think this weekend will be pretty chill though I may begin the packing process for the cruise. Not sure I will have a rambles up Monday or not. We shall see.