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Pretty Picture

Full disclosure, I didn’t take this picture, M did, but it’s such a pretty one I couldn’t help but share.

Vacations Are Always So Short

I’m back home (got back this evening)

As promised here are some pictures

First ones are from the Safari Park

Sand Cat

A scarecrow

You can sorta see the lion

Starting our tram ride into the wilds of Africa (LOL)

A Rhino

Beautiful Park Scenery

An antelope

A camel peeking out at us

Pumpkin Season!

More Antelopes

Well hello there

View from our restaurant “The Watering Hole”

Our fancy Pumpkin Cheesecake

And at this hotel and casino, they have skipped right over the rest of fall and Thanksgiving to go straight to Christmas!

Thank you so much for checking out my pictures!

An October Walk With Me

Since we are coming to the end of October already I thought I’d post some “Fall” pictures for us.

Tree losing its leaves (yes the sky is that blue)
Proof some of our trees leaves change color
More changing trees and a super blue sky

Fallen leaves and yes that is my foot

A nearby neighbor’s decorations, Too cute right? A little girl lives there

I am beginning to write some of the holiday flashes. I haven’t finished November but right now I want to get a jump on the December flashes. Now is your chance to tell me in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to see.

I’ll probably repeat titles and ideas from the 2019 set. Last year, if you will recall, I did one story instead of the flashes. This year we return to the more popular flashes

Walk With Me Again

Sunday Morning Walk

A View of My Condo Complex
On the way to the park
Trying to show the green hills we currently have thanks to the rain

Growing up, these were my mom’s favorites, these are in the park, Birds of Paradise.
The park’s only little picnic table. It’s a small park!
This is the wash I showed you before with the rushing water. Not rushing anymore.
The little park next to ours that’s for the little ones

Pretty Flowers

Look at that beautiful big Palm Tree
And on the way back. You can probably see the freeway in the background. Too close.

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