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And Some Final Pictures

Christmas Platter
One of my Wines of Christmas
Snow! Well…what passed for it at Knott’s Merry Farm
Our Work Stairs That Aren’t Quite Finished
Work Decor
Work Decor

A Weekend Ramble, 01/19/2019

Above pictures are from my walk this morning. First two are the park by my house I walk through and the other is the neighborhood. M and I got Fit-Bits after Christmas during the sales and so I went for a walk this morning. M didn’t go as he got food poisoning from our dinner out last night. Poor guy. And he’s supposed to go out with his friend for dinner tonight (don’t ask, I am not happy, so just…don’t ask).

Anyway, I hate exercise, honestly, but the doctor thinks it will help my BP, which is still high, so I am trying. Thus the FIT-BIT.

I am fasting today, which means only coffee, tea, water or broth. I do it every once in a while. If you don’t drink coffee or tea you can still do it with water and broth. It’s called Intermittent Fasting. Look it up, it’s a thing. Anyway, listened to a PODCAST where this really overweight guy fasted for 40 days (under doctor supervision) and he lost 40 pounds. So basically a pound a day for starving yourself for 40 days. Hardly seems worth it.

I am giving myself the day off from writing, but will likely get back to it tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, if they matter to you, as they do me.

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