The Closer I Get to You (with images on the blog supplied by J)

Release Date on AO3: June 22, 2020

Relationships: AOS Kirk/Spock, TOS Kirk/SPock

Summary:  After Kirk and Spock from the Kelvin Universe get together, they are engaged in a mission that requires them to time travel to save the life of a Starfleet Commodore. But their traveling doesn’t quite go as planned and they end up traveling not just to another time, but another universe, where they meet their TOS counterparts. Jim assumes their counterparts are a couple, just like he and Spock are, but he is surprised to learn from TOS Kirk and Spock that they are not. Before he and Spock head back to their own universe/timeline, he sets out to change the relationship of their counterparts, or as Spock would say, violate the Prime Directive.    

Universe: Kelvin, TOS

Rating: Mature. NO Major Warnings Apply