I’m behind. I know I am. I have stuff that needs updating. Catch a Falling Star and Clarity come to mind. And I am working on the second part of Tastes Like Real Ice Cream.

But…this week is a drag on me. I’m tired and the stress is catching up with me. I am kind of unmotivated. I think it will pass soon, but there it is right now. I’m sorry.

Still in a holding pattern with everything really in life. My co-worker whose father was also in hospice passed away last night. So he’s at peace at least.

Perfect weather continues. Sister is having another above ground pool put in her backyard. She had one for 15 plus years and had it taken down as it was wearing out. She didn’t know if she wanted another one but with everything, she decided to go for it. It was backordered for months considering the pandemic and everyone buying a pool, but it finally came and the guy went to put it in and one of the posts was wrong. It was defective. So he had to order another part and the waiting continues.

Here’s a picture of what he’s done so far.

I do have a chapter of Cosmic Love coming tomorrow.

And Garden Solar Bug, these are the kinds of bugs I can handle!