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Bombay, Chapter 5

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Spock decided not to wait for Nyota’s class as he was too curious about James T. Kirk to adopt his usual amount of patience.
He tried to pretend to himself it had nothing to do with how uncommonly attractive Kirk had been. At least in Spock’s opinion.
And there was the added fact that Bombay’s eye color seemed to be an exact match for Kirk’s. A coincidence of course but it made Spock all the more curious.
After doing some preliminary research, Spock decided to contact George Samuel Kirk, the older brother and seeming spokesperson for the family. He requested communication with him if it was permitted.
It was a few hours later when Jim Kirk’s brother contacted him.
George Samuel Kirk, he told Spock the family called him Sam to distinguish him from George Kirk, resembled George Kirk more than he did his younger brother, Spock thought.
Sam leaned back in a rocking chair and stared rather sourly at Spock.
“What is it you want exactly?”
“To make inquiries about your brother’s disappearance.”
“Don’t you mean death?”
Spock shook his head.
“Your Starfleet has declared him dead.”
“I am sorry. But you and your family have doubts.”
Sam snorted. “You bet we do. They never found a body in the wreckage. Nothing like that.”
“What did they find?”
“It’s all a matter of record,” Sam said with no hidden disdain. “They found the burned out crashed shuttlecraft and the remains of Doctor Helen Moore, and her two medical assistants, Ensign Allen Luras and Ensign Inid Harr. The door of the shuttle was inoperable and there was no sign it was ever opened after the crash. They found no trace of Jim’s remains, though there was evidence someone had used the seatbelt in the co-pilot’s seat beside Helen Moore.”
“And they are certain Commander Kirk was on the shuttlecraft when it left the Endeavor?”
Spock nodded. “Do you have any theories?”
Sam hesitated, then slowly shook his head. “Other than someone must have abducted Jim. That’s always been our belief.”
“For what purpose?”
“How should I know?”
“And how would they have done so when the door was inoperable?”
Sam’s lips thinned. “There was a hole in the door.”
“How large?”
“Large enough for Jim,” Sam insisted. “But there was no sign of him on the planet anywhere. Or so they said.”
“You don’t believe it?”
“No, I don’t. Jim’s alive. I can feel it. And someone has him. I don’t know why they haven’t come forward. But my family hasn’t given up no matter what they tell you. Starfleet may have decided Jim’s dead, but he’s alive.” Sam frowned. “I gotta go.”
And then the screen winked out and Spock was left staring at nothing. HE couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something Sam was not telling him. Some elusive clue.

Flash Fic, February 15, 2023

I had hoped to have a fic with Sarek and Winona for today but time got away from me and I’m just not able to get it done for this week, so I hope to have it up for February 22, the last flash for February. This week I wrote a short but hopefully sweet one for today. But hey, you got two this week so there is that!

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.


Jim looked up from the poem he’d been reading out loud and smiled when he saw Spock standing in the doorway of their shared bathroom. “Hey. You ready to play chess?”

“Yes. You were reading a love poem?”

Jim nodded. “Yes. My favorite poem about love. I think my favorite lines are ‘I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach’ and ‘I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears of all my life: if, God choose, I shall but love thee better after death’. It’s a beautiful poem.”

Spock steppe inside Jim’s quarters and handed him a small red box. “I believe it might be a good time to give you this.”

Jim took the box and stared at Spock. “What is this?”

“A gift for Valentine’s Day.”

He smiled quizzically. “I didn’t know we were exchanging gifts for that. I asked Uhura if that had been a thing and she said—”

Spock shook his head. “We did not, it is true. And I expect nothing from you, save your answer.”

Jim sucked in a breath and flipped open the box. “Yes.”

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Valentine’s Day Flash

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Jim waited to see Captain Pike in a crowded waiting room. He knew Pike was a busy man. He knew he probably should have gotten an appointment. But he hadn’t wanted to wait for that but apparently he was having to anyway.

He felt pretty stupid. Mortified might be a better word. He stared down at his now bleeding cuticles. He’d been picking at them since he’d been sitting there waiting.

And he had to pee. But he was afraid if he got up to do so, the severe looking brunette ensign manning the desk outside Pike’s office would skip right over him and give the next slot to someone else waiting.

“Kirk. Cadet Kirk,” the Ensign said in a loud, nasally voice.

Jim went up to the desk and she sniffed. “He’ll see you now.”

He nodded and went past the desk to the double glass doors. They opened at his approached and he stepped inside.

Behind a large oak desk sat Pike. He hadn’t seen the captain since that day in Riverside Jim got on the shuttle after Pike dared him to do better.

Pike looked up and gestured to a chair in front of the desk. “Jim. Have a seat.”

“Thank you, sir.”

After Jim took the chair, Pike raised both eyebrows in query. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Yes, sir. I have a request to make.”


“I’d like to be reinstated to Professor Spock’s Merits of Logic class.”

Pike steepled his fingers. “That course is an elective and not required for command.”

“I realize that. But it was a course I found interesting prior to my…being kicked out.”

“And why were you booted from that class, Jim?”



Jim smirked as he read the text from Feeney. It was a stupid text, really, and only mildly amusing, but he responded to it anyway.

So what if I do want to sleep with the teacher? He’s hot. You want to too, don’t even pretend otherwise.

And then Jim located the “eggplant” 🍆emoji on his communicator and added it to his text.

I’ll bet his is massive.

Jim looked up at Spock’s back just before he hit send. He was busy demonstrating something on an overhead screen. Jim hit send.

And Feeney, the swine, burst into loud guffaws.

Jim turned red and slunk down in his chair just as Professor Spock turned around.

He glanced at Feeney who was still making a loud nuisance of himself and then to Jim as Feeney took a second to point to Jim.

Spock stepped forward. “Your communicator please.”


“Your communicator, Cadet Kirk.”

Jim cleared his throat. “I’d rather not.”

Spock thrust out his hand.

Jim handed him the communicator.

Spock frowned slightly. “Why is there an eggplant on your screen?”

And the entire class busted up.  


“I see,” Pike said slowly. “So you were disruptive, inappropriate, and insubordinate.”

Jim winced. “It could be viewed that way.”

“It was viewed that way by Spock. And he’s not wrong. Request denied.”


Pike held up his hand. “Spock requested that you not be reinstated.”

“He knew I would request it?”

“Apparently. He also requested that there be no mark on your record for the dismissal from the class. He did likewise for Feeney. As I said, this was an elective course that you don’t actually need so the only reason for you to want to go back is to prove something that no one thinks needs proving. And of there is nothing else, Jim, you’re dismissed.”


“Jim, I have a lot of people waiting out there to speak to me. And this is Valentine’s Day and I still need to get flowers for my wife. So, dismissed.”

Jim left, realizing there was really no point to arguing further.

He went to the restroom on his way out and then left the building feeling dejected.

He should be celebrating. He would have no mark on his record and it would be one less class he’d have to deal with for the semester.

Too bad he had liked that class and most especially Spock. And his idiotic foolish behavior with Feeney had cost him that. And likely any chance he ever had with the Vulcan. If there had been any, really.

He was only vaguely surprised to find his best friend, Leonard “Bones” McCoy, waiting for him.

“How’d it go?”

“I’m not allowed back in.”

Bones nodded. “Consider yourself lucky because that class was boring anyways.”

Jim frowned. “Anyway.”


“You don’t need the s after anyway. That’s not correct.”

“Are you the grammar police?” Bones demanded.

“A guy has to have something. Apparently it’s not going to be on my record that I got kicked out though.”

Bones chuckled. “His massive eggplant.”

Jim groaned. “Don’t remind me. I feel stupid enough as it is. So where are we going tonight?”

“Tonight?” Suddenly Bones looked uncomfortable. “It’s Valentine’s Day.”


“I have a date, genius.”

“Wait. What? I thought we’d go stag.”

“You thought wrong. Sorry, Jim. But this time you’ll have to find something to do on your own.”

“Fine. Whatever.”

As it turned out, Jim went home to his dorm room alone. He was, admittedly, feeling sorry for himself. His reputation as some kind of Lothario was mostly exaggerated anyway. And the only one he really wanted to spend time with wouldn’t give him the time of day.

Jim had just opened a bottle of whiskey to drown his sorrows when there was a knock at his door.  

Standing there was Spock. One hand was behind his back, but in the other was a brightly wrapped box.

Jim blinked. “Uh.”

“May I come in?”

Jim stood back to allow him inside. He glanced around his messy room. “I, uh, I wasn’t expecting anyone so the place is a mess.”

“That is fortunate.”

“It is?”

“Not the mess part, but that you were not expecting someone.” Spock held out the box. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

His mouth dry, Jim opened the box. He stared at the large eggplant inside. “What—”

“It is my massive eggplant.”

Jim’s gaze flew to his, his face hot with embarrassment. “Uh—”

Spock shook his head. “It is an effort at a joke, Cadet.”

Then he brought his hand from behind his back to reveal a large bouquet of at least two dozen pink and red roses.

“These are for you.”

“I don’t understand it.”

Spock sighed. “You cannot be a student in my class and date me.”

Jim’s mouth dropped open. “Did I…are we going to be dating?”

“I have presented you with flowers and my eggplant. I would think it was obvious.”

Jim laughed. “I see.” He tossed aside the eggplant, grabbed the flowers, and planted a long lingering kiss on Spock’s lips. It was returned most enthusiastically.

Bombay, Chapter 4

5 Years Earlier, Starship Endeavor


Jim Kirk looked up from his PADD into the questioning face of his commanding officer, Robert April. 

“It’s currently too dangerous to use the transporter, Captain.”

“Damn. Rigel 9 really needs those medical supplies.”

Doctor Helen Moore bit her lip and shook her head. “Agreed. They’re really dealing with something down there. What about the shuttlecraft?”

“With that Ion storm that’s going to be risky too,” Jim stated.

“Less risky than trying to do the transporter though,” Dr. Moore said. She turned to April. “I’m a pretty good pilot, Bob. I only need a few medical personnel with me. Just two. I’m willing to risk it.”

“Helen—” Jim began to protest.

“Jim, I know what you’re going to say. But the citizens of Rigel 9 are dying and without this needed medicine, they don’t stand a chance.”

“We wail for the storm to pass,” Jim maintained.

“And that could be days. They might be dead by then! Bob, I can do this.”

Captain April pursed his lips. “Okay, Helen.”


April held up his hand to cut Jim off. “Your protests are duly noted, Jim. But Helen’s right. Rigel 9 needs these supplies. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to go along with the party, Jim.”

“What?” Helen exclaimed. “No!. Captain, I don’t need to endanger unnecessary personnel. Commander Kirk—”

“Will accompany you. I’m not going to have a team of only trained medical crew members go into a potentially hostile situation. Commander Kirk’s an exemplary negotiator and well-trained in combat.”


“You both have your orders. Doctor, Commander. Get your team together and the supplies and head out.”

Jim watched Captain April depart, then he turned to Helen. “It’s okay.”

“It is not. I never intended to make you part of this, Jim.”

He drew her into his arms and held her against him, kissing her forehead. “I would have wanted to go.”

She sighed. “They really do need that medicine.”

“I know. So let’s get organized and do this. We’ll be back home before you know it.”

Jim woke feeling pain everywhere. All around him the shuttlecraft filled with smoke from the fire that had apparently started the minute the shuttle had crashed. He unconnected his seat belt and scrambled from his chair.

He checked Helen, who had been in the pilot’s seat next to him. Half of her face had been battered in from the crash. There was no pulse.

“Sorry, Helen,” he whispered.

A quick check of the others revealed he was the only survivor. He knew he had to contact the ship but his first task was to remove himself from the shuttlecraft before he succumbed to smoke inhalation.

His left leg was bleeding pretty badly and his head was killing him, but he made it to the door, which was twisted and bent. There was a hole at the top not big enough to fit through. Jim, coughing and wheezing, tried the controls and then manually to open the door.


“Damn, damn, damn.”

He glanced up at the hole, feeling weaker by the minute. He had no choice. He’d have to use his last strength to do it.

A moment later, he shifted into cat form, leapt on to the bar of the twisted door, and then out the hole, onto the planet.

Flash Fic, February 08, 2023

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Spock spotted the dark pink heart-shaped box on the dining room table as soon as he shrugged off his coat and hung it up on the peg by the door.

Since he knew the box was not from him, Spock approached it, expecting it to be addressed to him, most likely. Though Jim knew Spock seldom indulged in chocolate, his mate could be incorrigible at times. So he leaned down to read the attached tag.

“Be Mine, Vanik.”

He sighed inwardly. Now the pest was giving Valentine’s Day gifts to Spock’s boyfriend. Yes, he was a child and was no real threat. Still Spock might have to have a word with him. He had long suspected his nephew had a crush on Jim and it was hard to blame him. Jim was uncommonly delightful.

But boundaries must be set.

“Oh, hey. You’re home.”

Jim appeared from the bedroom and gave Spock a welcoming smile and a kiss. “Got any ideas what you want for dinner?”

“Perhaps we can go out. It is two days until Valentine’s Day and I would rather not deal with the crowds on that day.”

“Are you actually going to take me to a nice dinner?”

“You do not want that?”

“No, I’d love that, I’m just surprised.” Jim’s gaze went to the heart. “You looked?”

Spock sniffed. “It was hard not to when I find that my mate has a box of candy that is not from me.”

Jim laughed. “You can’t possibly be jealous.”


“No. And besides that heart box isn’t for me.”

Spock frowned. “Who is it for?”

“Vanik has a crush at school and he wants to give her that. But he didn’t like his handwriting and asked me to do it for him. He’s picking it up in the morning.”

“Oh.” Spock’s ire deflated.

“Were you really jealous of your own nephew?” Jim looked far too amused at Spock’s expense but then Spock experienced that often enough.


Jim threw his arms around Spock’s neck. “I love you.”

“And I love you. Be mine.”

“I’m always yours.”   

Movie Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review of sorts but here ya go.

I finally got around to seeing Don’t Worry Darling which was directed by Olivia Wilde (she also plays a role) and stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles with Chris Pine as the “villain”.

Major Spoil Alert- don’t read any further if you don’t want to know big details. I am serious about this.

First I’ll say I would not have watched it if Chris Pine wasn’t in it. And he looks gorgeous in it. He’s got charisma as the character too though he is evil.

Anyway much has been made of the fact Harry and Olivia were a couple at the time but they really have no screen time together. I think they’ve since broken up. I think Harry should stick to singing pop. I even like a couple of his catchy pop songs. He’s no great actor but I wouldn’t say he’s the worst ever.

Florence is the main focus of the movie. Also much has been made of a scene where Harry goes down on her in the movie but it really doesn’t last long and there’s only really one more brief sex scene. Neither scene includes nudity. If you’d gone to the bathroom during either of the scenes you would have missed them.

She’s decent in the role but I wouldn’t say she was stunning in it. I found the plot to be pretty convoluted and it made little sense. I kept thinking, what’s the point of this movie again?

As I said, Chris is gorgeous and good in his limited time on screen. He really doesn’t have many scenes but when he is on there you can’t really look away. At the end though when his entire plan falls apart he is killed by his also evil wife.  I am beginning to think he dies in more movies than he lives. Sean Bean is famous for dying in more movies than almost any other actor (there are even memes about it) but I am starting to think Chris will give him a run for his money.

Bottom line: It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The California scenery was gorgeous. Chris was gorgeous. It was pretty forgettable all around.

And there you have it. Saving some of you, perhaps from seeing it! LOL    

Bombay, Chapter 3

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“There are some options with regard to your leg.”

Spock looked up in surprise as he carefully got down from the exam table. “Options, Doctor?”

Leonard McCoy shrugged slightly as he studied his medical tricorder with Spock’s latest results on them. McCoy was the CMO at Starfleet Hospital in San Francisco. It was located directly beside Federation HQ. 

“I was told there was nerve damage and nothing could be done.”

“There coming up with new treatments all the time, Spock. In fact, a Doctor M’Benga has extensive knowledge of the physiology of Vulcans. I would recommend making an appointment with him.”

Spock took in this information and ventured to ask, “Where is this doctor located?”

“On Vulcan at the moment,” McCoy advised. He lowered his tricorder. “How’s the pain in that leg?”

“Manageable. On cold days it gets stiff. And when I do too much walking.”

“I’ll write you a prescription that should help with that. Vulcan friendly.”

“The earliest I can plan to see M’Benga on Vulcan would be the next break between semesters at the Academy,” Spock said.

“I understand. Just think about it. It’s possible he can’t do anything, but if he can, it’s worth looking into, yeah?”

“Perhaps,“ Spock acknowledged.

Spock departed and headed for his apartment. The walk was a little longer than his typical walk to the campus, but in some ways Spock thought exercising his leg might be good for him. He’d possibly be sorry for it later.

When he made it home, just as a light drizzle began, the cat was waiting for him by the door. He appeared to want to dart out of the apartment into the drizzle, but Spock got the door closed before Bombay could make good on his escape.

“I can see how you must have gotten away from your care giver,” Spock remarked out loud as he moved into the kitchen to prepare himself tea and feed the cat.

As Spock spooned out the smelly food into a dish, the cat rubbed against his legs. He put the food down, made himself tea and a bean burrito and headed to his terminal to grade tests.

He’d only been sitting there five minutes when Bombay leapt into his lap and settled down there.   

Rather than fight a losing battle where Spock made him leave only to have him return, repeat, he just allowed the furry pest to remain.

When the cat stared at him while he ate his burrito, Spock even began to share little bites with him. He made a mental note to check with the veterinary’s office to learn if anyone had come forward to claim Bombay.

Once he finished his grading, he signed into his Academy email account and found an email from Nyota.

“If you’re interested in my class on the disappearance of James Kirk, the class will be next Thursday at ten in the morning. It’s kind of a strange case and I thought you might be curious. I’m surprised you don’t know more about the details but then again you were on active duty on the Enterprise when it occurred. Attached is a picture.”

Spock clicked on the link and a very good-looking young Human male appeared on his screen. And yes, Nyota had been right. He had incredibly striking blue eyes.

Bombay uncurled from Spock’s lap and stared at the picture. Then to Spock’s surprise he raised paw and put it on the picture and meowed loud.

Most strange.

Running Behind

On the next Chapter of Bombay. It will be up tomorrow (Friday) but likely not until later in the day! Thanks 🙂

Flash Fic, February 01, 2023

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“Well that wasn’t exactly how I thought Valentine’s Day would go,” Jim Kirk said to his best friend, Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

“Yeah, yeah.” Bones smirked. “You expected to get laid at least two or three times.”

Jim shot him a look. “Once would have been enough. Who knew they would raid that club?”

“I did. Well, maybe not this exact night, but that club’s been crazy and asking for it for months. All that illegal shit going on there. Just be glad they didn’t lock us up and we’re leaving the station and able to go home.”

Jim sighed as they went through the double doors the Federation Police Department and back out to the fresh air. Sort of fresh air. There was a little bit of sewer smell drifting their way.

“I don’t think they arrested any patron except that dude in the back.”

“And its no wonder. I did say we should cross that place off our list.”

“The Federation’s done that for us now.” It was too bad too because Jim wore a red t-shirt and he looked good in red.

“I’m actually surprised you wanted to go to a club.” Bones turned at the end of the pathway toward Starfleet Academy and their dorm.


He shrugged. “I sorta thought you were seeing that Vulcan.”


“You know any others?” Bones snorted. “Maybe you do. After all you spent a summer there.”

“Hottest damn summer I ever spent.” Jim grinned. “In more ways than one, I might add.”

“Wish you wouldn’t.”

Jim laughed. “Anyway, I haven’t heard from him. Not since the last time.”

“You will.”


They turned to other subjects until they got to their dorm. There standing at the door was Spock holding a dozen red roses.

Jim smiled. “Are those for me?”

Spock arched a brow. He looked vaguely annoyed, no doubt from having stood outside waiting for who knew how long. “They are not for Doctor McCoy.”

“Awe, man, way to hurt me, Spock.” Bones rolled his eyes, went past the two of them, and into the dorm room.

“Been waiting long?”

“Long enough. I was about to leave.”

“Sorry. I was at the police station.”

“Do I wish to know?”

Jim smiled and took the roses. “Nope. But my Valentine’s Day just got a heckuva lot better. Your place?”

“Unless you intend to give the doctor a show…yes.”

“No shows.” He linked his arm with Spock’s. “Perhaps a private one for you. I’m wearing red silk briefs with pink hearts on them.”

Spock shook his head. “Of course you are.” He frowned. “You were not expecting me, why are you wearing—’

“Better not to ask.”

Spock sighed and led Jim away from the Academy campus and to his apartment. A very good Valentine’s Day for Jim.

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