Jim had asked Spock before they’d invited Sarek and Amanda to the farmhouse for Thanksgiving if his mother would eat meat.

Jim wanted to make a roast turkey with all the fixings. He knew Spock wouldn’t eat it. Sarek too. And though Jim was okay with fixing a whole turkey for just himself because he’d eat leftovers, it would be more fun if Amanda would eat it too.

Spock had said he didn’t think so as he’d never seen her eat meat that he could remember. Because of course there were some things Spock still didn’t remember, probably never would, but that was okay. He was here with Jim and that was more than enough.

As it turned out, Amanda would eat turkey after all. Jim had contacted her directly.

“Oh yes I will. I haven’t had any in many years of course. Living on Vulcan with Sarek, well, obviously opportunities didn’t present themselves. But I’d love to join you for roast turkey. And I’d be happy to make my family’s apple pie.”

Jim had been pleased.

Jim had been a starship captain for years, even an admiral for a bit, and yet he was still somewhat intimidated by his in-laws. It was hard to intimidate Jim. But he always wanted to make a good impression on them and sometimes thought maybe he failed.

“I’m thinking of frying the turkey,” Jim announced the day before Thanksgiving. Spock’s parents would arrive later that day.

“I thought you wished to roast it.”

“I’m rethinking that. I want a delicious, moist turkey. I think frying might be better.”

“Are you certain you wish to fry a turkey?” Spock asked him.

“Yes, it’ll be easy,” Jim assured him.

“I do not wish you to harm yourself, Ashaya.”

“Spock, I’ve fought Klingons, Romulans and Gorns. I think I can handle frying a turkey.”

Spock did not respond to that, but later…

“What happened to your hand, Jim?” Amanda asked as she took in Jim’s bandaged hand when she went to embrace him in greeting.

“Just a little kitchen accident.” Jim smiled and returned her hug.

Amanda pulled back. “Spock said you were thinking of frying the turkey.”

“I’m back to roasting it.”

Amanda nodded. “Probably wise. Now if you’ll point me to the kitchen I’ll get started on that apple pie.”  

And as usual for your enjoyment Deep Fried Turkey