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Flash Fic, December 19, 2022

Tried to imply a bit that they are looking for McCoy ala City on the Edge of Forever here.

“That is one giant tree,” Jim remarked as he stopped in Rockefeller Center to look up toward the giant Christmas tree. “I can’t even imagine how tall it is.”

Spock, who walked beside him, replied, “82 feet.”

Jim looked at him. “You know that from looking at it?”

“Negative. The brochure I was handed upon entering the area.”

Jim laughed. “Oh. Well if you’re going to read.”

Spock shrugged slightly. “It is an interesting tradition.”

“I figured we had to take a look while we were here anyway.” Jim glanced around at the crowd, and then moved closer to the ice skaters.

“Do you skate?”

“Nah. I mean I think I sorta remember my Gram taking me once when I was young. Just a kid. Little. Had to be as she died when I was eight or so. It wasn’t something I fell in love with.” He smiled at Spock. “I’m guessing they didn’t have much ice skating on Vulcan.”

“Certainly not.”

He put his hand on Spock’s arm. “I guess we should continue. This isn’t helping us locate Bones.”

“No,” Spock agreed. Then he covered Jim’s hand with his. “But we can linger here for a moment longer.”  

“Yeah?” Jim moved his other hand to grasp Spock’s. They both wore gloves but somehow he could feel the warmth, the promise there.

Spock’s dark eyes warmed. “Yes, it is…nice here.”

Jim agreed and moved closer to Spock. They still had a lot to deal with, sure, but for the moment, he felt happy and at peace.

Flash Fic, January 11, 2022

This conversations must definitely needed to happen after Galileo 7

Jim noticed Bones leaving Spock’s quarters and nearly called out to his friend to ask him what was the deal, but something made him hold back and just watch Bones leave.

After McCoy moved out of sight, Jim went to Spock’s door, and after a moment was granted access. He’d been expected and Spock was setting up the chess game when he entered.


“Jim,” he gently reminded Spock. “What did Bones want?”

Spock stiffened around the shoulders a bit. Then he turned around. “To offer an apology.”

Jim frowned. “For what?”

He took his seat and waited as Spock brought them over beverages.

“Spock? For what?”

“His recent behavior on the mission,” Spock replied after a moment.

“Behavior? What behavior?”

Spock did not answer immediately and seemed reluctant.

“That’s an order, Mister Spock.”

“At times the crew of the Galileo were insubordinate,” Spock said, moving his first chess piece.

Jim narrowed his eyes. “To you?”

Spock nodded. “McCoy among them. The situation was stressful and tense.  After Latimer was killed, I hoped to avoid further destruction of the natives on the planet where we were forced to land. The others wished to kill them outright. One of them killed Gaetano and the crew blamed me.”

“You were making decisions based on the available information you had at the time. I read your report.”

“Yes, but they did not see it that way.”

Jim drummed his fingers on the table. “All of them? Bones? Scotty?”

“Mister Scott was not insubordinate directly, no.”

“But the others were, including Bones.” Jim grimaced. “I’ll talk to them.”

“McCoy apologized. I would rather it was dropped.”

“What about Boma?”

Spock shrugged.

“It’ll go on his record,” Jim stated.

“As I said, Captain, I would rather it was dropped.”

“And I would rather the crew respect the first officer of this ship. Spock, you aren’t going to just accept that kind of thing. And I’m not going to either. I’ll have a word with both Bones and Boma. If I don’t get a satisfactory response from Boma, it’s going on his record. What about Mears?”

“Like Mister Scott, she was not directly insubordinate.”

“Okay. I know we’ve discussed this, Spock. I really want you to tell me about this kind of stuff.” He sighed and leaned back. “And I added to it.”


“Teasing you on the bridge about your emotional response and calling you stubborn.”

“I was not offended, Jim.”

“Still.” Jim shook his head. “I’m sorry, Spock.”

Spock covered the hand that rested on the table with his own. “I accept your apology, Jim. The game?”

Jim smiled, turned over his hand to touch their palms together briefly before moving his hand over to grab his coffee cup.

“Right. I believe from last time we played I was about to checkmate you.”

Flash Fic, January 03, 2022

This month begins a series of flashes for The Original Series. I don’t know know how often I will post, it will be to my whim, honestly. But here is the first one. Some of these are going to be “pre-slash” as I use some series episodes.

If Spock was surprised to see him, he didn’t show it. He just stood back and let Jim in to his quarters.

Jim had a moment where he wondered why he’d come himself. But he had to get this out, he guessed.

The door slid closed after him and he stood rather awkwardly there. He spotted a chess set up where Spock had clearly been playing against the computer. He’d played Spock a few times in the rec room, but never privately.

“How’s the game going?” he asked.

“I am winning.”

Jim smiled. “Of course you are, Mister Spock.”

“You wanted to say something?”

“I wanted to…thank you.”

“Thank me, sir?”

Jim nodded. “For saving my life. When that…creature attacked me, I froze. I didn’t know how to fight against it. It was sucking the salt out and…”

“You are welcome,” Spock said. “But, of course, I merely did my duty as your first officer.”

Jim smiled faintly. “Yes, of course, your duty.”

“Any capable officer would attempt to save their captain,” Spock said calmly.

“I know. But if you hadn’t come along, I would be dead. McCoy was not able to react rationally in that moment.”

“He saw only Nancy.”

“Yeah. So…thank you. Again.” He slid his gaze off of Spock, feeling awkward and uncomfortable, and it landed on the chess set. “If it wouldn’t disrupt your match with the computer, care to challenge me, Spock?”

Spock nodded. “It would not. If you will give me a moment, I’ll set things up.”

“Of course. Thank you, Mister Spock.”

Spock didn’t respond to that, but he did move to set up the game, and after a time, Jim moved in to begin.  

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