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Flash Fic, September 05, 2022

Happy Labor Day if you’re in the US.

This is a continuation from Friday’s Flash

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As it happened, in the morning, Jim had to go to his classes before Spock, and after a lingering kiss between them, Jim set off.

Spock used that opportunity to contact his mother.

“Spock, what a wonderful surprise.”

“I do hope I am not disturbing you.”

She waved this away. “You can never disturb me.” She smiled. “Your new semester of classes begin  today, don’t they?”

“They do. But later. I wished to inform you I have a roommate.” He paused. “A special one.”

She looked puzzled. “Who?”

“Jim. Jim is here.” He knew he did not have to give her Jim’s full name. She would know. And she had adored Jim when they met on Spock’s home world.

“That’s wonderful! Is he right there with you?”

“He has gone to class.”

“Class?” Her eyes widened. “Is he at Starfleet Academy?”

“He is. A long story which I am certain he will be happy to share with you himself. I just wished to let you know.” Spock felt suddenly rather embarrassed about his enthusiastic call to his mother. His father would be appalled at his lack of control. He straightened. “You are well?”

She smiled. “Yes. And I’m very happy for you. I know how much you meant to each other in the brief time you had together on Vulcan. I’m sure your relationship will only strengthen now.”

It was Spock who had pursued Jim when he’d seen him on Vulcan in a teashop that catered to Vulcan visitors rather than Vulcans. Spock had seen Jim go inside with a blonde woman he had suspected was Jim’s mother. It had turned out he was wrong about that, it had been his aunt, his mother’s sister.

Spock had entered the shop and told Jim they were going to spend the night together.

Once more Spock felt embarrassed, but he could not feel so bad as it had worked, and now Jim was here in San Francisco.

“I must go now to prepare for my day, Mother. We will speak again.”

“Of course. Love you!”

And she was gone from his screen.

Spock let out a long breath and turned to prepare for his day.    

Random Things (September 04, 2022)

I decided to delete my tumblr account, so it’s gone. I’d been thinking of it for a while now and just hadn’t gotten around to it. I really don’t get anything from it anymore and those I used to like to see on there are gone themselves, so…it’s history. I had like 280 follows on there but most of them were inactive themselves. I am actually surprised it hasn’t shut down.

Going to sister’s later for a BBQ. Well, we intend to spend the day inside instead of out as we normally would. It’s going to be another 100 degree day. Think we are supposed to have 8 days in a row, which is not normal for us. By next weekend it’s back in the 80s, thankfully.

I’ve gotten Monday’s and Wednesday’s flashes up but still need to do Friday’s. Have no fear, I will get it done.

After posting chapter two of A Heart Needs a Second Chance (cheating Jim story) I had several requests to post again soon to it so for now I intend to keep going with that story. Expect chapter 3 up later this week.

Went to a Fleetwood Mac tribute concert last night. It was fun.

Don’t know if I mentioned this but Luna has jump anxiety. She seriously does. Anyway, I am sure I have told the story of having bought for the brat this luxurious soft cat bed some years back. She refused to go anywhere near it and kept her flat not luxurious cat bed. The nice one sits in the garage.

But recently I got her this scratching post thing that has a top part for the cat to make themselves comfortable (see picture with Luna in it)

She loves it. But cannot or will not jump into it because of that jump anxiety. So she has figured out how to ask us to pick her up and put her in it. Yes, she is incredibly spoiled. But I am thrilled she actually likes it!

Flash Fic, September 02, 2022

And so we begin with Starfleet Academy. Will these same Academy Spirk boys dominate the month? We shall see. But here is our first flash of September.

Spock could hear buzzing in his ears, which admittedly was the droning voice of his friend, Nyota Uhura, speaking to him about how excited she was to attend her first day of classes the following day.

It was not his intention to be rude but as they sat at a table in the cafeteria at Starfleet Academy he had noticed the arrival of a tall, sandy-haired, blue-eyed cadet.

“Spock, did you hear what I said?”

“I apologize—”

Her eyes narrowed as she followed his gaze. “What’s your interest in Kirk?”

“You know him?”

Nyota shrugged. “I met him briefly in Riverside as we were shipping out from there. There was a bar fight.”

“Was he injured?”

“Just…I mean sure. It was like three guys to his one. Just a bunch of macho men. Why do you care?”

“I will explain later. Please excuse me.” Spock rose then and went after the cadet. “Jim!”

Jim Kirk turned at the call of his name and turned to face Spock. He smiled brightly. “Spock? Is that really you?”

Spock reached him and barely refrained from reaching out to touch him. “Yes. I had not anticipated seeing you here. I had thought on my first break from school I would seek you out.”

“Yeah, I got talked into enlisting.” Jim laughed. “I thought you were going to the Vulcan Science Academy.”

“It is a bit of a story, but I changed my mind.”

“That’s great luck for me.” His eyes were shining. “When I left Vulcan I didn’t think we’d see each other for maybe years.”

“Same. Although as I said when I decided to come to this Academy, I did anticipate visiting your city.”

Jim put his hand on Spock’s arm. “I can’t believe you’re here. I’m…” He wet his lips with his tongue. “I’m a little thrilled.”

“I cannot deny a feeling of pleasure myself. When do you being your courses?”

“Not until tomorrow. I was just trying to get a feel for the place.”

“Do you have a dorm?”

Jim shook his head. “I’m supposed to go later this afternoon to get an assignment.”

Spock hesitated for only a second. But then with a slight hitch of breath, he said, “I have an apartment across the street from the campus. It would be perfect for sharing.”

Jim’s eyes widened. “You mean it?”

“I do. We can go and inform campus housing that you will no longer need to be assigned a dorm.”

Jim nodded and just stared at Spock.


“Sorry, I’m just…really glad to be here and really glad to see you.”

“I assure you, it is mutual.”

And then as turned to walk together, side by side, it seemed the most natural thing. Spock looked forward to informing his mother of his good news.

Things Will Still be a Little Slow

Sorry to say it is going to be slow still with updates a bit as I catch up on so many things

When I do get to it, it will be the second chapter of my controversial cheating Jim story. This chapter will be from Spock’s POV.

Thanks for hanging in!

I’m Back

So glad to be home! I had a great time. But it took 7 hours to get home due to construction issue on the freeway. I am SOOOOO exhausted.

Random Thoughts

  1. Anson M is an asshole. That’s Pike in the new shows. Never have I missed Bruce Greenwood so much. People (me included) paid $100 for a photo with him. They paid $200 for a photo with him and Rebecca and $200 for a photo with Ethan and him. They paid $480 for a group photo with the whole cast that was there. He wore a mask. We all had to be vaxxed or tested in order to be there. We wore masks all through the convention except for our photo ops. He had the option of plexiglass between him and the rifraff. Several chose this including Sonequa. This was fine. But nope, not him. He ruined every single picture a fan took with him. And he was stiff as a damn statue. He was THE ONLY ONE who did this at the entire convention, Ladies and gentlemen we have our new asshole for the fandom. Sorry but that’s my assessment. Edited to add: And yes, sure, he has every right to decide to wear a mask. And I have every right to be informed so that I can make the decision whether I want to pay $100 for someone no one would ever recognize. Look there is a NEW Official Star Trek Convention. It began this year in Chicago and is co-sponsored by CBS/VIACOM. They charged $80 for Anson not $100 and declared up front he would wear a mask. They did the same with Wil Wheaton. Fair enough. Fans there could decide. But I sure as hell wouldn’t pay a dime for a masked actor no one would known from the Lone Ranger. So yes it goes back to the greed Of Creation. But I still think he could have chosen plexiglass instead of ruining hundreds of pictures
  2. Ethan P is a great guy. He’s Spock in the new shows. Friendly, funny and took free photos in the vendors room with fans that he was not supposed to do as you are supposed to “pay” so Creation Entertainment makes boatloads of money off you. What a great example for the fandom. He was great.
  3. Walter K was a sweetheart. 85 and he greeted fans warmly and hugged them and petted dogs.
  4. Doug Jones is also a sweetheart. Sonequa used the plexiglass but Doug did not in the same photo. Michael and Saru in Discovery (he’s famous for other things too like Hocus Pocus). So friendly and sweet and welcoming. Hugged everyone. Great humor. So so good.
  5. Creation Entertainment are thieves. They rip off us fans left and right. They lost the Star Trek license and the right to call it the “Official” convention and it shows. So disorganized. And the guy who runs it is as arrogant as can be. I loathe him.
  6. Vegas is still loads of fun but ridiculously expensive.
  7. I love Star Trek. All of it. I came back with a renewed enthusiasm for all of it and I can’t wait to watch it all again. Wow. And all the fans there were absolute treasures this time. We met a guy with his 16 year old daughter. They flew out for one day as they could only get a one day admission as the rest had sold out. They were dressed from SNW and he even had his hair done like Pike. He looked more like Anson than Anson did lol. She was so cute. She wanted to meet Denise Crosby but she was too shy so she took a secret picture of her. The minute we got there wearing our Trek shirts people came to us and asked, Hey, do you know where we register? It was one big happy family and I hadn’t felt that at other conventions, so that was wonderful.
  8. It’s going to be 100s here this week and just ugh! LOL
Gold Coin as part of package

Adding to my tribbles collection
Memorial Wall for Nichelle
Our blackberry cobbler dessert (chocolate horseshoe)

A few of the strip
Bellagio on the strip

Lion made out of flowers from the Bellagio gardes

Elvis Sundae (we had to share)

Back to work! Too bad LOL

Flash Fic, August 29, 2022

Here’s the last one for Missions Gone Wrong

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“I did say we shouldn’t respond to the distress signal.”

A muscle in Spock’s jaw jumped. “Our orders—”

“To hell with those orders. Look where it’s gotten us.”

Spock nodded. “You are tied to a tree while I await the bride chosen for me.”

“The Bride of Frankenstein.”

“Are you calling me Frankenstein, Captain?”

Jim frowned. “No, I’m saying—

“If she is my bride and she is the Bride of Frankenstein, then it stands to reason—”

“You know what? Forget it. No doubt she’ll be dead soon because you’ll bore her to death.”

Spock looked affronted. “That was quite unkind.”

“Well you know I get grumpy when I’m tied to a tree to be the sacrifice at my husband’s wedding to someone else. Imagine.”

Spock arched a brow. “While our current situation is challenging, including insults in our interactions are beneath you.”

“You’re going to be required to have public sex with her while they roast me alive!”

“Yes, that is what we face.”

Jim sighed and closed his eyes. “I don’t know how you can be so calm about my impending death.”

“I am hardly calm.”

“I’d hate to see you excited. Well, I’ve seen you excited. I mean, agitated.”

Spock actually rolled his eyes at him and Jim swore if he had his hands free he would be punching  Spock in the nose. But just then he heard sounds of the natives returning.

“Great. You may as well say your I love you and goodbye now, Spock.”

“I do love you, but this is not goodbye.”


And suddenly just as he spotted Spock’s garishly decorated “bride” he felt his particles break up and reappeared on a transporter pad on the Enterprise.

Spock stood stoically beside him. “Good work, Mister Scott.”

“I just used the coordinates you transmitted, Commander.”

“Wait,” Jim exclaimed. “You had a way to get us out of there and you let me worry and freak out?”

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself, Captain.”

Enjoying myself? Tied up?!”

Spock shrugged. “There have been times when—”

“Shut up.”

“Captain, you have ropes around you,” Scotty pointed out.

“Spock, get these off me. Spock!”

Flash Fic, August 22, 2022

Leonard stopped Jim with a hand on his arm as they prepared to beam back to the Enterprise.

“Look, why are the natives angry?”

Jim shrugged. “The chieftain thinks I slept with his wife.”


“Calm down, Bones. I didn’t, I swear.”

Leonard looked around nervously. “Where in tarnation is everyone? Why does he think that if it’s not true?”

“I guess she did sneak out of their home and meet with someone. I just know it wasn’t me.” Jim eyed his communicator. “We’ve got to get out of here stat.”

“Well where the hell are Spock and Chekov?”

Just as the words were out of Leonard’s mouth, Spock and Chekov rounded the corner with Chekov looking a little frantic.  


“What is it, Ensign?”

Running behind them were the natives and they carried weapons.

“Go! Go!” Chekov screamed.

As the pair reached them, Jim flung open his communicator. “Scotty, beam us up now!”

Leonard grabbed on to Chekov to pull him closer just as a native raised a weapon in their direction, yelling, “Stop!”

A mere seconds later, the four of them appeared on the transporter pad of the Enterprise.

“Well that was close, wasn’t it?” Scotty exclaimed.

“Damnit, Jim.” Leonard stepped down. “That was way too close. And now you’re going to have to explain yourself to the ‘Fleet.”

Jim laughed. “I didn’t do anything!”



“What does the doctor think you did, Captain?” Spock asked, unerringly polite.   

“They were after us because the chieftain thinks I slept with his wife. She snuck out of their domicile last night to meet with a lover.”

Scotty looked at Jim curiously. “And did you?”

Jim snorted. “No.”

“Come on, Jim. Nobody believes that.”

Chekov frowned. “I do.”

“Okay the kid here does. But Scotty and I know better.”

“Why do you believe the captain, lad?”

Chekov shrugged. “I saw who left the keptin’s tent this morning. It wasn’t the chieftain’s wife.”

Leonard frowned. “Who was it then?”

He noticed Jim and Spock heading for the exit.

“Mister Spock, of course.”

Leonard and Scotty both gaped at him.

Jim chuckled from the doors as they opened to allow him and Spock to escape.

Leonard sighed. “Next time I’ll mind my own business.”  

In Super Sucky News

Quinto canceled for the Star Trek Convention so yeah…pretty disappointing. Not gonna lie

I Know What I Said

And I really mean it now, LOL, but I DID just get another fic finished. Best Friends 2. The last chapter has been sent to a beta, but once that’s done, it will be posted and another fic closed.

In the coming months I hope to finish two more fics, Catch a Falling Star and I Dream of Jim. Won’t that be nice?

But I had a breather moment where I could finish Best Friends 2 to my satisfaction so look for that tomorrow (beta can’t get to it until then)

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