Today’s prompt was a star that was not a star (I merely mentioned it, lol) and a quiet, intimate moment on the observation deck. I also decided to turn this one into V Day.

He’d come up here to get away from everything. The celebrations. It was Valentine’s Day and the rec room was decorated with glitzy red hearts and cherubs holding arrows. Pink frosted cakes. Bad candies with sayings written on them. It was too much to take. Especially when as he was preparing to leave anyway, he saw Uhura come in wearing dangly red heart earrings. He heard her asking people if Spock had arrived yet. That was definitely Jim’s cue to leave.

So here he stood on the observation deck looking out at the stars. And speaking of stars, Jim still had to file his report on that star that turned out to be an undiscovered planet. He added it to his mental to do list. Sounded like a great way to spend a night about love, when he had nothing else to do.

He sighed and crossed his arms, leaning slightly forward so his forehead touched the glass. What the hell was wrong with him? He didn’t waste time feeling sorry for himself. It never got him anywhere but more depressed. And if he didn’t knock that off, Bones was going to insist he talk or some shit.

And as if on cue the door to the room he was in slid open. He knew he should have locked it.

“What’s up, Bones?” Jim asked.

“I am not the doctor.”

That had him turning sharply to face Spock. His first officer was dressed casually in black slacks and a maroon sweater. Very Valentiney looking.

“Uhura’s not here, Spock.”

Spock looked slightly puzzled but then tilted his head. “I am not at present seeking to locate Nyota. I am aware of her location in the rec room.”

Jim nodded. “What are you doing here then? Orders from the ‘Fleet?”

“None that I am aware of, at present. My purpose is of a personal nature.”

Jim gave what he hoped was an encouraging smile but he feared it was not. It was Valentine’s Day. And his mind conjured up Spock asking Jim for permission to go to New Vulcan to bond with Uhura or something. And Jim would die.

Spock approached him and stood next to him, gazing out at the stars. “I trust you enjoyed your shore leave on Risa?”

So, small talk was it? Great.

“No. Not particularly.”

“You did not?”

“I only spent a very short time there with Bones before I went back to the ship and spent the remainder of the time catching up on sleep. How about you? Did you and Uhura enjoy the outdoor concert?”

“Yes. It was stimulating.”

“Stimulating,” Jim repeated. He did not want to think of what they did after they were stimulated by the concert. “So what is it? Uhura was looking for you, so you probably want to go.”

“You are troubled.”

That surprised Jim so much that he glanced at Spock in surprise. “Excuse me?”

“If there is anything I can help you with—”

“Did Bones put you up to this?” Jim saw from the quick flash of guilt that was barely there in Spock’s expression that he had got it exactly right. “Well, I’m fine. And you can tell him that too. I don’t need you running interference for him or whatever it is you are doing.”

“I just don’t wish for you to be overwhelmed.”

“Overwhelmed?” Jim repeated incredulously. “I’m not overwhelmed, Mister. And I’d thank you to mind your own business.”

Spock straightened at that and maybe Jim ought to take it back. He didn’t know.

“I have reports. Enjoy your evening.”

Jim left the observation room with Spock’s mouth hanging open.

He almost stopped to give Bones a piece of his mind but decided he was just better off letting himself cool down and he went to his quarters instead.

Lying on the middle of the bed was a single long stemmed red rose.

A single red rose shows love.

Jim had read that somewhere.

He went to the bed and picked it up but there was absolutely no indication where it came from.