A little slow but coming

This month I vow to update all works in progress now that the holidays are behind us once more

First up will be A Heart Needs a Second Chance. I haven’t updated it since September and I am ashamed. Then the others Our So-Called Life, Cosmic Love, and Welcome to the Enterprise haven’t been updated since October. My own fault. I mistakenly signed up for the Advent Calendar thing but I won’t again. Lesson learned as I didn’t have near enough time to work on my own things that needed doing. I need to plan better this year if I’m going to get new stories and all that. No special challenges for me this year, 2023, unless it’s my own special challenge

I’ll get another flash up in a day or so. Going into the physical office Wednesday (today) so work is interfereing!

Photo by Song Kaiyue on Pexels.com