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Hope it’s a lovely day for you.

Things are still pretty difficult for my family. Mom’s pretty weak so one day I had to go over and help her get up from the toilet. So…there’s my glamorous life these days. I pray each day that she passes in her sleep for all of us but especially her. This all so robs humans of their dignity late in life and it’s just…unfair. To make it to 94 only to experience this? Just…ugh.

I am sorry to bring this up in my Happy Easter message.

I got my first vaccine dose and am due for the next April 19th. The first was a breeze other than a slightly sore arm so hopefully I won’t jinx myself with the second. M’s sister who was visiting us went home and she just got her second of the Moderna. So far other than a very sore arm, she just feels super tired.

Still behind on updates. Sorry. But I did get my first chapter ready for Monday’s new Starfleet Academy Fic. It’s a bit of an AU, I mean even more than you might expect, but I think you will really like the direction it takes.

Looks like I will be going back into the office part time in the summer sometime. I think it’s going to be a hybrid kind of thing. M’s still looking for a new job.

Anyway it’s perfect weather here. Spring has arrived full bloom.

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