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March 2022

Flash Fic, March 11, 2022

Someday my prince will come, someday we’ll meet again

And away to his castle we’ll go

To be happy forever, I know

Spock frowned in the act of drying his face after washing. Glanced toward the door that would enter the captain’s quarters.

It sounded like Jim singing, but…

Spock went to the door and tapped on it.


The door opened to reveal Jim, fully dressed in his uniform and beaming a smile at Spock.


“Were you just singing, Captain?”

“I sure was.”

Spock frowned. “That your prince would come?”

“Yep. From Snow White. An old old Disney film. I once thought about writing a version with seven Vulcans instead of dwarves but…” Jim shrugged.

“Seven Vulcans?”

“Mm hmm. I like Vulcans.”

Spock arched a brow. “For some reason I picture your version as being…pornographic.”

Jim laughed. “You sure are getting to know me. How’d you sleep last night?”

“You ought to know considering I slept beside you.”

“I know.” Jim grinned. “I just wanted you to say that out loud.”

“You are illogical.”

“Yep.” Jim kissed him. “Bridge, Mister Spock?”

Spock shook his head. He was in for a lot with Jim. And he looked forward to it. “Indeed.”

Flash Fic, March 09, 2022

A couple of people mentioned they could see a longer fic involved with the flash where Jim asked Spock to accompany them to Spring Break in Monterey. It was implied that Jim and Spock had spent a night together.

I’ve decided to make it a longer fic that will be posted on AO3 called Spring Break (I know, how original LOL) but I wanted to post the first part here. Eventually when I post to AO3 this might be expanded, but you get the gist of it here.

Thank you.

It had been a day like any other.
Jim was sitting at a small two-seater table outside a café restaurant a couple of blocks from Starfleet Academy. He had a carafe of coffee and a half-eaten BLT sandwich in front of him. He would take an occasional bite of the sandwich and would refill his cup from the carafe every once in a while.
His attention was on the PADD he used to do his Academy work and so he was therefore startled when a shadow moved across his table.
“I am looking for a good time.”
A Vulcan stood there. A very good looking, smoldering Vulcan. He wore black jeans and a black pullover sweater.
“Excuse me?”
“You are James Kirk?”
“Uh, yeah.”
The Vulcan nodded and sat down in the chair across from Jim. “I am Spock.”
“Okay.” Jim nodded. “Spock. What did you just say?”
“I am looking for a good time.”
“Well, all right, but, uh. I’m not really sure—”
Spock thrust his own PADD at Jim, where he spotted a highlighted paragraph.
“I read your ad.”
Looking for a good time? Look no further than me, James Kirk, sex god extraordinaire. I can often be found at the Starlight Café. Come see me and we’ll have a great time.
Jim’s jaw dropped open. “I didn’t—”
“Normally I do not respond to such advertisements, but these are extraordinary circumstances. I do not wish to interrupt anything, but if you are available at the moment, my apartment is not far.”
Jim closed his mouth and stared at Spock. Lord, he was just gorgeous. And normally, Jim would be laughing at the absurdity of it all. And he had a pretty good idea what idiot was behind the phony ad.
The thing was, when was he going to get to have sex with someone like Spock? Hardly ever. Okay never. But yet here was opportunity knocking.
“I, ah, yes. I’m available right now.”
Spock nodded. “Excellent.”
He took back his PADD and rose, so Jim closed down his, and rose also. He discarded the remains of the rest of his sandwich and followed Spock from the café.
Jim turned onto his back, panting. Beside him, Spock was doing the same.
“Very well, your advertisement was quite correct, James.”
Now Jim did laugh. Because honestly.
“Actually, it’s Jim. And to be honest, Spock, I didn’t place that advertisement.”
Spock turned to his side and stared at Jim. “What?”
Jim faced him. “Look, that was incredible. You’re amazing. I loved every minute of that and I think we really should do it again. Like in thirty minutes or so.”
“I do not understand.”
“Yeah, well, that makes two of us. Sorta. Listen, what made you decide to answer that ad? Vulcans don’t usually have casual sex, do they?”
“Not often but it is not unheard of,” Spock replied. “In my case, I was…I wished to be a bit rebellious of the authority my father seeks to have over me.”
“Your old enough to make your own decisions,” Jim pointed out.
“Yes, but my father is…not like normal fathers, I expect.”
Jim smiled wistfully. “I wouldn’t know.”
“I suppose you would not,” Spock acknowledged. “He seeks to control my life even now that I have vacated Vulcan and live my life here. I had a moment where I wished to…”
“Rebel.” Jim smiled. “I get it. And I’m really glad you could rebel with me. But, Spock, I placed no such ad.”
“I have a sort of friend, a classmate named Finnegan. It’s just the sort of thing he’d do, so I am thinking he had a hand in this.”
Spock was quiet.
“Are you okay?”
“I am…embarrassed. A new experience for me.”
Jim moved closer. “Don’t be. However this happened, I’m really glad it did. And I meant what I said. I want to go again.” He kissed Spock, who after a moment’s hesitation, kissed back. “And maybe even beyond tonight. Do you think?”
“Perhaps.” Spock smiled slightly. “The advertisement was still accurate, nevertheless. You may wish to contact them to have it removed lest you get more interested parties.”
“I will for sure.”
“I, too, am glad,” Spock said, softly, almost shyly. “Though I suspect you must think me particularly odd and given to rash decisions. I assure that is normally far from the truth.”
“Oh, I believe that,” Jim assured him. “I don’t think you’re odd. And in this case, I’m glad for your rash decision.” He kissed Spock again, longer, more lingering.
“Thirty minutes?” Spock murmured.
Jim grinned. “Perhaps less. A lot less.”    

Just a bit of random updates and such

Tomorrow will be an introduction to a story that will eventually debut on AO3. I want to get a couple of other works in progress finished before I start posting new things. So Granted should be finished soon as well as My Hear Wants to Sigh. We’ll see about anything else. Anyway, in the meantime, you’ll see a taste of what’s to come tomorrow.

I believe Spring Fever stories debut this coming Thursday, so check them out if you can get a chance. They are posted anonymously. I don’t think the creators will be revealed until later in the month while I am on my trip.

Which a reminder, I will be gone from March 19-23. I will try and get flashes up for some of those days, but I won’t be able to respond to comments until I return.

I think that’s it for now. Thanks!

This Past Weekend’s Project

When we bought our condo in 2006 (hard to believe now) one of the sinks in the master bathroom had a chip. Well, both us and the inspector ignored it.

Until well…years later it became rusted and disgusting. The faucet barely trickled water too.

M looked online at a supply store for a sink to match what had been put in originally and lo and behold found one. Bought it last summer. It’s been sitting in the box ever since until we finally decided we needed to get it done. The old sink was literally putting rust dust everywhere.

Some before and after pictures follow:

eww and with original faucet
Take that thing out!

look at all that rust!
New sink in!
Finished product with shiny new faucet

Flash Fic, March 7, 2022

“You know you should be with Spock.”

Jim looked up, annoyed at the interruption from Uhura as he sat in an isolated corner of the mess choking down what passed for his dinner while he attempted to file multiple reports that were due yesterday at least.

“Yeah because I’d definitely rather be doing this,” he snapped.

She wrinkled her nose. “I just mean…today’s the anniversary of his mother’s death.”

“I know. I was there.”

She sighed and sat down. “He’s upset and trying not to show it.”

“I know, Uhura. But this has to be done. Komack is breathing down my neck and I’m so behind on this shit, I’m getting my ass chewed and spit out.”

“I could do them for you,” Uhura offered.

He shook his head. “It’s classified. You aren’t allowed to touch them.”

“Since when do you care about regulations?”

Jim snorted. “I’ve cared for a long time. And so should you. I don’t want you getting into trouble.”

“Okay, but…”

“You could go and spend time with him.”

“Sure, I could. But he’s stopped wanting me around for comfort a long time ago, Jim. He needs you. He wants you.”

Jim pinched the bridge of his nose, eyed his half-finished fried shrimp and fries and grimaced. “Okay. I can spare a few minutes.”

She covered his hand with hers. “I’m sorry you’re feeling so much pressure. You know I would help if I could. We all would.”

“Yeah, I know.  They send the Enterprise out for everything these days.”

She smirked. “Our famous command team.”

“It’s creating way too many headaches. I don’t know why they need all of this.” He turned off his PADD and stood.

“You go on to Spock. I’ll clean up here.”

He nodded. “Thanks.”


When he got to his quarters, Jim wasn’t surprised to find Spock there and meditating in his alcove.

So Jim sat down at his desk and turned his PADD on, continuing to work. He’d learned long ago not to interrupt Spock when he was meditating.

Since they’d gotten together, though they had separate quarters, Spock spent all his time with Jim. They both slept better together, and they had decided not to bother fighting that.

He worked for an additional hour before he saw movement where Spock had been, so he paused his work, and rose from behind his desk.



He approached the alcove and without a word, opened his arms.

Spock hesitated only a second before he stepped into Jim’s embrace. He wrapped his arms around his Vulcan boyfriend and just held him wordlessly.

Finally Spock whispered, “I will help you with your reports.”

“If you want to.”

“I need a distraction and you need help. No better solution.”

Jim drew back and offered a soft smile. “I love you.”

“And you own my heart,” Spock responded. “Thank you. Let us finish your reports.”

Jim took Spock’s hand and led him over to the desk.

Not quite the right situation but decided to use it as it is them hugging

Flash Fic, March 04, 2022

A bit sad this one

“You know, you look familiar.”

Jim eyed the sultry lady who had sauntered up to him at the bar as he gulped down the rest of his fourth drink.

“I get that a lot.”

“Hmm. Well, I’m sure you definitely get a lot of attention that’s for sure. A hot, sexy guy like you.” She leaned toward him and he saw her black eyes.

“Betazoid,” he slurred.

“Very good.” She put her hand on his. “You’re very sad. Want to tell me all about it?”

“I don’t—”

“I am afraid he will have to pass.”

She looked past Jim to the Vulcan who suddenly loomed over them. “Who are you?”

“At the moment, his keeper.”

Jim swatted at the hands that grabbed him and slid him off the bench at the bar. “Can get down myself.”

Jim knew the tall Vulcan dressed all in cool black from head to toe was giving the Betazoid lady a death look and really he ought to be offended on her behalf or something but there was something also quite…tantalizing about it.

The Vulcan hooked his hand in Jim’s arm and led Jim away and out of the bar. A short while later, Jim found himself shuffled into a lift.

He sagged against the Vulcan.

“You look like my husband,” he muttered in the Vulcan’s black sweater.

“Likely because I am.”

Jim nodded. “This days sucks, Spock.”

Spock wrapped his arms around Jim and held him close.

“I know, Ashaya. I read the missive.”

“Sam’s dead,” Jim said, feeling the sting of tears as he fisted that black sweater.

“I know,” Spock replied softly. “I am sorry.”

“I just…wanna know why.” He sniffled against Spock. “I know why and how he died. I don’t mean that. I mean…why didn’t he…”

He couldn’t finish. But he knew Spock knew.

“Something was lacking in him, T’hy’la, not in you.”

“You sure?”

“Positive. Come, I will take care of you.”

“Always do.”

“Always will. Always.”

Flash Fic, March 02, 2022

A new month has begun. As I said, no particular theme, flashes at whim.

“Fun in the sun!” Bones exclaimed. “Lying on beautiful beaches with fine sand and even finer women.”

Jim smiled faintly at his friend’s excitement for their upcoming spring break from Starfleet Academy. He couldn’t blame Bones for his enthusiasm. The last few weeks had been grueling.

But admittedly, Jim’s own mind was on other things. He glanced past his friend to the table beyond where Spock sat by himself, back to them.

“I think I’m going to ask Spock to come with us.”

Bones stopped mid-sentence as he’d been waxing poetic about all the plans he was making. “Who?”

Jim shrugged. “You know. Uh, Spock.”

“What in the world for?”

“Because, you know, it’s the nice thing to do. And I am sorta, kinda seeing him.”

Bones stared at him. “A one-night stand does not count.”

“It’s only a one-night stand because it only happened once.”

“That’s usually the meaning, yeah,” Bones said dryly.

“What I mean, Bones, is I intend it to be more than the one time.”

“Okay, you’re crazy, but whatever. Can’t you do all that after our fun in the sun?”

Jim sighed. “I could, yeah.”

Bones smiled.

“But I don’t want to. It’ll be okay. He might not even agree.”

“He will. You’ll turn those baby blues and that saucy smile and he’ll be putty in your hands, just like everyone else.”

“You exaggerate.”

Jim rose, squeezed Bones slumped shoulder, and headed over to sit across from the Vulcan he’d recently spent a night of very excellent sex with.


Spock, all somber in instructor black, glanced up at him from his PADD. “Jim.”

“You busy?”

“I am always busy. What is on your mind?”


Spock arched a brow.

“Of the kind we had the other night, yeah, but also…spring break is in a few days.”


“You aren’t going to Vulcan, are you?”

“I have no plans to visit soon, no.”

“Well, Bones and I, I told you about him, we’re planning on going to Monterey for the week. There’s a resort right on the beach with amazing views and a bar right there with tropical drinks. You know the Aquarium is within walking distance, too. Wanna come with me?”

“Your friend will not mind?”

“Nah, he’s good with it,” Jim lied, because he wasn’t about to say ‘he’s throwing a fit but he’ll deal.’ Jim smiled. “What do you say?”

“Would we room with him?”

Jim shook his head. “No, we can get our own room. You and me and paradise. You’d like to go, wouldn’t you?”

Spock took a sip of the tea beside him. “I would like to experience the Monterey Bay Aquarium.”

Jim smelled victory.

“And getting time to spend with you would be an added bonus.”

Jim laughed. “I’m so trying not to be offended that you didn’t say that you’d like to experience more time with me and that visiting the aquarium would be the added bonus.”

“I mean no offense.”

“I know you don’t,” Jim said, reaching out his hand toward Spock and being happily surprised when Spock took his hand. “I had an amazing time the other night and I really want some more amazing times. What do you say?”

“I say that I will join you, yes.”


Spock’s lips curved ever so slightly. “In fact, I had been considering contacting you to come over to—”


“I had not finished.”   

“I still say yes. What time?”

“As soon as you are done with your day.”

“I’m done now.”

“Excellent.” Spock turned off his PADD and pushed back his chair. “Let’s be on our way.”

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