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You’ll All Think I’m Nuts but…

A while back I spent an insane amount of money to get a picture of the TOS cast (from the movies) from Galaxy Con with three signatures of the remaining four Trek cast members (Walter, George and Bill).

It arrived today. I tried to get a decent picture without the light shining on it. Not sure I succeeded.

I’ll be getting it framed, of course (and yes that is part of my hand lol, if I didn’t hold it there was a HUGE spot of light in the middle, ah well I tried)

Flash Fic, July 27, 2020

This one is a revisit of the TOS OMS in Every Hour Has Come to This

Jim slept in these days. More than he used to.

He remembered a time when he was up before the sun, and then with the sun, and often before his husband, Spock. But those days had faded away now. And often he woke long after the sun and his husband rose.

This time he got out of bed mostly because he was hot and sweaty. This promised to be a scorcher of a day. Not that surprising in July.

But it made for uncomfortable sleeping.

He went into the bathroom, peed, and then turned on the shower. He made it warm, because he didn’t particularly care for cool showers, even in summer.

Jim smiled to himself as he soaped up. Just yesterday they’d been in the main town doing their usual shopping and Spock had made rather derisive remarks about the store’s advertisement.

“Christmas in July.”

“It’s a gimmick, Spock.”


They’d passed by the display of fake snow, gnomes, and garlands. Later, Jim considered going back for one of the gnomes he’d thought was kind of cute, but he never got back over to the display.

He did pick up some gingerbread cookies, though. Since he’d gotten older, he’d developed a terrible sweet tooth.

After his shower, Jim put on some loose fitting pants, that sweet tooth did not help his waistline, and a T-shirt. No flannel in July, thank you very much.

He made his way down the stairs, using the bannister more than he used to, of course.

Spock was putzing around the kitchen. In a few days, Spock would be leaving for three weeks to attend to the duties that surrounded his ambassadorship. Jim didn’t look forward to it. He could handle the time alone, but yeah, he’d miss Spock. A lot.

As he approached the kitchen he spotted something on the dining room table.

His mouth broke out into a huge grin.


It was the ridiculously cute gnome he’d considered at the store, sitting on the table next to Jim’s coffee cup.

Spock turned and arched a brow. “A poor substitute for my company for three weeks, but…”

Jim came to him and gave him a big kiss. “Still. I love you. Thank you.”

“You are welcome Jim.”

Flash Fic 05/07/2020

Surprise! Wasn’t really going to do a Mother’s Day post because I have Eveninstar’s birthday fic scheduled that day. But decided, we could all use a little extra Spirk and though it’s a few days early, here it is…

Jim knew didn’t understand at all his desire to visit Spock’s mother with him. At first, he had flat out vocalized his opposition. Although perhaps opposition wasn’t entirely accurate.

“My mother has never expressed an interest or desire in celebrating any such occasion.”

“I’m guessing she wouldn’t be blatant about it, Spock.”

“She accepted life on Vulcan and all that comes with it when she chose to marry my father.”

“Yeah. I know. But I think this will be nice.”

Spock didn’t sigh, but it was an almost thing.

Since they had plans to visit Vulcan and Spock’s parents anyway, Jim had decided this would be a very good time for it.

So, he had carefully packed for it, including wrapped presents for Spock’s mother. He was aware his bondmate thought it all completely illogical and the consideration of it even without merit.

But Jim was having none of it.

Sarek and Amanda greeted them in their home. Sarek, stoically, of course, Amanda les so.

After they were settled into the room where they would be staying for the next couple of weeks, Jim went into his suitcase for the presents he had brought.

Spock looked over his shoulder. “You wasted the effort, Jim.”

He smiled. “We’ll see.”

They made their way back out to the living room area where they were going to sit and have refreshments and “get caught up” as Amanda put it.

Amanda was seated in what she had earlier told Jim was her favorite chair. She smiled when he and Spock came out and joined them.

“Oh. What do you have there, Jim?” she asked, her curiosity showing.

“Well. Actually, Amanda, they’re for you.”

“For me?”

“Since my own mother has passed on, I thought it would be appropriate and nice to honor you for Mother’s Day.”

Her eyes widened slightly. “It is Mother’s Day, isn’t it? How lovely.”

Jim handed the two wrapped packages to her.

Amanda laughed. “I can’t remember the last time I had presents.”

Jim noticed the stiffening in Spock’s shoulders and Sarek’s pursed lips. He ignored both of them and sat by Amanda to watch her open the gifts.

The first was a simple box of chocolates, but she seemed very pleased and glanced at her husband.

“You stay away from my chocolates, husband.”

Sarek humphed which made her laugh.

Then she opened the second and took out a cloisonné bangle bracelet. She gasped. “Oh, Jim, it’s just beautiful.”

He smiled and glanced toward Spock. “It’s from both of us, of course.”

She smiled, sharing a look with him. “Of course. Thank you both so much. This was an absolute wonderful surprise. I feel incredibly spoiled.


As they prepared for bed.


“Yes, Spock?”

“You were, perhaps, right and I was, perhaps, wrong.” “It’s okay, Spock, it does happen once in a while.”  

Flash Fic April 13, 2020

Spock stared at the chess board, surprised to find that the captain had just checkmated him. It wasn’t altogether unheard, of course. The first time they had played, so long ago now, Kirk had beaten him. His methods were unconventional and hard to decipher enough to analyze a pattern. Sometimes it seemed he came out the winner by sheer force of will. Since then, however, more times than not, Spock won.

And he had expected to win this time as well.

His captain seemed…odd. Well, more so than usual. And certainly distracted. But perhaps it was Spock who had found himself distracted.


Kirk glanced at him, a question in his eyes.

“I wish to know the nature of your inquiry.”

“Oh.” Kirk shrugged. “Nothing, really. Just, um, guess I wanted to be sure you were all right. That was a difficult mission. Sarpeidon was…”

“A planet doomed to destruction. Yes. And Zarabeth doomed with it.”

“Right. But if you had feelings for her…well. I’m sorry. I guess, I’m thinking myself of my own…” Kirk shook his head. “Not shortcomings exactly.”

“Shortcomings, Captain?”

“When the Rigellian Fever hit the ship and Rayna…never mind. Our situations were dissimilar. Except I thought I felt love for her and…”

“You did not?” Spock asked.

Kirk shook his head, smiling faintly. “In just a few short hours? I was not myself. The situation the crew found itself in. And certain stirrings within me that came from a different source. It doesn’t matter. I acted foolishly and should have concentrated on the mission and not hormones.”

“I see.”

“And really, Mr. Spock. I don’t mean any of that to sound like a reprimand for you. I guess this whole thing just has me thinking of my own actions. Maybe that’s why I keep thinking of you and Zarabeth.”

“Captain, though I did feel love for Zarabeth while on Sarpeidon, it did not last. It was the circumstances in which I found myself in, the atmosphere. The changes I went through in that time period. Once I came back aboard the Enterprise, that love, those feelings, were gone.”

“So.” Kirk nodded. “You don’t wish you had stayed behind with her?”

“I do not. My place is here.” Spock did not add ‘with you’. But he thought it.

“And…what if…was there a possibility of a child?” The Captain wouldn’t look at him. Spock wasn’t quite sure why.

“There is very little likelihood of that. All indications are that I am sterile and even were I not, any child created with Zarabeth is long deceased.”

Kirk’s gaze met his then but what was behind those hazel eyes, Spock could not tell.

“Another game, Mr. Spock?”

Since he had no real desire to quit the captain’s company and return to the loneliness to be found in his own quarters, Spock replied, “Yes, that would be agreeable.”

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