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25 Days of Christmas

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

“Daddy, is that an elf?”

Jim Kirk looked to where his four-year-old son, David, pointed. They had just entered the department store in San Francisco. David had been asking to see Santa Claus.

At the moment, Jim had the care for his son as the boy’s mother and Jim’s ex, Carol Marcus, was off planet on a science expedition. Jim had readily agreed since it meant having David with him for the holidays. And now that he was on winter break from Starfleet Academy he no longer had to rely on his friends and fellow cadets to babysit.

Jim’s gaze widened as he grabbed David’s arm to keep him from rushing at the “elf”. “Er, No. That’s a…that man’s a Vulcan.”

And Jim’s current crush, Commander Spock, who had programmed the Kobayashi Maru Jim had taken and failed.

“Oh. Okay,” David replied. He looked up at Jim. “Does he know Santa?”

“Well…” Jim was about to say he doubted it, but in fact Spock was standing next to and speaking with Uhura, who was wearing a red and white Santa’s helper uniform, and Santa. Or whoever wore the Santa costume for the store. “Yeah, I guess maybe he does.”

“Take me to him,” David pleaded. “I want to ask him for what I want this year.”

He blew out a breath. He sure hoped David wasn’t going to come up with something like “my parents back together’ or anything similar. He’d met Carol back in Riverside when she’d been there on a temporary assignment for Starfleet and before he had enlisted himself. Their relationship had been brief and wrought with more drama than either of them had wanted to deal with. They made far better friends and co-parents than lovers.

But kids sometimes just couldn’t understand adult issues and wanted for things that couldn’t be theirs.

Nevertheless, his responsibility as “daddy” was to make sure David got his chance. So, Jim took his son’s hand and walked over to where they stood talking. He didn’t fail to notice the sign in front of Santa’s House that declared “Santa’s On a Break.”

 Jim knew he’d probably get the brush off from Uhura and Spock, but maybe Santa would be nicer. He had to at least try.

As they approached he heard the lyrics of the song playing overhead.

He’s making a list, He’s checking it twice, Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice

“Santa Claus is coming to town,” he sang softly. He smiled down at David, who grinned back. He turned to the three standing there. “Excuse me, but…”

Uhura looked at him. “Kirk, can’t you see we’re…”

“Yes, but my son…”

Her gaze went to David and brightened instantly. “You have a son?”

“Yes. This is David. David, this is Ms. Uhura.” He glanced at Spock, feeling his face heat. He cleared his throat. “And this is Spock.”

“Spock?” David repeated, scrunching up his face. “Isn’t that the one you like, Daddy?”

Jim laughed, wanting to crawl away as Spock raised a brow. “Uh, ha ha. Kids. They say the darndest things. Listen. I don’t want to take up your time, I just wanted to know when Santa was…Bones?” He stared at Santa.

Bones narrowed his eyes. “That’s Santa Claus to you, son.”

David frowned. “I don’t see Uncle Bones. Where is he?”

Uhura kicked Jim. “He’s not here. Your Daddy was mistaken.”

Jim’s jaw tightened. “Hang on one second, David. Daddy wants to have a word with Santa Claus.” He glanced at Uhura. “Can you watch him for a second?”

“Sure. Hey, David, do you want a candy cane?”

Jim grabbed Santa’s arm and pulled him out of earshot. “What the hell? Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be Santa at the store?”

“Because you would have made fun of me for it.”

“No, I wouldn’t…okay, yeah, I would. But still.”

“Listen, I just wanted some side income to send some stuff to my own kid. Plus have something to get David a gift. It’s no big deal. Just a few hours a week.”

Jim nodded. “Okay. Well, when you talk to David try to talk him into something easy, will you?”

“You want me to lead your son?”

“Well, you know. To like toys and stuff. Nothing like universal peace or mommy and daddy together again.” Jim grimaced.

“All right, all right. And what was that about Spock?”


He pushed Bones back to the others and saw that David not only had a candy cane but several foil wrapped chocolate balls.

Swell, he thought. A hyped up David would be just what he needed.

“Uh. Thanks. Anyway I was wondering when Santa’s break would be over as my son wants to give him his wish list.”

“Santa” looked down at Jim’s son. “Have you been nice, David?”

David nodded. “’Course. Daddy says it always pays to be nice.”

Jim smiled.

“Well. I think you can tell him what you want right now, David. Santa can delay his break for you,” Uhura spoke up.

“That’s right.” “Santa” crouched down next to David and put his arm around him. “What do you want for Christmas, David? A toy space ship? A telescope? A little mini science lab?”

“Nope. None of that.”

“Er. Um, then, books? Coloring books or…”

“Perhaps it would be wise, Santa, to allow David to make the request himself,” Spock said.

“No, Santa,” David said, voice small. “Daddy can get me all that. Or Mommy.”

“Santa” glanced up at Jim, who shifted awkwardly. “All right. What do you want?”

David glanced over at Spock and then back to Santa. “Daddy needs a boyfriend.”


“He’s super lonely and all he does is study and spend time with me. And Santa, I know he really really likes Spock.”

“How do you know that?”

“He told me!”

Jim saw Uhura smother a laugh and he glared daggers at her. “All right, David. I’m pretty sure we’ve taken up too much of Santa’s break as it is. We should go.”

“But Santa hasn’t said…”

“Well, now, David,” “Santa” interrupted. “It’s very difficult to give gifts of people, you know.”

“Sure. But I’m sure if Mr. Spock got to know Daddy he’d really like him.”

Jim coughed. “Lunch. Come on, kiddo. We’ll go to your favorite place. Say by to Santa now.”

David pouted a little. “Okay.”

And to Jim’s further embarrassment, David walked over to where Spock stood, looking unfailingly serene.

“I know Santa can work magic!” David said to Spock. “See you later.” He waved frantically at Spock and then ran to where Jim waited. He smiled so brightly at Jim, he didn’t have the heart to be upset with the boy.

“Did you have fun?” Jim asked, as he steered his son away from the gawking group.

“Yeah! And I got candy.”

Jim laughed. “I know. But before you eat too much of that, let’s get some real food.”


“Daddy, he’s here, he’s here!”

Jim frowned at his terminal screen, paused it, and looked over at his son who was standing nearby jumping up and down.



Jim blinked. “What?”

“At the door! He’s here.”

He got up from is chair and came around the desk. “David, I’ve told you before not to answer the door. Come and get me.”

He hadn’t even heard someone at the door.

“Okay,” David said. “But he’s here, he’s here.”

Jim couldn’t imagine what Spock was doing there. He’d never been there before and Jim didn’t even know Spock knew where he lived.

He went over to the apartment door and peered out the peephole, but he couldn’t see much.

“It’s what I asked Santa for!”

“David, shhh. It’s got nothing to do with Santa.”

He gestured for David to get back and then he opened the door.

Sure enough Spock stood there, dressed in his all black uniform, looking austere and intimidating.

Jim tried a smile. “Hi.”

“Good evening. May I have a word?”

He cleared his throat. “Sure. One second.” He turned back to David. “Wait inside, okay? I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

Jim smiled and then stepped onto the landing outside his apartment. It was a beautiful day, really. His second-floor apartment faced out onto the garden area of the apartment complex. He preferred that then looking out over the pool or the street.

“So, um, what can I do for you?” he asked Spock.

Spock’s gaze flicked briefly to the closed door. “Your son is quite appealing.”

“Thank you.”

Spock nodded. “His…mother…”

“She’s off planet. Carol Marcus. She’s a scientist. She’s not…” Jim licked his lips. “We’re not together.” He cleared his throat. “Anymore.”

“I see.” Spock straightened. “I was wondering if I may…that is, if you might be free to have dinner with me at some point.”


Jim blushed, glancing quickly at the closed door. Clearly he needed to have a conversation with his son about listening in on adult conversations.

Spock quirked a brow but otherwise did not react to David’s yell.

Jim took a step further away from the door. “Listen, um, what David said at the store.”

“Children say all kinds of things,” Spock said quietly. “I am aware that you did not wish him to speak up, however I did hope there was some truth to what he said.”

Jim blinked. “Yeah?”

Way to go, Jim, he thought. You sound so brilliant.

“Leonard McCoy did advise me that David’s words were truthful but if—”

“Bones did?”  

Spock fell silent but nodded. His cheeks were just the tiniest bit green.

Jim laughed. “Well, then. I guess I shouldn’t bother to deny it.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means, Professor, that I’d love to have dinner with you at any point.”

“I see. Then I am gratified.”

“I do need to arrange for a babysitter, though. How does tomorrow night grab you?”

Spock inclined his head. “It grabs me well.”

Jim grinned. “Fantastic. See you then? Did you want to meet somewhere or—?”

“I will come for you at seven tomorrow night.”

“Okay. Cool.”

Spock nodded again and then turned and walked over to the stairs that would take him to the ground level. Jim watched him the entire way until he was out of sight.

He exhaled deeply. “He’s making a list, checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.” He shook his head. “Guess I’ve been nice.”

He turned back and opened his apartment door to face the eagers brightness in David’s face.

“Guess you were right, kiddo. It did have something to do with Santa.”

“Yay!” He laughed, dropped to his knees and hugged his son.

Here We Go a Wassailing

Regency Pinto from The Thought of You is Consuming Me

I had left London much later than I should have and I’d had to stop at an inn and stables to rest my horse for quite a bit longer than I had planned or anticipated.

Therefore it was full on dark and light as I rode up the long pathway to the Quinton Country Estate. I saw no indication of light in any window as I approached and I realized with some dismay, Zach had stopped expecting me.

Before he’d left London for the Christmas season, we’d discussed the day I should make my arrival there, if I was going to. It had been far from certain. He’d been so hopeful that I likely had been too encouraging in my agreement to try. My parents had made it clear they wanted me to stay in London, spending the break from University with them, instead of in the country with my friend. As he would only ever be to them. To anyone.

Thus the reason I had left too late to make it to his home at a decent time. I’d been trying to make both them and him happy and it had exhausted me, to be honest.

And as discouraged as I was by the sight of his dark unwelcoming house, I made my way to the stables to store and properly care for my horse.

By the time I had finished to make my way to the house, I was exhausted beyond reason and stumbling up the path to the door. I knocked.

Of course there was no immediate answer. It was Zach’s usual practice to send his servants away during my visits so we could freely explore our affections for each other.

I knocked again.



I did not relish sleeping on his doorstep nor with my horse. I knocked louder and harder.

“Zach! Zachary!”

When I was about to lose all hope, I heard the snick of the lock. I straightened as the door opened.


He looked wrecked. His cravat was askew and his hair disheveled. And definitely redness around the eyes.

I smiled. “Who else?”

Zach blinked. “I…didn’t think you were coming.”

I almost hadn’t but of course I didn’t say that. I couldn’t. Instead I said simply, “Of course I was coming. Can I come in?”

He seized me then, pulling me into the house and into his arms. For a long time we just held each other. It had been too long since we’d had such a private opportunity to do this. His arms around me felt better than anything.

Finally he pulled back and cupped my cheek with his very warm hand. I hadn’t realized how cold I was. “I’m so glad. You look cold and miserable.”

I laughed, which turned rather watery because the exhaustion was making me emotional. “I’ve had a rough day.”

“Me too. Come into the kitchen.”

He pulled me there, unwilling to let go of me for even a second. And I was glad.

My chest ached when we reached the kitchen for I saw discarded food, thrown away. I knew instantly he had been preparing a feast for me and when I had not come…

“Zachary,” I whispered, tears springing to my eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’m afraid I had rather a melancholy fit when you didn’t arrive when I thought you should.” He shook his head. “I’m embarrassed and mortified.”

I drew him close and kissed him for a long time. “Even if I had not been able to come that doesn’t change the way I feel about you. I love you. Adore every single bit of you.”

“I return those sentiments tenfold.” He smiled wryly. “And while I have ruined our perfectly good supper, I had not yet discarded the wassail.”

I laughed as he went to a sideboard and dipped glasses into a bowl of wassail. He handed one to me.

I took a large sip. “You do a fine wassail, my love.”

“Tomorrow when we wake I will spoil you endlessly with feasts and love all the day long,” Zach assured me.

I kissed him once more. “This may yet be the best of Christmases.”

“I vow it.”

Wassail Recipe

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

This one is a little sad, but it’s thinking of all those who don’t get to be with their family every holiday season.

It was completely illogical. And ridiculous besides.

Spock acknowledged that. He could do little else. But he was feeling entirely melancholy ever since he’d received Jim’s message.

Oh, he had expected it.

His husband, bondmate, and T’hy’la had been away from home for six months already. And Spock knew Jim’s diplomatic undertakings on Starbase 56, a new base in a new sector, and therefore, so far, unnamed, were ongoing. In their weekly video calls Jim had advised that everything was going well, but wasn’t nearing completion any time soon.

They’d faced separations before, but never this long.

And not during Jim’s favorite time, the holiday season. Spock hadn’t ever cared about it. Jim had always rushed head first into any celebration they’d ever had. Jim’s family had celebrated Christmas during the good times, and even, he’d said, during some of the bad ones, but Spock’s family hadn’t celebrated anything. His mother’s background had been Jewish, but she never mentioned anything with regard to it to Spock, and Spock was certain that was by agreement with Sarek. Spock had been raised as though he were fully Vulcan, and perhaps stricter still than Spock’s siblings because of Sarek’s disappointment in them.

Spock had told Jim early on he had no interest in holidays only to be faced with the desolation Jim sometimes wore on his face and then, even worse, the resigned defeat, and so Spock quickly changed his mind and let Jim be in charge of all the celebrations he desired. And if Spock still found them somewhat absurd, they made his T’hy’la smile, and that was enough for him.

Until now, Spock hadn’t realized how used to it all he’d become. And as he surveyed their lonely San Francisco loft apartment, devoid of decorations, warmth, and Jim, he realized he had not only gotten used to Jim’s celebrations, he’d learned to like them.

Spock sat down heavily on the couch with his tea and PADD and once more read Jim’s message.

Hi Sweetheart

This message is particularly hard for me to write. I’m sorry I missed our video call. It’s just gotten so crazy busy with the talks lately. Plus there’s some instability in the sector. Nothing to worry about though, Spock. I see your frown. I’m safe.

But it means I’m not going to get away from even a week for the holidays. I don’t know, now they’re saying we might be here until spring. I hope not, but there it is. I can’t get away.

I know the holidays and all the decorations and celebrating is really my thing, but still I do them because I love doing them, and everything really, with you. We don’t get that this year and I’m feeling really sad about it.

I guess, next year, we’ll be together. I’m not going to take any more assignments like this, I can promise you. But until then, I guess we’ll have to muddle through, somehow.

Try not to be too sad without me. I know how you get. I love you. So much.

Yours always,


Jim was right, Spock would get through it. But it would be the worst holiday he’d been through for many years.

Spock thought about putting up their tree and the menorah Jim had insisted they get years before, but it just was not the same, not without Jim. And so he did not.

The morning of Christmas, Jim did video call him. He looked very tired, but beautiful. And Spock ached for him.

“Hi sweetheart,” Jim said with a bright smile. “Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukah.”

Spock smiled slightly. “You are not sleeping. You appear to be exhausted.”

“Yeah,” Jim admitted. “This is my sleeping time but I…”

“Ashaya, please. I wish for you to sleep. We can talk another time.”

“But Spock…”

“The way that you can help me to be okay with our separation, this time, and any time, is to take care of you when you are able. Please. Knowing you are eating right and sleeping well is what I need now.”

Jim sighed. “Okay, Spock. I get it. I do. I feel the same about you. It’s just…I miss you.”

“And I miss you, my James. But we will be together again soon. And in the meantime, I will hold you in my heart and you will hold me in yours.”

Jim grinned. “Wow. You do miss me. That’s about the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard.”


“I love you. And we’ll talk soon. Goodbye.”


Spock walked away from his PADD and to the windows overlooking the park and the ice skaters at the temporary rink they’d set up. The prior year he and Jim had gone ice skating.

With a sigh, he turned and went to get his coat. He wouldn’t like it as much without his mate, but he would go. For both of them.     

Let it Snow

Fall Guys

“I hate to admit it but the song you played earlier is quite correct.”

Jim eyed his boyfriend, who admittedly looked quite grumpy at the moment. He looked adorable, of course. Spock was bundled up in a down jacket with a woolen cap, thick waterproof gloves, and earmuffs as though they were camping out in an igloo instead of merely standing outside in the yard.  Oh. A scarf around his neck too.

Jim was pretty sure before this moment he could not be any more in love. He’d been wrong.

“How’s that, babe?”

“The weather is frightful.”

He said it was such a straight face and so deadpan that Jim fought the laugh that wanted to spill out. Instead he nodded. “The snow bothering you, Spock?”

Because yes a little bit ago, the snowfall had become harder than when they’d first come outside. It had snowed overnight and Jim had suggested that they come out and build a snowman.

“A what?”

“A snowman.”

“A man made out of snow?”


Clearly the concept had been quite lost on Spock, but he bundled up, thusly, and accompanied Jim outside, somewhat begrudgingly.

“And it does not show signs of stopping.” Spock tilted his head to look up at the sky. “I have also noted a marginal decrease in the optimal temperature.”

Jim smiled. “I love you so much.”

That earned him the raised eyebrow. “And I love you as well, though I do fail to make the connection with what I just said.”

“I know. Well. The good news, Spock, is we have no place we need to go and I can build us a fire. Just like in the song.”

Spock seemed troubled by this, which Jim was unsure why.


“In the song, they kiss goodbye. I do not wish to do that part.”

Jim laughed. “Well. No. We won’t. Babe, we’re not actually living the song. It’s okay. We’ll just have a nice fire and cuddle on the couch.” Jim’s smile widened. “I noticed you like to cuddle.”

Spock turned green. “Well. There is the plain fact that you are quite tempting to cuddle with. I did not notice a prior need to cuddle.”

It was on the tip of his tongue to mention he could see why Uhura wouldn’t be very cuddly, but decided not to go there. He liked her. And Spock did too. Loved her even. And well, Jim didn’t like to be reminded that they’d been very close to marrying or the Vulcan equivalent. Or at least he thought they had been.

“Want to go back inside?”

“You do not appear to have finished your snow humanoid.”

“Er. Right. But I can finish him tomorrow or something. By myself if you don’t want to come out into the cold. No big deal.”

“Very well. Then I would enjoy spending time inside with you.”

Jim eyed his half-finished snowman regretfully and linked his arm with Spock’s to go back into the farmhouse.

In some ways the place was haunted by memories, not ghosts or anything, and not all of them bad. When he was that young guy who’d Pike picked up off the floor, he’d ended up enlisting in Starfleet to get away from this place more than having an interest. Sure, the dare had something to do with it. To young Jim, anyway. But he’d grown up since then. And analyzed himself in those days a lot.

He got Spock situated on the couch, made them hot peppermint mochas, and then built up the fire.

By the time he joined Spock on the couch, he could tell his first officer was losing patience. But he instantly pulled Jim closer to him on the sofa.

“This is much more delightful, as the song says,” Spock said softly.

Jim laughed, kissed him and murmured, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

“I would not go that far.”

Here Comes Santa Claus

“Whose name did you get for the gift exchange?”

Jim looked up from the annoying message from Admiral Chang to frown at Bones. His friend sat across from him sipping a muddy looking cup of coffee. “Spock’s.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “Like that wasn’t rigged.”

“Oh. It absolutely was. I figured Spock would be the only one guaranteed not to be disappointed with whatever I gave him. He doesn’t care about that stuff. In fact, Uhura twisted his arm to get him to participate at all.” He smiled. “So, yep, very much rigged.”

“What are you getting him?”

“I don’t know. She’s going to ask him what he wants.”

“Jim, could you try to make some effort here.”

“I’m busy, Bones. Do you know what it takes to captain this ship? I don’t have time to be playing ‘Here Comes, Santa Claus’ or whatever Uhura decided to call this crap this year. I only agreed if I could have either Spock or you. She chose Spock.”

“Wait.” Bones grimaced. “You didn’t care about disappointing me?”

“Eh. You’ve been disappointed by me our entire friendship.”

Bones nodded. “Touché.”

Jim nodded absently and went back to the message.

“Don’t you want to know whose name I got?” Bones asked, poking him with his right boot.

“Huh?” Jim looked up. “Oh. Uh. Yeah. Me, I’m guessing.”

“Why would you guess that?”

“Uhura handed out the names, right? She’s not going to give my name to some quaking ensign who’s worried about getting me the perfect gift or he or she will be demoted. Which is patently ridiculous by the way.”

“I know that.”

“I’m sure she gave Spock her own name. So I figure she must have given mine to you.”

“She didn’t.” Bones frowned. “Why would she give Spock her name? They broke up. She’s seeing Scotty now.”

“I know that. But Scotty is going to get her a gift anyway, right? So she’d choose someone else for the exchange. Spock knows her better than anyone, given their history, and so he’s the logical choice.”

“You’ve been hanging out with Spock too much lately. No, she didn’t give me your name, by the way. I don’t know if Spock has her, but I know I don’t have you. I got Sulu.”

“Wait. What? Then who has my name?”

“It’s a mystery.” Bones stared at him. “What’s wrong? You seem off. Well, more off than usual.”

“Funny. Nothing serious. Just annoyed with Chang. Extra reports nobody needs over missions nobody cared about. Fond of red tape and bureaucracy as usual.”

“Well he made admiral younger than anyone ever has before. Probably thinks he has to justify himself. You ought to know how that is.”

“Yeah.” Jim sighed. “Then Mom said the roof is leaking on the farmhouse.”


He shrugged. “I’m not there to fix it for her.”

“I’m sure she can call someone, Jim.”

“She can, yeah. But…” Jim shook his head. “Just, I feel bad.”

Bones squeezed his arm. “The holidays can do that to a person. I’ll leave you to your PADD for now. Let me know what you come up with for Spock.”


It was much later that Jim got back to his quarters. After a bout of rather heavy drinking with Bones, Scotty and Chekov.

As he turned to go down the corridor he saw Uhura talking to Spock.

“I wanted to ask you about the gift exchange.”

He stopped just out of their view to listen. He had thought she would be a little more discreet about finding out what Spock wanted for a gift, but what the hell. The information was the information.

A door behind him slid open with a loud buzz. Jim glanced at it in annoyance. No one came out of the conference room though, the door was opening and closing itself, obviously a malfunction, but it made it hard to overhear what Spock and Uhura were saying.


Jim scratched his head. What? Was Spock actually saying he wanted tequila for a gift? Spock didn’t drink, did he? Well. He had some fruity looking concoction at Jim’s birthday party after Altamid, but he’d assumed it was juice or something.

Maybe not.

He was pretty sure Scotty could hook him up with tequila if that was what Spock wanted.

He leaned heavily against the wall as he heard Uhura say goodnight to Spock and head down the corridor in the other direction.

Good, now he could move. In a second or two.


He tried to open his eyes and straighten at the sound of Spock’s voice, but he just couldn’t do it.


“You are intoxicated.”

Strong arms wrapped around him and Jim had to admit Spock smelled live heaven.

“I am not certain what heaven smells like, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

Oh crap.

“Come, Captain, I will take you to your quarters.”

“Rather go to yours,” he muttered.

The room kind of spun and Jim wasn’t sure what happened next, but suddenly he was on a bed. And it was super hot in the room.

“Computer, lower temperature ten percent.”

Jim smiled faintly. “Thanks, sweetheart.”

“You are welcome.” There was a long pause. “How do you feel?”

“Kind of woozy.”

“You imbibed a lot?”

“Bones. Mom’s roof leaks and Chang’s a pain in my ass.”

“If you feel overwhelmed by required tasks I will gladly assist you.”

Jim felt suddenly emotional and tears pricked his eyes. “Yeah?”

“Of course.”

He felt a cool hand on his fevered brow. “Jim, what is the meaning of your tears?”

“I just…I really want you to like me, Spock.”

“You are a silly human.”

“I know.”

“You have nothing to worry over. I like you.”

“Not the way I like you.”

“Yes, that way.”

Jim frowned. “Do you really want tequila?”




“So you spent the night in Spock’s bed?” Bones demanded in the morning as he pushed coffee at Jim.

“Yeah. Cause when I told him I would rather stay in his quarters, he took me at my word.”

“You two are hopeless.”

Jim smiled. “At least we now know.”

Bones gave him a look. “What do we know?”

Jim rolled his eyes. “We like each other.”

“Like huh. So Spock’s tongue in your mouth this morning in the turbolift was to show you how much he liked you?”

“Yep.” Jim chuckled. “Plus he was offering to help me with reports.”

“So now you two are sweethearts for life?”

Jim laughed. “Something like that.”


Spock looked at bottle of tequila he had just unwrapped to stare at his captain. The last few days had been full of wonder and contentment. But even he found this gift from Jim puzzling.

“Was that the right thing?” Jim asked, anxiously. He was wringing his hands and looking very uncomfortable.

“Right thing?”

Jim nodded. “I-I heard you tell Uhura that you wanted tequila.”

Nyota blinked at him. “Tequila?”

“In the corridor.” Jim bit his lip. He was starting to get that panicked look that concerned Spock. “You asked and he said…”

“T’hy’la,” Spock whispered.

Nyota covered her mouth with her hand.

Jim’s eyes widened. “I got it wrong, didn’t I?”

Spock took Jim’s hand and drew him close until they were under the mistletoe Nyota had put up in the rec room. “No, T’hy’la. You got it exactly right.”

“Wait,” McCoy exclaimed. “Who had Jim’s name?”

Nyota smiled and winked. “I did. I gave him Spock.”

Spock kissed Jim.

“Oh. And Spock gave him the complete works of Charles Dickens. It’s under the tree.”

Jim kissed Spock.

And in the background the song, “Here Comes Santa Claus” played for the tenth time.  

Joy to the World

Jim sucked in a breath as he gazed down at the perfect little angel nestled in Spock’s arms. She had blue eyes, dark hair and the most perfect set of pointy ears he had ever truly seen. Present company excepted of course.

“I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as this little munchkin,” Bones said, leaning over the tiny baby girl. “What are you two gonna call her?”

“Well.” Jim paused to exchange of adoring looks with his husband. He could hardly believe she was here. After all their planning for her. All the donating this. And testing that. Mixing genes. All of that had brought her.

“Don’t tell me it’s going to be something like T’Spock or T’James,” Bones said dryly.

“Hardly, doctor.”

“Let me hold her,” Jim said, reaching for her. He could barely contain himself. But fortunately he had an indulgent husband. Spock actually smiled gently as he carefully placed the baby in Jim’s arms. Emotion clogged his throat. “I’m gonna cry.”

“Me too,” Bones said, rolling his eyes. “A name?”

“Spock and I went back and forth on whether to name her in the Vulcan tradition or the human.”

“Indeed. But ultimately since she is three quarters human, we decided it would be more appropriate to use a human name.”

“Right.” Jim smiled and leaned over to kiss Spock.

Bones sighed.

Jim just laughed. “And then we couldn’t decide if we should name her Amanda or Winona. Something like that.”

“Indeed. Or some combination. Such as Amanda Winona or the reverse.”

“I even thought of Leonora or Horatia.”

Bones made a face. “She’s far too lovely for either of those.”

“Agreed,” Spock said.

“So…we discarded all those.”


“Considering the time of year she was born…”


“How pleased we are at her arrival,” Spock put in.

And?” Bones kept getting louder and louder.

Their daughter, to her credit, did not seem upset by her Uncle Bones’ theatrics.

Spock arched a brow. “Her name is…”

Jim met his gaze and smiled with all that he felt in his heart. Which was…

“Joy. Her name is Joy.”

In Dulci Jubilo

Chris got close to the screen, bending at the waist at an odd angle, as he peered at the video I had just put in the player.

After having just a moment ago teased me for still having a VHS player.

“Mom sends me home videos like this one. How else can I play them?”

Chris got even closer to the screen.

I shook my head affectionately. “Need your glasses, Christopher?”

“No. I just can’t believe this is you. Wow.”

But it was, of course. Well, thirteen year old me. I did go to Catholic school after all. And I was standing on a choir stage, wearing a choir robe, red for Christmas, singing in a Christmas pageant. The song was in Latin, In Dulci Jubilo.

“I didn’t know you knew Latin.”

I snorted. “I don’t. I learned the song. I don’t speak it.”

“Look at those pink cheeks!”


Chris laughed. “I can’t help it. You were so damn cute. Oh. My. God.”

“Do you want a glass of this eggnog or what?”

He straightened, but instead of walking away from the TV screen, he dropped down to his haunches in front of it. “You sound good.”

“You can’t possibly pick out my voice out of all of us.”

Chris laughed again. “No. I meant all of you together. I don’t think you’ll beat the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or anything, but you’re good. Really good.”



I went over to the table where I’d left the carton of eggnog and poured some in two frosted holiday glasses. I picked up the brandy bottle.


“Of course.” He rose,  finally turned away from the TV. The beat up T-shirt he wore rose up to expose some of his belly. Chris absently scratched at it. “Let’s hear it.”

I arched a brow, giving my Spock character a run for his money. “Hear what?”

“In Dulci Jubilo? Do you remember it?”

“Sure, I remember it. But I was a kid with my voice having not changed yet. Now I’d sound like a frog trying to croak it. Just listen to kid me singing.”

“Spoil sport.” But he was smiling as he took the drink from me.  “I love that your mom recorded that kind of stuff and sends it to you to see. That’s so sweet.”

“That’s the Quintos. Sweet as can be,” I said, dryly.

“Well, I know you are.” He took a big swallow of eggnog and then put down the glass, coming into my arms. He took my glass and put it down beside his, then looped his arms around my neck. “Thanks for coming here.”

“You came here, remember? This is my house.”

“I know. I meant here. For Christmas. Instead of staying in New York. Every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you.”

I snorted. “Lord, you’re corny. Quoting from songs now.” But I kissed him, long and slow.

“So. In sweet rejoicing, right?”

“Yep. That’s the translation. Dates back to medieval times in some forms. It’s been popularized and modernized since those days.”

“Well, I like to rejoice at how sweet you are,” Chris cracked.

“Try not to be quite so much of an ass.” I kissed him to soften the words.

“I do try, honest,” he murmured against my lips. “How about we cuddle on the couch with our eggnog and watch little Zach sing and then watch corny Christmas movies together all night until we fall into bed and ravish each other?”

“Sounds like the perfect night to me,” I agreed. “Love you.” He smiled, bright and beautiful. “Love you, too.”

Twelve Days of Christmas

A prompt…

On the first day of Christmas…

Jim could not contain his mirth as he eyed the outfit Bones wore. “Oh. My God. Are you actually the partridge?” He fingered the outer part of Bones’ costume. “And this part is the tree?”’

“Shut up.” Partridge Bones shoved him. “What the hell are you, anyway?”

“Five Golden Rings. Duh.”

Jim wore a lightweight T-shirt with golden rings he’d cut out from gold lame material and then attached them to the T-Shirt. No way was he going to wear something as ridiculously extravagant as Bones’ Partridge in a Pear Tree getup.

Bones narrowed his eyes and grimaced as he snatched up a glass of Holiday Punch as an ensign with a tray passed by. “I only see four rings. Four, Jim.”

Jim frowned. “Hmm. Weird. I wonder where that fifth one went.” He turned around to look behind him.

“No, it’s not hanging from your ass. Damn, Jim. You can’t even get something that simple right.”

Jim grinned and shrugged.

“Oh hell. There’s Scotty and Uhura as Two Turtle Doves. I may throw up.”

He laughed. “It was her idea to do this in the first place.”

I know.  Where’s your lover boy?” Bones scowled. “Don’t tell me you let Spock get out of this because…”

“I didn’t! He’s over there piping or something.”


“Eleven Pipers Piping. That’s what Spock is. Only he’s just one. Obviously.”

“One Spock is enough to handle,” Bones said dryly.

Jim smiled. “I don’t know. I’d be happy dealing with eleven Spocks.”

“Love really is blind.”

Chekov suddenly appeared, looking vaguely harangued.

“What’s wrong with you?” Bones asked.

“I have a pounding headache, Doktor. Hikaru will not stop Drumming Drumming.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “Go A’Leaping somewhere else, will ya?”

Chekov eyed Jim. “There are only four rings.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll find the other. Must have lost it.”

Chekov leaped off.

The two turtle doves walked up then and Jim had to admit he might join Bones in throwing up.

Across the rec room he saw Rand doing the ladies dancing thing. He shook his head.

“Captain, you’re missing a ring,” Uhura pointed out.

“Yeah, yeah. Tell me something I don’t know.”

At that moment, Jim’s own true love appeared by his side, dressed as a piper and holding a musical pipe thing. He looked a little more Pied Piper of Hamlin than a Christmas Piper, but whatever.

“Hi, honey,” Jim greeted him.

Spock arched a brow. “What happened to the fifth golden ring?”

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” Jim exclaimed. He patted himself up and down. “It’s gotta be here somewhere.” He reached into his pants pocket and withdrew a small golden band. “Here it is.”

Uhura gasped.

Jim winked at her and then dropped to his knees. He wiggled the gold band. “Here’s the fifth one. Five golden rings. Spock, will you…”

“I can’t believe you’re gonna do this now,” Bones muttered,

“Shut up.” Jim grinned up at a blushing Spock. “Will you be my husband?”

“Jim,” Spock whispered.

His brows furrowed. “Is that a yes?”

“Of course it’s a yes!” Uhura yelled.

Jim smirked at her. “I’d still like to hear it from Spock, if you don’t mind.” He rose to his feet and held out the golden ring. “What do you say, Piper? Want to play my pipes for the rest of our lives?”


“Oh. My. God. I take it back,” Uhura said, laughing uncontrollably. “He says no!”

Spock gave her a look, then looked back at Jim. “Ridiculous proposal notwithstanding, yes, I will.”

Jim whooped and pulled Spock the Piper into his arms for a thorough kiss.

“All right everyone. Places! We’re going to act out the song.” Scotty said with a clap.

Jim kept kissing Spock. “Later.”

“Much later,” Spock murmured, leading Jim and his golden rings away.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

“Uncle Jim!”

Jim lowered his coffee cup and looked up from his PADD into the wide blue eyes of his four year old nephew, Peter. He smiled. “What’s up?”

“Whatcha doin’?”

“Looking at some messages I received.”

Peter scrunched up his face. “For work?”

Jim sensed a trap. He slowly sipped his coffee. “Er.”

“Daddy said you aren’t supposed to be doing work while you’re here.”

Daddy has a big ugly trap, Jim thought. But he continued to smile. “It’s just a teeny bit.”

Peter sort of shrugged at that. “Santa comes tonight!”

“I know he does.” Jim scooped the boy up onto his lap. “Are you excited?”

“Yes. Are you?”

Jim chuckled. “Well, sure I am.”

“What did you want Santa to bring you?”

“Uh. Well.”

“Mister Spock?”

Jim’s face heated a little. “Uh, no.”

“He likes you, Uncle Jim. I know he does.”

“Well, even if he does, I wouldn’t ask Santa for that. Santa doesn’t bring people,” Jim told his nephew.

“He doesn’t?”

“Nope.” Definitely time for a change of subject. “What did you ask Santa for?”

“A red truck,” Peter said, matter-of-factly.

“Well, I bet he brings you one. Did you make him cookies?”

“Yep. Mister Spock helped me.”

Jim found himself laughing again. He patted Peter’s leg. “This I gotta see.”

Peter jumped off him and Jim stood up following him into the kitchen. They’d made sugar cookies, of course, with all kinds of colorful icing. Some were much more neat and elegant than the others so Jim figured he could guess who made those.

“Those are cool. Okay, go see your Mommy. I think it’s probably time for you to go to bed so Santa can come.”

Peter ran off to see his mommy and with a shake of his head, Jim grabbed a tree shaped cookie and went in search of Spock.

He found the Vulcan sitting outside on the front porch with Sam. He’d been quite surprised when Spock had decided to come with him to visit his brother and his family for the holidays. Sam, Aurelan, and Peter had moved to the old farmhouse in Riverside, taking it over from their mom, who now resided on a colony planet, doing research there.

The Enterprise and her crew were on a short leave on Earth while some repairs and upgrades to the ship were done. Spock had declared there really wasn’t enough time to warrant spending his leave on New Vulcan and since he and Uhura had never really revived their ended relationship after their experience with Krall and Altamid, they weren’t spending their leave together.

That left Spock deciding to join Jim.

It was a rare delight to get to spend time with his family for the season, especially since he and Sam had put aside their differences a while back, and an even greater delight to have Spock there.

And yeah, he guessed it should bother him that even his four-year-old nephew figured out he had a crush on Spock. A crush. Only. Really. But he doubted anything would ever come of it. Spock and Uhura had been done for a while and it wasn’t like Spock declared undying love as a result.

Sam glanced up at Jim from his chair. He smiled. “I guess it’s time for me to go play Santa, huh?”

“Getting close, yeah. Peter’s pretty excited for his red truck.”

Sam grinned. “Santa will deliver, no worries.” He rose from his chair. “All yours. Oh.” He looked back at Spock. “Think about what I said. Goodnight.”

Jim watched him go into the house and then he lowered himself into the chair Sam had vacated. He was pretty sure there was a faint green hue across Spock’s cheeks, but the light on the porch was pretty bad.

Spock was avoiding Jim’s gaze too and Jim didn’t feel like making Spock even more uncomfortable, so he decided not to ask his first officer what Sam had said to him.

“I had one of your cookies,” he said instead.

That caused Spock to look at him and he visibly relaxed. “I had one as well. They do not taste terrible.”

Jim shook his head. “Yeah, good job. You can make cookies for me anytime.” He winked. Then paused. “Are you all right? This has got to be pretty boring for you.”

“Not at all,” Spock replied. “You have a very lively and interesting family.”

Jim snorted. “That’s one way of putting it.”

Spock looked away once more. “Jim.”


 “I wanted to come along with you on leave for a more personal benefit.”


Spock blew out a breath. “It is…I find it difficult to discuss this with you.”

Alarm shot through Jim. “Spock, you aren’t going to…you don’t want to leave again, do you?”

Spock looked quickly at him. “You know about that?” He shook his head. “Of course. The doctor. He has a big mouth.”

Jim agreed with that, but he said, “True, but in this case it wasn’t Bones. Uhura told me.”

“I see.”

“Are you? Going to leave?”

Spock looked down at his hands. “That depends mostly on you.”

Jim licked his lips. “On me?”

“Your brother recommends that I be honest with you. I have…developed romantic feelings for you.” Spock let out another heavy breath. “In reality, I have held them for some time, but for some of that I was in a serious relationship with Nyota, and without some prior indication from you of a mutually shared level of feelings, I thought it best to maintain that relationship, but afterward when Nyota and I decided to remain friends only, I…”


He looked up at Jim, his dark eyes wider than normal in his very pale face.

Jim smiled bright. “Stop rambling. I have the same feelings.”


“Are you kidding?” Jim jumped up from his chair and moved the few feet to where Spock sat. “Move over a bit.”

Spock did, of course, without hesitation. Jim sat on the chair with Spock. Mostly on top, but he noticed that the Vulcan didn’t seem to mind. In fact Spock’s arms came up and around him.

“Why don’t you kiss me and find out for yourself?”

They leaned in for the kiss when the door from the house burst open.

“Uncle Jim! Uncle Jim?”

Jim rolled his eyes, pulled back and gave Peter a smile. “Why aren’t you in bed, buddy?”

“I wanted to see Santa.”

“Oh. I see. And did you?”

“Yes! And Mommy was kissing him!”

Jim laughed. “I bet she was.”

Peter eyed them. He was dressed in the most adorable feety pajamas Jim had ever seen, green and red striped with some Christmas creature on them.

“Santa brought you your present too!” Peter exclaimed.

He laughed. “Yeah, I guess he did.”

“I wanna see if he ate the cookies!” Peter hopped up and down and ran back into the house.  

Spock arched a brow. “Your present?”

Jim put his hand on Spock’s jaw. “Uh-huh. I guess I was wrong when I said Santa didn’t bring people for presents. Because he definitely brought me you. About that ki—”

But Spock’s mouth was already covering his, silencing him.     

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