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Pinto Flash

Flash Fic, November 11, 2022

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Chris looked up from his maple bacon donut at Zach who stood next to the counter where Chris leaned against eating his donut and sipping his espresso. “What?”

“Why don’t you do a Friendsgiving?”

“Why would I?”

“To have a big turkey feast with your friends.”

Chris shook his head. “Just come to my parents for Thanksgiving.”

Zach sighed. He turned away to nuke his coffee which had cooled after he put tons of cream in it. Chris had teased him about it.

“I won’t be here for Thanksgiving. Which is why I want you to host a Friendsgiving.”

Chris frowned. “Where will you be?”

“Back to New York.”

“Well.” Chris paused to take a bite of his donut. He needed a moment to deal with Zach leaving again. “When are you returning?”

“The Monday before Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to beat some of the crowds.”

“When would I do Friendsgiving then?”

“Saturday before. I just think it would be nice. All of us. You, me, our friends. Turkey, stuffing, pies.” Zach smiled. “I’d help of course.”

“Damn straight you’d help.” Chris made a face.

“What’s wrong, Christopher? You like to entertain.”

“Just bummed you’re leaving I guess.” He avoided Zach’s gaze.

“Hey.” Zach put his hand on Chris’ arm to draw his attention back to him. “I always come back.”


Zach put his hand on Chris’ jaw. “To you. It’s always back to you.”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Advent Day 5

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“I didn’t even realize how late it was getting,” Chris declared, as he stood up from Zach’s sofa. “I really need to get back to my hotel. My flight’s supposed to leave early in the morning.”

Zach glanced toward the windows of his apartment.

“It’s starting to snow.”

Chris grimaced as he set his wine glass down. “All the more reason I need to get moving.”

“It’s really cold out there,” Zach pointed out. “You might want to stay over.”

“It’s been great to visit while I was in New York, but I gotta get back to LA.”

“Sure, sure,” Zach said, soothingly. He moved closer to Chris and took hold of his hands. “I’m really glad you dropped by. But man, your hands are just like ice.”

“I don’t have gloves either.” Chris worried his bottom lip with his teeth. “Or a coat. I didn’t really think about being here as long as I was.”

“Fortunately, I have a fireplace with a roaring fire.”

“Uh. You could lend me a coat?”

Zach saw the snow was coming down harder. “It’s getting worse, Chris. You’ll never get a cab in this. You’ll freeze out there. Might as well stay here with me where it’s warm and safe.”

Chris gave him a look. “Do you know how much talk there will be if I’m seen leaving here in the morning?”

“Talk?  What talk?”

“At least there will be plenty implied.”

“Ah, but, fortunately for me the paparazzi don’t hound me like they do you. No one’s going to see you. Pretty soon it’s going to be up to your knees.”

“Which is why I should leave.”

Zach put his hand on his heart. “Think how I’d feel if you got pneumonia and died. My name would be plastered in the Enquirer saying I killed Captain Kirk and Steve Trevor.”

Chris laughed at that. “You’re such a dork. Well, maybe just a cigarette more.”

Zach took his arm and brought him close. “You’re eyes are like starlight right now. Your lips look delicious.”


Zach pulled him into his arms and kissed him. “They are delicious.”

Chris sighed. “Well, I guess it would be touch to get a cab.”

“Yep. And there’s never been such a blizzard before.”

Chris laughed again. “Okay, okay, I’ll stay. But keep this quiet, will you?”

“My lips are sealed.”

Flash Fic, October 01, 2021

And so begins October flashes and a new theme

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It’s October and getting close to Halloween and Chris doesn’t know whose bright idea it was to watch horror movies. He’s not fond of them even though he was sort of in one if you counted Carriers.

Zach is here in LA for a very short time before he heads back to NYC and Chris can’t help but wish he’d move back to LA full-time. He understands the allure of New York to Zach, and Zach did grow up in the East, but still Chris prefers him living close.

After the last slasher film, one of three chosen by someone other than him, the others left. His buddies. He loves his friends. Everyone of them is precious to him. But he’s glad nevertheless it’s only him and Zach now.

Normally Zach rents a place from friends of his, a place with great views and an even greater pool, but he’s only in LA to film an hour guest appearance on a talk show, so this time he didn’t bother as he’s not staying, and though Zach had intended to get a hotel room, Chris talked him into staying here.

Chris goes into the kitchen to pour himself another glass of cabernet and he almost offers Zach some but remembers Zach stopped drinking. He’s been indulging himself all night, probably because all the films kind of terrified him. He briefly wonders if it’s wrong to drink in front of Zach, but Zach didn’t protest earlier, so he pours himself about three fingers worth.

“What are you doing?” Zach asks from Chris’ living room.

“Getting more wine.”

“Well, hurry up, will ya? Thought we were playing cards.”

At Chris’ suggestion they were going to play the silly game, Go Fish. He’s exhausted, honestly, but he also doesn’t want to go to bed because that would shorten his final hours with Zach, who’s flight is supposed to leave the next evening.

Chris did wonder why Zach didn’t protest more to the suggestion, but he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

He stifled a yawn and was about to turn to leave the kitchen when something caught his gaze through the window. He jumped back, startled, spilling wine from his glass as he did so.


“What are you going on about, Pine?”

“There’s…there’s something outside.”


“Zach, I’m not—”

Zach steps into the kitchen, looking cool, breezy and gorgeous. Somehow despite the fact Zach is wearing sweats and a t-shirt just like Chris is, Chris feels schluppy next to him.

“What’s the drama?”

Chris points and moves toward Zach until his back is plastered against Zach’s chest. Surprisingly, Zach makes no move to put any distance between them.

Zach squints. He’s wearing glasses, but squints anyway. He’d recently complained that getting old meant no matter whether he wore contacts or glasses, it was still hard to see.


Chris points again, his hand shaking.

As Zach moves closer to the window, Chris shifts so that he is behind the other man, and well protected. His heart slams in his chest as he holds onto his friend.

Who bursts out laughing.

“The spider?”

“Y-Yeah. Biggest damn spider you ever seen.”

“Get real,” Zach chuckles. “That spider is tiny. I’ll give you that her web is kinda big. Want me to go out and get rid of it?”

“Would you?” Chris pleaded. “I mean what if that thing gets in the house?”

Zach smirks. “What if it does?”

“You’ve seen Arachnophobia, haven’t you?”

“I have though I’m pretty surprised you have given your fear of spiders.”

“An old girlfriend made me watch it,” he mutters.

“What we do for love.”

“Or sex,” they both say at the same time.

And Chris wants to smile, he does. But not before Zach takes care of the monster outside his window. He somewhat forcefully pushes Zach toward the back door.

Zach gives him one of his trademark sardonic looks and grabs the broom.

Chris holds his breath as Zach makes his way outside into the backyard outside the kitchen window. He covers his face with both hands, unable to look.

Zach screams, “It got me, it got me! Help!”

Eyes opening wide, Chris bolts to the door to save his friend, when he seems Zach simply standing in his backyard smirking at him, broom gripped in his left hand.

“You asshole!”

Zach laughs. “I’ve slayed the dragon, Pine.”

“Web and everything?”

“Yes. She’s a goner.” Zach comes back into the house and returns the broom from whence it came. After all he was a slayer.

“Thanks,” Chris whispers, feeling shy somehow.

“You’re welcome.” Zach’s teasing glint is gone from his eyes and he’s moved closer to Chris. “Need a hug?”

Chris simply nods and Zach’s arms come up and around him, pulling him close. Chris allows his nose to land right in Zach’s neck. He smells like strawberries and Chris has no idea why. He closes his eyes.

“You need a shave, Pine.”

He laughs, somewhat wetly. “Yeah.”

He pulls away but not out of Zach’s arms, and instead finds himself staring into Zach’s dark chocolate eyes.

“Do you have to go back to New York just yet?” he asks out of the blue. He can see Zach is surprised the question.

“Uh. Need me around to take care of more spiders?”

He nods again and this time Zach smiles a genuine smile, and it’s gorgeous and Chris’ heart flutters.

“Okay, sure. I can stay a little longer. Go Fish?”

And Chris knows it’s to break the intense mood between them. Part of him is relieved but another part, secreted, is disappointed. He pulls out of Zach’s arms and grabs up his wine glass.

“Sure, get ready to lose, Quinto.”

“You wish.”

And as they turn to leave the kitchen to return to the living room, Chris glances toward the window. The spider is gone.

My hero, he thinks. And takes Zach’s hand.

In Dulci Jubilo

Chris got close to the screen, bending at the waist at an odd angle, as he peered at the video I had just put in the player.

After having just a moment ago teased me for still having a VHS player.

“Mom sends me home videos like this one. How else can I play them?”

Chris got even closer to the screen.

I shook my head affectionately. “Need your glasses, Christopher?”

“No. I just can’t believe this is you. Wow.”

But it was, of course. Well, thirteen year old me. I did go to Catholic school after all. And I was standing on a choir stage, wearing a choir robe, red for Christmas, singing in a Christmas pageant. The song was in Latin, In Dulci Jubilo.

“I didn’t know you knew Latin.”

I snorted. “I don’t. I learned the song. I don’t speak it.”

“Look at those pink cheeks!”


Chris laughed. “I can’t help it. You were so damn cute. Oh. My. God.”

“Do you want a glass of this eggnog or what?”

He straightened, but instead of walking away from the TV screen, he dropped down to his haunches in front of it. “You sound good.”

“You can’t possibly pick out my voice out of all of us.”

Chris laughed again. “No. I meant all of you together. I don’t think you’ll beat the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or anything, but you’re good. Really good.”



I went over to the table where I’d left the carton of eggnog and poured some in two frosted holiday glasses. I picked up the brandy bottle.


“Of course.” He rose,  finally turned away from the TV. The beat up T-shirt he wore rose up to expose some of his belly. Chris absently scratched at it. “Let’s hear it.”

I arched a brow, giving my Spock character a run for his money. “Hear what?”

“In Dulci Jubilo? Do you remember it?”

“Sure, I remember it. But I was a kid with my voice having not changed yet. Now I’d sound like a frog trying to croak it. Just listen to kid me singing.”

“Spoil sport.” But he was smiling as he took the drink from me.  “I love that your mom recorded that kind of stuff and sends it to you to see. That’s so sweet.”

“That’s the Quintos. Sweet as can be,” I said, dryly.

“Well, I know you are.” He took a big swallow of eggnog and then put down the glass, coming into my arms. He took my glass and put it down beside his, then looped his arms around my neck. “Thanks for coming here.”

“You came here, remember? This is my house.”

“I know. I meant here. For Christmas. Instead of staying in New York. Every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you.”

I snorted. “Lord, you’re corny. Quoting from songs now.” But I kissed him, long and slow.

“So. In sweet rejoicing, right?”

“Yep. That’s the translation. Dates back to medieval times in some forms. It’s been popularized and modernized since those days.”

“Well, I like to rejoice at how sweet you are,” Chris cracked.

“Try not to be quite so much of an ass.” I kissed him to soften the words.

“I do try, honest,” he murmured against my lips. “How about we cuddle on the couch with our eggnog and watch little Zach sing and then watch corny Christmas movies together all night until we fall into bed and ravish each other?”

“Sounds like the perfect night to me,” I agreed. “Love you.” He smiled, bright and beautiful. “Love you, too.”

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