Went for my walk this morning. Here’s a shot of my area as I approach the park. See how it’s partly cloudy? More about that later!

Wash by House

I don’t know if you folks in other areas called it the same thing, but we call these things “washes”. This one is right by the park and with the rain we’ve been having it’s so full of water parts of it have become waterfalls. This is from the bridge you take over it to get through the park and to the houses.


Years and years ago M and I lived at these apartments you see over the wall.


Uh oh the clouds are becoming more threatening! Is it going to rain again?

Yep, it started raining shortly after I took this picture. If you are on my walk with me, I hope you brought your umbrella. I did not! ha

My Favorite House in the Area

Think they’d let me buy it for $10,000. No? Damn, Wait, Where would I get $10,000 from anyway? Bummer.

And now I head home as it begins to rain on my poor little head.