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Christmas in July Flash 2019

“Okay, seriously. What the hell is Christmas in July and why should I care about it?”

Jim Kirk eyed his grumpy-assed friend, Leonard McCoy. They were standing in the entry-way of Starfleet Academy’s cafeteria. The entire eating area had been turned into a themed decorated place, Christmas in July, as it announced on banners everywhere.

Jim shrugged. “It’s a thing, I guess.”

Bones looked at him, his face pinched. “It’s not a thing.”

“It is. They have sales and people watch romantic Christmas movies and—”

“Spare me. You didn’t have anything to do with all this, did you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Surprised they allowed it. There’s Janice. I’m going over there. You coming?”

Jim’s gaze swept over the cafeteria and landed exactly on whom he had been seeking. “No.”

Bones followed his gaze. “You don’t stand a chance, Romeo.”

He sauntered off and Jim drummed up the courage to go past the hanging holly, snowflakes, and tinsel hanging from everywhere.

There in the very far corner, as far away from the decorations as could be, sat the object of Jim’s fascination.

Jim sat across from him. “Good morning.”

Very slowly, the professor’s gaze rose. “Cadet.”

Jim tried to play it cool. “After last night, I thought we’d be on a first name basis.”

“Do keep your voice down.”

“There’s no one near us. You couldn’t have picked a more isolated spot.”

The Vulcan professor, Spock, nodded. “I was attempting to keep myself as far away from the festivities as possible.”

“Don’t like Christmas?”

“I have no particular feelings regarding Christmas.”

“In July perhaps?”

“It is not logical. Earlier they were passing out peppermint mochas.”

Jim smiled. “Did you try one?”

“I did not,” Spock said stiffly. “They were hot.”

“Er yeah. Maybe later I can secure some peppermint ice cream or something.” Jim moistened his lips. “Want to come over and watch romantic Christmas movies with me? There’s one on called A Rocky Mountain Christmas.”

“If I spend the evening with you, we will engage in intimacy.”

His smile widened. “That’s the idea.”

“Cadet.” Spock paused. “I am uncertain we should continue our assignations.”

“But you want to.”

He nodded. “Indeed.”

“There’s no reason to stop. I’m not your student, and really you’re a commander who programs the complicated tests we take, you’re not an ordinary professor.” He stroked his fingers across Spock’s. “There’s nothing ordinary about you.”

Dark eyes met his. “Nor you.”

Jim turned Spock’s palm over and traced the lines there. He kept his gaze on Spock. “Coming over?”

“I will be there.” Spock switched his gaze back to the decorated cafeteria. “I believe you have a class.”

Jim chuckled. “I do.”

“Go out the south door. You will avoid Cadet Rimley who is waiting by the North door with mistletoe for you.”

Jim squeezed Spock’s hand before releasing it. “Will do. See you tonight.”


Jim was aware of Spock’s gaze on him as he brushed past hanging ornaments and packages, and when he made it to the south exit, he turned back to see Rimley looking pissed. Jim laughed again and went to class.

A merry Christmas in July indeed.   

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Extra Flash Conclusion 07/07/2019

He entered his dark, empty quarters without any enthusiasm.

“Lights fifty percent.”

They came on instantly and even at fifty it seemed far too bright for his tired eyes.

“Dim lights to twenty-five percent.”

He stood in the middle of his quarters for a while, probably no more than minutes though, before finally deciding he could stand with a shower. His clothes were soiled with…with…

The door chimed and before he even thought about answering it, the door opened, and Spock stepped inside. He still wore his own soiled and messy uniform, and his eyes looked wider in his paler face than usual.

Jim stared at him, recognizing that his eyes were pooled with tears, but unable to do much about them.

“I promised his mother.”


He blinked, dislodging a few tears with his lashes, feeling them wet his cheeks. “Ensign Styles. We…she was there, you know, when we picked him up when the Enterprise was ready to go out again. She told me to take care of him, make sure he returned safe.” Jim lowered his gaze to the floor. “I didn’t do that.”


Spock was there in a second, less than, maybe, and he had his hands on Jim’s arms, on his forearms, holding him in place, but not tight, with complete and utter gentleness. He raised his gaze to Spock’s and what he saw there mirrored his own thoughts and feelings, somehow.

“Styles was not your fault and both he and his mother understood Starfleet service. There was nothing you could have done to save him from what occurred except perhaps leave him off the landing party and he desperately wanted to be on it.”

“I know, but I—”

Spock simply shook his head. His thumb came up to brush a tear off Jim’s cheek. “What did you dream of?”

“About us?”


“It was stupid, really. And the only reason it really stands out was because it wasn’t a bad dream. A nightmare, you know? Which is what I have all the time. Not all the time, but—”

“Jim.” Spock shook him, but again, with extreme gentleness.

“It was you and me, just dancing, at a cotillion. Do you know what those are?”

Spock nodded.

“All dressed in old-fashioned clothes like you’d wear to one, I guess, and you were leading. I think I tried to, but you took over, whatever.” Jim smiled a little. “Then you moved us off the dance floor to the balcony outside and then we—”

“We?” Spock prompted.

Jim briefly closed his eyes, squeezing out a few more teardrops. He smiled again and opened his eyes. He put his hand up to Spock’s face. “We kissed. And kissed. It was…the best kisses of my life and it was all a damn dream, Spock. Then we started to remove our clothes, right there on the balcony, and then-then I woke up. And we went on the mission.”

“I see.”

Jim pushed away then, out of his hold, putting distance between them. “And now? I’m just dog-tired. Wiped out emotionally.” He shook his head, then frowned. “Was there something you wanted?”

Spock nodded. “Yes.”


“You. To tell you that…I’m here for you. That I made a mistake walking away out in the corridor. But I won’t walk away like that. Not again.”

Jim swallowed and took a step closer. “I really need a hug.”

And he was even a little surprised when Spock stepped closer, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling Jim against him. It was kind of too snug and even kind of awkward. But it was the best damn hug he had ever felt. He closed his eyes and leaned into Spock.


“You are welcome, Jim.”

Extra Flash July 06, 2019

Jim wasn’t sure really, whether he should even mention it. In fact he was pretty sure he shouldn’t. He was wiped out, tired and sore, dejected, maybe, from getting his ass kicked, from losing two good crewmembers down on the surface of the planet. And they had families and lives separate from service to Starfleet, and one of the tasks Jim would have would be to write those families. He never knew what to say.

Spock looked wrecked too.

They’d been checked out by Bones, both of them, and they were fine, also, both of them. A few minor bruises and sore muscles. They’d refused further treatment and Bones hadn’t even yelled at them for it. Proof that his friend was feeling pretty crappy about everything too.

And why wouldn’t he? One of those dead was a medic from his own department. Jim saw the wateriness in Bones’ eyes before he tried to hide it.

So Jim stumbled a little as he stopped outside the door of Spock’s quarters, which came up first. Spock stopped too, because, of course, they had reached his rooms.

Jim turned to face his first officer, the words torn between being stuck in his throat and on the tip of his tongue.

“Spock, I…”


“I dreamed of us last night,” he blurted out, before he could lose his nerve.

And he was greeted with that annoying head tilt and that blank expression that had made him want to rip those bangs off his forehead more than once.

“Doing what?”

Yeah, Kirk, doing what?

And just what was he going to say? Kissing and tearing each other’s clothes off? Breathing for each other?

“Nothing, Spock,” Jim replied.

“I do not understand.”

He forced a smile, tired and maybe sad, but a smile. “Never mind. It was just a dream. It’s nothing.”

Spock turned toward the door, stopped, turned back and looked at him. “Captain…”


“You did everything you could. No one could have done more. And the crew—”

“Yeah.” Jim nodded.

Spock returned the nod. “Goodnight, Jim.”


“I hope you sleep well.” Spock turned then and went into his quarters and Jim continued onto his, alone.

Memorial Day Flash

It felt good to have Spock beside him, even though Jim hadn’t even known before he stepped foot inside the Memorial that he would feel that way. That he would need his first officer there. Or just how deep his feelings had become for Spock that he wanted the Vulcan with him at all times. Something he hadn’t altogether analyzed. Not yet.

For probably longer than he should, he stood in front of Pike’s memorial. The pain of Pike’s death was one he still felt sharp and fresh though a few years had passed now. It didn’t feel that way. Not at all.

His gaze scanned the few short paragraphs that were meant to describe the existence of a single man, but didn’t really come close. Not for Jim. For an all too brief time, Jim’d had a father, as his own didn’t get the chance to be, and his stepfather, Frank, had never wanted to be. And maybe Jim had put more significance on Pike then he should have. Maybe it was too much pressure, ultimately, on the man. But Jim couldn’t take it back. Couldn’t pretend Pike hadn’t meant so much.

Jim glanced at Spock, saw him looking at the memorial with a sadness he rarely showed and Jim was reminded, all too well, that Spock would be grieving for Pike also.

After a moment, it seemed as though Spock felt his gaze and he met Jim’s eyes. For a few breaths, their gazes locked, then with a shared nod, they both looked away.

They moved on then, stopping at a few others, though more briefly, until Jim reached the aisle that would lead them to the one he didn’t want to see, but would anyway. He stopped.

“Captain?” Spock turned toward him, an eyebrow raised in question.

“Your mom should be here, you know,” he said softly, then regretted it. He frowned. “I’m sorry.”

“She was not a member of Starfleet, so it wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Jim nodded, biting his lip, then looking away. “Yeah. Yeah.”

“There is no memorial for her. Or any of them individually. Just a…plaque in front of the Federation Headquarters.”

Spock’s voice was so quiet that Jim strained to hear it. He took a step closer, uninvited or maybe unwanted, he didn’t know.

“There should be.”

Spock tilted his head. “Remembrances, I suppose, are something most Vulcans find…pointless.”

“Spock.” But that was all Jim seemed to be able to say. Any other words got stuck in his throat and seemed entirely not enough.

Eventually, he touched Spock’s arm, drawing Spock’s gaze to his for several silent moments. He couldn’t think of a damn thing to say that would make any of it all right.

Then Spock broke the spell by flicking his head in the direction they needed to go. “Shall we?”

Jim nodded, lump lodged in his throat, and turned to go down the long aisle that contained the memorials for the Kelvin. Like Spock’s mom, and the billions of Vulcans murdered, there’d been no remains of many of the Kelvin who lost their lives that day, his father included. 

When they stopped before his father’s plaque, Jim was surprised, though grateful, to feel Spock’s hand on the small of his back. He placed his own hand against the shiny plaque that listed George Kirk.

“Last time I came here, I was just a kid,” Jim said, softly. “I came with my mom. Sam, too.” He shook his head. “This was all before Frank. When I got older, I didn’t come.”

“Too painful?”

“I wish that I could say that. More…too self-involved.” Jim turned a little to look at Spock’s face, but not enough that he would dislodge the comfort of that hand on his back. Spock, of course, held no look of judgment. No censure. In fact, there was a gentle affection in those dark eyes that threatened to steal Jim’s breath. Jim swallowed. “Spock, I…”

His first officer nodded. “This is not the time or place, I am aware.”

“No, but—”


Jim turned, startled at the sound of his mother’s voice, to see her running toward him. He made a little whooshing noise as he caught her against him as she threw herself into his arms.

“You came!”

Jim met Spock’s eyes over her head and then he squeezed her. “Hi, Mom.”

She pulled back, but only to put her hand on his cheek. “God, it’s incredible to see you. I didn’t even know you were going to be in San Francisco.”

“I know. We’re waiting on repairs and I wasn’t sure myself. I thought you’d be in Riverside.”

“I’m spending the summer here.” She pulled entirely away from Jim then, her gaze going to Spock. They’d met once, during the time of Jim’s recovery after Khan. “Mister Spock. It’s good to see you again.”

“And you as well. Though not the best of circumstances.”

“Whatever they are, I’m just so happy to see you, Jim, and here with Spock.” Her eyes glistened with tears. “Give me a moment, will you?”

Jim stepped back, with Spock, as she stood before his dad’s memorial. He looked away, respecting his mom’s privacy. After all, his dad meant everything to her, and though he’d been Jim’s dad, he’d never even known him.

And Spock, well, he meant everything to Jim, so he definitely got it.

He turned to face Spock.

“I love you. I do. And I don’t want to waste even one more minute not telling you. Because it’s just…I could end up here, or you could, or both of us, I guess, and I just—”


“It’s okay, if you don’t feel that way, I just had to tell you before I burst, I guess.”

“I feel the same way,” Spock whispered. “Your affections are returned.”

Jim swallowed the lump, nodding, holding the sight of Spock in his heart, for that moment, to remember.

“All right.” His mother came over and linked her arms with Jim’s and Spock’s. “Lunch?”

Jim smiled. “Yes. Sounds good.”

“And dinner?” She teased, but, Jim also saw, there was hope there in those familiar blue eyes of her.

“Yes, dinner, too.”

“How long are you here?” she asked, as she drew them away from his dad’s memorial, her gaze sweeping over it once more, before her eyes went to the front of them.

“A week,” Jim said.

“That’s wonderful. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I missed you, too, Mom.”   

Flash Fic Friday, January 05, 2018

Appreciative One requested a Pinto Flash Fic this week. The prompt was a publicity opportunity for Chris and Zach to christen a new Naval ship called the USS Enterprise in Virginia. Entirely fiction of course.


Chris closed his eyes and leaned his head back as the car service that was to take him to his hotel room from the airport began to move. God, he was tired.

Why had he agreed to this again?

Paramount mostly. And his agent. And his publicity people. Good for the franchise. Good for the future. Good press.

And then there was seeing Zach again. He’d been told Zach was already onboard before he’d agreed. He wouldn’t have otherwise. He was working like crazy. Had only come back from Scotland where he’d been filming Outlaw King, only to have to begin One Day She’ll Darken. He liked working. Keeping busy. But it was getting to be too much even for him. And soon he’d have to start publicity for Disney for A Wrinkle in Time.

This was just a quick two night stay. Friday night come in, as he was now, do the christening of the new USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier at the Naval Shipyard, stay over Saturday night, and then fly home to California early Sunday.

He’d been to this part of Virginia before, so he didn’t bother looking out the windows. It was getting dark anyway.

He opened his eyes and took out his flip phone.

You here yet?

There was no immediate answer and Chris wasn’t even sure he expected one.

But he’d suddenly had a dreadful thought.

What if Zach wasn’t alone? What if he’d brought Miles?

And what if he had? What could Chris say about it? Lately Miles always came. And Chris just dealt with it.

It wasn’t as though Chris had any kind of hold over Zach. That had ended when Zach moved to New York. Got worse after he met Miles. And now—

Friends. Firmly in the friend zone.


“We’ve reached the Hilton, Mr. Pine. My instructions are to bring you up to the private side entrance,” the driver said.

Chris straightened and stuck his phone in his pocket. “Thanks, man.”

He always arranged to have the tip included with the initial payment so he didn’t have to deal with the cash scene, so the driver helped him out of the car, and with his luggage, as Chris went into the private entrance.

It was a quick check-in as they’d been expecting him and pretty soon he was riding up the elevator with his small bag to the tenth floor where his suite was located. He didn’t bother to get assistance since he had packed light.

When he accessed his door, he was more than a little surprised to see the figure of a man standing by the floor to ceiling window. His heart began to pound in fright until he recognized the silhouette of Zachary Quinto. And then it pounded for another reason.


He set his bag down and closed the door behind him.

Zach turned from the window. He was dressed in black jeans and a black turtleneck sweater. There was a smattering of a dark shadow over his chiseled jaw. He looked…amazing.

“What are you doing here?”

“Hello to you too, Christopher.” Zach smirked. “There was a mix up with my room and it wasn’t ready yet.”

Chris frowned. “And so they let you in my room? Some security.”

“I sweet-talked the desk clerk. Turns out he’s a fan.”

“You mean of your ass.”

Zach shrugged. “Whatever works. Are you really bothered?”

“I should be. He could easily be fired for that.”

“True. But you won’t do that.”

Chris sighed. “No. But you could have asked. I sent you a message.”

“I saw it just now.” He raised his eyebrows in a way that was both reminiscent of Spock and not at the same time. Some of it was all sardonic Zach. He was an expert at that.

Chris walked over to the window and looked out, standing beside Zach. “It’s starting to rain.”

Zach’s gaze was on Chris’ face. He felt it like a brand. “Yep.”

“Where’s-where’s Miles?” He made himself ask.

“Paris, actually.”

Chris turned and look at him then. “Oh.”

“Modeling. I was supposed to go with him but I canceled when they asked me to do this.”


“Well. After they said you had already agreed—”

“Wait. What?” Chris laughed. “They told me you agreed.”

Zach rolled his eyes. “Typical PR bullshit.”

“You…you look good.”


“No. I mean it. Really good.” Chris licked his lips. “I’ve missed you.”


“And don’t start in on this was all my doing,” he said softly. “I know all that.”


Chris looked away. “I still miss you.”

“Listen—” Zach’s phone sprung to life, playing the music from American Horror Story. He hit accept. “Zachary Quinto.”

Chris moved away from the window over to where his bag was. He picked it up and tossed it on the king-sized bed.

“Yeah. Okay. Thanks. I’ll be right down.” Zach ended the call. “Room’s ready.”

Chris nodded. “Okay. I’m going to take a shower and head to bed. See you tomorrow.”

For a moment, Zach said nothing, didn’t react at all. But eventually, he nodded in agreement and headed for the hotel room door. “See you in the morning. Goodnight.”


Chris had barely refrained from asking him to stay. But really.



The publicity part was over.   It had been a long day of being at the Shipyard, christening the Enterprise, smiling for the press, doing interviews. Chris’ jaw muscles hurt from smiling. And his body was tense and wired being next to Zach all day.

“You want to grab some dinner in the restaurant?” Zach asked as they were dropped off at the private side entrance of the Hilton.

Chris shook his head. “I’m really not in the mood to continue being on display. I think I’ll go for room service.”

Zach eyed him sideways as they entered the elevator. “Sounds good. Mind if I join you?”

Friends ate together all the time.


“I’ll just get some stuff settled in my room and be over to yours. Go ahead and order us something.” Zach smiled. “I defer to your good judgment.”

Chris went over the room service menu and picked a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to begin with. Then he chose Beef Bourguignon for two along with mashed potatoes and gravy and cheesecake with strawberries for dessert.

Zach came over about ten minutes later. He had changed out of the suit he’d been wearing into the black jeans from the night before and a buttoned down navy colored shirt open at the throat to reveal his dark dark hair against pale skin.

Chris himself had changed into a pair of loose fitting sweats and a T-shirt. He didn’t fail to notice the way Zach’s gaze had swept over him either.

They said little until room service arrived and when the server left and Chris handed Zach a glass of wine, Zach was back to smirking.

“I see you haven’t changed at all. Still a Cab.”

Chris rolled his eyes. “It hasn’t been that long, Zach.”

“I know.” He stared into his glass of wine. “It’s just…I’m floundering a bit here, Chris.”

“You? Calm, cool and collected Zachary Quinto?”

“It’s not easy for me.”

“No?” Chris shook his head. “Because God it sure seems easy for you from where I’m standing.”

Zach stared at him. “Why are you standing way over there, anyway?”

Chris swallowed. “Because if I get any closer—”

“You’ll what?”

He closed his eyes. And then Zach made the decision for him. He came to Chris. He was no longer holding his glass of wine, and instead had both hands on Chris’ arms as he pushed himself into Chris’ personal space.

“I had to see you,” Zach said softly. “Touch you.”

“Is that why Miles isn’t here?”

“To hell with him. I don’t want to talk about him. I want to talk about us.”


Zach leaned in and began to kiss Chris’ rigid jaw. “I want you, baby. Please?”

He opened his eyes to stare into the dark depths of Zach’s gaze. He was lost and he knew it. Knew it when he’d made the decision to come to Virginia.

“You have me,” he said softly. “You always have me.”

Zach kissed him. “I hope you have lube.”

Chris laughed. “Three bottles.”

Zach snorted. “Why the hell did we waste last night?”

“Fuck if I know.” Chris grabbed Zach’s face in his hands. “Fuck me.”


His phone buzzed as he sat in first class waiting for the plane to take off. He flipped it open.

Are you sore?

You wish.

Safe travels.

He smiled as a beating heart appeared. Leave it to Quinto to get it to work even on his barebones flip phone. He closed the phone and put it in his pocket.

What the future held for them, he didn’t know. But at the moment, he felt good.


Only a Teacup

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Jim felt sorrow through his link with Spock. He looked up from the box he was putting together.


“In here,” his husband responded in his quiet voice.

Jim went to the kitchen. Spock was holding a delicate pink and white teacup and saucer in his hands.

He went to his husband, put his arm around him and leaned over his shoulder. “What’s that?”

“It belonged to my mother.”

“Your dad had it?”

Spock nodded. “It was her favorite when I was a child. When I first came to the Academy, they lived for about six months here in this apartment. She must have brought it here and never returned it to Vulcan with her.”

“And so it was not destroyed with their house.”

“Affirmative,” Spock said softly.

“It’s so sweet that your dad kept it all this time.”

“It was he who purchased it for her,” his husband explained. “She treasured it.”

Jim smiled slightly as Spock set it down on the counter carefully. “Looks like he did, too.”

Spock turned to look at him. “Yes.”

“Are you okay, honey?”

“Both of my parents are gone now.”

“Yeah.” Jim licked his lips. “I know how hard it is.”

“I thought…it was unexpected.”

Jim took Spock’s hand. “Do you want to go through his stuff another day? Or I could do it, if you’d rather.”

“Perhaps a short break.”

“Come out on the balcony with me. It’s a beautiful evening.” He hooked his arm with Spock’s and led him outside. Where they stood at the railing looking out over the skyline of San Francisco.

“It is pleasant.” Spock sad quietly after a moment.

“Do you want to keep this place?”

Spock shook his head. “I will never want to stay here.”

Jim nodded. Kissed Spock. “What are you thinking, t’hy’la?”

For a moment Spock did not reply, then his gaze met Jim’s. “Of a time when you will be nothing but a teacup to me.”

Jim’s throat closed. He looked away. Tried to joke his way out of it. “I don’t even like tea.”


He looked back at Spock. Touched his fingertips to  Spock’s cheek. “I know, honey. But we have years. Still. Years.”

“It can all change in only a day.”

“Yeah.” His other hand went to Spock’s side, to feel his heartbeat. “But we have now. I love you.”

Spock pulled him close. He said nothing. And Jim could feel him tremble, so Jim just held him tight.

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