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Decorations Sister’s

Her Table
Fire Place Mantle and Chair
Front Entryway
Gingerbread Lights (She likes Gingerbreads)
Her Tree

Decorations (Mine-Home)

I got a request from J who missed my usual decoration pictures I have posted in the past. So…here are some pictures, post 1. I will do other posts.

It was the day after Thanksgiving and all through the house…elves. My sister bought me a little Elf tree this year, so I decided to do all elf decorations. Yes, I am a dork. Anyway this is much much much smaller tan the usual tree, but it was cute!

Ignore any mess you see!

Elf Tree
Elf Tree With Elves
Elves (two on the right are boyfriends so their arms are linked! ha ha)
More Elves
Elf Stuff plus Home sign and lights (Home sign is cool you change the “O” depending on the season, so after Christmas, it’s a snowflake, February a heart, etc)
Close Up
Deer Lights and Cardinal Lights
The elves get a friend!

The New Place

First day at the new office and there’s no cell service inside the building. If I get cell service at all, I have to go outside, so for emails and texts, that’s my choice. And apparently not all of them come through. Grrr. They are supposed to eventually fix but I am not holding my breath.

Anyway, desk is tiny. And everything is a walk but I did get all my FitBit steps for the day quite early. So…

View from my desk, nice to have a window
My new desk

Pretty Day
Pumpkins make everything better!

Ramblings, September 01, 2019

We had a smashing time at the Hollywood Bowl and John Williams appeared himself. A spry 87 year old.

Of course probably his most famous music is Star Wars (even though he also wrote ET, Jaws, and Raiders of the Lost Ark among many others), and so naturally all the Star Wars Geeks were there with their light sabers.

A fun time was had by all. And we may have gotten a little smashed. I have a big time hangover.

As you know I went a little nuts and started Cadet Ashayam on AO3. Hope to get another chapter up this coming week as well as Didn’t We Almost Have it All, The Space in My Bed, and we will see what else.

It’s hot here but at least we aren’t facing a hurricane. My friend J keeps sending me stuff on Earthquakes, the latest one telling me that a previously thought dormant faultline under LA is not so dormant! Good times. It’s all kind of fascinating really. There’s so much we don’t know about this planet.

Still working on getting the garage door fixed. It’s a long and developing project/thing. Hopefully by the end of September we will have a lovely new garage door! Sheesh.

I still have flashes and OMS etc to write too but with my head pounding today who knows. We also invited the cousin over for shrimp kabobs later.

Anyhow, that’s it in my world right now. Hope yours is stable, cool and healthy

Even During Storms…

We are pretty. Here are some shots of the lightening last night. These were in Santa Barbara.

Because everything is dramatic here!

Beautiful Day

It’s beautiful here today. These are both from my work location. What’s it like where you are? HA HA. Bet not like this. This is a picture perfect day.

I uploaded the second chapter of Best Friends. So take a look.

Otherwise, we shall see what is next!

Walk With Me


Went for my walk this morning. Here’s a shot of my area as I approach the park. See how it’s partly cloudy? More about that later!

Wash by House

I don’t know if you folks in other areas called it the same thing, but we call these things “washes”. This one is right by the park and with the rain we’ve been having it’s so full of water parts of it have become waterfalls. This is from the bridge you take over it to get through the park and to the houses.


Years and years ago M and I lived at these apartments you see over the wall.


Uh oh the clouds are becoming more threatening! Is it going to rain again?

Yep, it started raining shortly after I took this picture. If you are on my walk with me, I hope you brought your umbrella. I did not! ha

My Favorite House in the Area

Think they’d let me buy it for $10,000. No? Damn, Wait, Where would I get $10,000 from anyway? Bummer.

And now I head home as it begins to rain on my poor little head.

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