I know everyone has seen the two above videos but I wanted to post them here again because I’m feeling very Spirky right how.

I love them both for different reasons. I saw the first one first, and it took me a while to find out the whole soulmate audio came from Dawson’s Creek. I love it because it’s AOS and though JJ wanted to shove Spock and Uhura down our throats, Spock and Kirk are soulmates here too. They just are.

I love the second one even more. They use the same Dawson’s Creek Audio, though it’s faster, and then the song is perfect too. And it’s got both AOS and TOS and my favorite parts are the TOS ones here because of the use of the older versions. I love them in that time period and all the scenes from those just bring out the feels so much.

It makes me sad that the AOS guys will never get to play these characters older like this. I treasure the 3 AOS movies and always will, but they will never get to be them at that age and it sucks. I mean obviously they won’t have to deal with the whole Anton/Chekov part now and the guys can be together in our imaginations, but well,I am sorry to lose them as OMS. At least on screen.

And for me, they always will be my One True Pair. Spirk.