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100 Words

100 Words Continuation, June 08, 2018

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Spock nodded. “I will inform him that a visit would be welcome.”

He brought the bowl of cream of wheat as well as the half and half over to the table in front of Jim.

Jim stared at the bowl. “Do I like this?”

“Yes, Jim.”

Jim smiled slightly and put his spoon into the bowl. “I miss our son, but you know who I also miss?”

“Who, ashaya?”

“Bones,” Jim said, matter-of-factly. “Think we can see him soon?”

Spock sat at the table next to his mate and reached for Jim’s hand. “Jim, Leonard has passed on. Remember?”

100 Words Continuation, June 01, 2018


Jim sighed as he flexed his fingers in the warming gloves. His lips quirked up very slightly, which was a welcome sign.

“How was your dinner?”

“It was agreeable,” Spock replied. “But not agreeable enough to distress you. I was not thinking.”

“I’m all right.”

“Indeed,” Spock agreed, for it was easier for them both if he said so. “Cream of wheat tonight?”

“I’d rather have a donut.”

“After you finish the cereal.” Spock made to begin the preparations. It occurred to him that sometimes Jim was like a little child. He was reminded of the child they’d raised together.

100 Words Continuation, May 25, 2018


“Why am I on the floor?”

Spock shook his head. “Let me help you up.” He stood and reached down to pull Jim up and into his arms. “That is much better, is it not?”

Jim sighed and leaned against him. “Yes. Much. Spock.”


“It-it happened again, didn’t it?”

Spock swallowed heavily. “To what do you refer?”

“You know. I-I lost it again.”

Jim’s voice was soft and filled with pain. It made Spock ache.

“It is my fault, darling. My meetings took longer than I realized. And I allowed them to talk me into dining with them.”

100 Words Continuation, 05/18/2018



At first Spock didn’t see him and the panic began to set in again. But then as he was about to turn away and perhaps search for him in their bedroom, he spotted the huddled, hunched figure on the floor in the corner just past the windows.

Spock was filled with a mixture of relief, guilt, immense love, and concern. He hurried to the corner and knelt beside Jim.


Jim, who’d had his face buried in his knees, looked up at Spock. Even with the limited light from the windows, Spock could see Jim’s face was streaked with tears.

100 Words Continuation, 05/11/2018


He’d never meant to be so long.

He’d struggled between rushing up the stairs and taking the lift. The lift might be a little faster if he timed it right and so he rushed over to that. His heart pounded hard in his side.

As  long as the apartment was not empty, Spock could handle anything else. Had handled it ever since the first time they’d met with him.

Spock ran down the corridor toward the door. He waved his hand over the entry lock.

Please. Please do not be empty. Please be there. Waiting.

The door opened and Spock walked in.  

New 100 Words Continuation 05/08/2018


Spock was much later getting back than he had intended. Meeting with the elders had taken longer than anticipated and then one of them had suggested a meal and before Spock gave it very much thought, he was agreeing.

Vulcans could be quite the talkers when they had like-minded sorts around them and the dinner had taken hours at a vegetarian restaurant much farther away than Spock had realized.

By the time the hover taxi pulled up in front of the condo building, the rain was coming down hard and twilight had come and gone. Spock was very anxious.

100 Words Continuation, May 06, 2018 (nsfw)


Spock’s fingers moved to the zipper of Jim’s pants.

“Spock, I—”

“The time for speaking has ended.”

Maybe it was the tone, maybe it was the heated look in those smoldering brown eyes, but Jim closed his mouth on whatever words he would have said. He rose up when Spock pulled at his pants to remove them.

His wildest dreams couldn’t have foreseen this as the end of his day.

Jim pulled off his own shirt, throwing it across the room. Now he was naked in front of Spock and though generally he was not at all ashamed of his body, he found himself feeling shy.

100 Words Continuation, May 04, 2018 part 2



Surely he was dreaming this. Had he fallen asleep waiting for Spock to come talk to him? And if he had, Jim hoped he never woke.

It was not Jim’s desk that Spock moved him to in the next moment, though, Jim would have been very okay with that. But rather the enveloping softness of his own bed.

Somehow the backs of Jim’s knees hit the mattress and then he was laying there, flat on his back, with Spock on top, kissing him completely and utterly breathless.

He’d never dreamed Spock knew how to kiss like this, like he was stealing Jim’s very soul.

100 Words Continuation, April 29, 2018


“What I want, Captain, is to rip the clothes from your body, to bend you over your desk, while I ram into you so deep over and over until neither of us can walk straight for a week.”

Jim’s world suddenly tilted. He tingled all over and he briefly wondered if he had finally, irrevocably, lost his mind.


“I am certain you heard every word I said.”

“Yeah. I mean, I heard you. But…I don’t comprehend.”

Spock’s dark eyes were so intense Jim’s breath caught. “I believe you do. You expressed romantic feelings for me.”

“Yeah but—”

“I reciprocate.”

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