So over the last few days, and continuing for the next few, I am putting all my stories in certain categories/series for better structure and finding when trying to read me.

Now each story will be in only one series. For example in the past Professor Spock was in both THAT series and The Professor-Cadet series. That will no longer be the case. With one exception, The Fantasy is going in both its existing series and the “Mirror” tag noted below, because that one story “The Fantasy” involves another universe and the others do not.

I’m moving a lot of stories around so if you found my stories in any particular series and go through series bookmarks, that might change.

I’ve created new series too. “Stand-Alone Stories” means just what it says. They can be read without having to read any other connected stories. I also created a “Mirror” series so any stories I have written as some part of a Mirror universe goes there. I also started one for just “Five Plus” stories.

When the as yet unnamed Christmas story is finished it will go into my winter holiday collection.

So you get the idea. Eventually within each series they will be in the date order of when they were published.

All of this is just FYI if you start seeing weirdo things on my stories in AO3.