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October 2021

Flash Fic, October 29, 2021

“That’s probably the ugliest Jack o’ Lantern I’ve ever seen.”

“Shut up, Bones. It has character.”

Bones frowned. He tilted his head this way and that as he studied the carved pumpkin on the dining room table of the apartment that Jim shared with Spock and their son, Satok.

“I’m surprised that Satok carved this. I thought he’d be far more careful.”

“Satok didn’t carve it.”

“Oh.” Bones nodded. “I assumed a child had so—”

“You’re just hilarious. You know it was me.”  

Bones chuckled. “You never stop making me laugh. Don’t ever change.”

Jim grinned. “Oh, go home, would you? They’ll be here any moment and I’m making butternut squash soup and Kreyla.”

“You’re so domesticated.”

“Yeah yeah. I’ll see you in the morning for breakfast.” Jim walked Bones to the door. He grabbed a chocolate bar and thrust it at his best friend. “Trick or treat. Bye.”’

As soon as Bones was gone, Jim went to the kitchen to finish making dinner. About thirty minutes later, he heard the door to the apartment open and then footsteps as his family arrived home.

“Dad, I thought you were going to wait for me for the squash.”

“All I had to do was bake it and then puree it,” Jim called.

“I meant for the carveable one.”

Jim left the kitchen and saw Satok looking at the Jack O Lantern.

“Well, uh, I left another one for you to do.” He picked up another medium sized pumpkin and set it on the table.

Spock leaned over and kissed him. “It does have character, Jim.”

He grinned. “Yeah?”

“It is…interesting,” Satok said diplomatically.

“How was school?”

“Acceptable.” He put his books down and sat at the table. “But now I am anxious to begin cutting up the squash.”

“Mm. Pumpkin. Dinner will be ready in thirty.”

Satok nodded. “I calculate I can be finished by then.”

Jim kissed the top of his son’s head, laughing at his scowl, and then went back into the kitchen. Spock followed him.

“How were your classes today?” Jim asked as Spock began making himself tea. “Acceptable?” he teased.

“Indeed.” Spock’s lips twitched. “And your time at headquarters?”

“Annoying. Sometimes I want to smash Barker’s face in. I didn’t, of course.”

“Of course.”

There was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it,” Satok called.

A moment later,

“Trick or Treat.”

Spock shook his head. “An illogical tradition.”

“Probably,” Jim agreed. “But I’ve saved some chocolate out for you.” He winked.

Spock pulled him close. “You are still, technically, of childbearing years.”

Jim laughed. “Er, yeah, maybe. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

“Satok might desire a younger brother or even a sister.”

Jim pulled back and gave him a look. “Spock.”

“I realize the last time was during Pon Farr,” Spock acknowledged. “Satok is nearing seven.”

Jim’s eyes widened.

“Do not worry. We still have some time.”

“I hope so. Go help our son carve his squash, will ya?”

Spock kissed him. “Very well. Happy Halloween.”

“Happy Halloween.”  

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And that’s a wrap on October Flashes. Thank you!

An October Walk With Me

Since we are coming to the end of October already I thought I’d post some “Fall” pictures for us.

Tree losing its leaves (yes the sky is that blue)
Proof some of our trees leaves change color
More changing trees and a super blue sky

Fallen leaves and yes that is my foot

A nearby neighbor’s decorations, Too cute right? A little girl lives there

I am beginning to write some of the holiday flashes. I haven’t finished November but right now I want to get a jump on the December flashes. Now is your chance to tell me in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to see.

I’ll probably repeat titles and ideas from the 2019 set. Last year, if you will recall, I did one story instead of the flashes. This year we return to the more popular flashes

Flash Fic, October 27, 2021

“Captain James T. Kirk.”

The guy behind the desk looked up. “Are you really?”

Jim nodded. “Yes. And Commander Spock. Here to see the prisoner.”

“Which one?”

Jim glanced in Spock’s direction.

Spock straightened. “Cadet Vanik. We were told he was brought in two hours ago.”

“Oh, right. The half Vulcan. Okay, cellblock twenty.”

“Can we take him home?” Jim asked.

The man looked at his list. “Yes. Long as you pay the fine.”

Jim looked once more at Spock, who nodded.

Jim left Spock to it and then went through the indicated door into the corridor and the cells.

He found cell twenty.


The young man quickly straightened from the bunk he was resting on and stood, rushing to the bars.

“Uncle Jim!”

Jim looked at him. “What are you supposed to be?”

Vanik looked down at himself. “Frankenstein.”

Jim arched both brows. “I see. Want to explain yourself?”

“Well, um, there was this party and this fight and…”

“You got in a fight.”

Vanik hung his head. “Yes, sir.”

Jim glanced down the corridor as Spock and a guard came their way.

“All right. We’ve paid your fine. You can come home with us.”

“Thank you!”

The guard opened the door and stood back to let Vanik exit the cell. “You’re free to go, kid. Don’t end up in here again.”

“I will not.”


“Uncle Jim seemed angry,” Vanik told his uncle much later as they sat having tea together.

“More…disappointed. Our time is limited here in San Francisco. We depart on the Enterprise the day after tomorrow. Jim has many conferences prior to that and he was forced to take time off from his schedule for us to retrieve you.” Spock sipped his tea. “With your parents on another planet, they looked to us to literally bail you out.”

“It was a Halloween party.”

“I gathered by your choice of attire.”

Vanik blushed. “There were attendants of the party being unpleasant and I admit my emotions were not entirely under control.”

“Given Sybok is your sire I am not altogether surprised. Still you will be lucky if this does not affect your record at the Academy.”

“Do you think it will?”

“What will?”

And suddenly Jim was there, at their outside table, looking good enough to eat, Spock thought, dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt with a leather jacket. He carried with him a coffee and a pumpkin cheese Danish which he was already devouring as he sat.

“Uncle Spock wondered if my arrest would make it to my Academy record.”

Jim nodded. “It would have, yes, but somebody you know and love was able to use his influence.”

Vanik brightened at once. “Really? Thank you, Uncle Jim.”

Jim waved that away. “Just see that you keep out of trouble from now on, Vanik. Spock and I will be leaving again and your parents—”

“Yes, yes. I will behave.” Vanik reached over and tore off a piece of Jim’s Danish.

“Is that behaving?”


Jim laughed. “It’s fine, kid.”

Vanik smiled slightly. “And you? You two are well? With everything?”

“Of course we are.” Jim smiled at Spock and touched his fingers to Spock’s.

Spock’s eyes warmed. “Now, tell us how your classes are going.” Vanik popped the pastry into his mouth. “Very well. My one class is—”

Flash Fic, October 25, 2021

“I can’t believe I let you drag me to this,” Bones grumbled.

“Oh, come on, you love this stuff.”

Bones gave him an incredulous look as they stood outside the theater waiting for it to open.

“I do not. First of all, there is no such thing as a headless horseman.” He paused. “There’s no such thing as a headless anything. Well, I mean that still lives…sorta lives. You know.”

Jim chuckled. “It’s all based on folklore. And anyway, tell that to Irving Berlin.”

Bones frowned. “What does he have to do with it?”

“Well, he wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. What we’re about to see.”

“Lord, why do I know you? Irving Berlin wrote White Christmas.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, the song. Sleepy Hollow was by Washington Irving, genius.”

Jim grinned, unphased. “Whatevs. Spock and Uhura are in the play and I said we’d come.”

“What are they playing?”

“Uh. Uhura’s playing Katrina Van Tassel. Spock’s playing the horseman.”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, I’m not. She roped him into it. He’s the biggest, strongest looking guy and he fit the costume. Since he didn’t have any actual lines, Spock agreed to this one time performance.”

Bones smirked. “Now I’m actually looking forward to it.”

“Believe me he told me he regrets agreeing. He’s had to do rehearsals every night for two weeks. Comes home every night so exhausted we can’t even—”

“Yeah TMI.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “I’m just glad this is finally the performance night. Now he can get back to performing—”

“La la la.” Bones stuck his fingers in his ears.  

“The doors are opening. Be quiet.”


A couple of hours later, Jim and Bones exited the theater.

“I have to say that was a an unexpectedly chilling performance out of Spock.”

“You mean you almost peed your pants,” Jim joked.

“Not quite, but he does make a believable headless horseman. It was a better time than I thought, Jim. I apologize.”

Jim choked and grabbed his chest. “Oh no, Bones apologized, I’m dying!”

Bones grinned. “Shut up.”

“Why is Jim shutting up?”

Spock had appeared suddenly, it seemed, though Jim was sure it really wasn’t. He still wore the dark clothes and the long cape of the horseman.

“Oh, he isn’t,” Bones said. “He never does. I would think you’d know that. Great performance, Spock. I mean that.”

Spock nodded. “Don’t lose your head over it.” He paused. “I mean that.”

Jim burst out laughing. “You made a joke. You’re so cute.”

Bones gagged. “I see Uhura over there. Gonna say hi. Nighty night, boys.”

Jim grabbed on to the edges of the cape. “I gotta say, you look delicious in this. You should have worn this on the ship.”

“This attire does not meet Starfleet regulations for appropriate attire.”

Jim sighed. “I guess so. It’s cold out here.” He shivered. “If we don’t get home soon my joints are gonna stiffen up. It’s hell getting old.”

“You are hardly old, Jim. Didn’t the Admiralty just send you a message about another five-year mission?”

“Uh-huh. But sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t leave that to younger guys.” He smiled. “Anyway, you ready, honey, or do you have to do something else?”

“I should remove this costume and return it to the costume department. Can you wait here?”

“Sure, but hurry. It is cold.”

Jim moved to the side of the theater to get out of everyone’s way and huddled there. The minutes passed and passed and still Jim was waiting. He would be getting concerned but it was Spock, and no one was more reliable than Spock.

But soon Jim was pretty much the only one still standing outside the theater. He turned to the door, but it was locked. He bit his lip.

“Shit. What do I do now?”

He felt for his communicator even as he heard a noise behind him. Suddenly his heart rate picked up. The show had been spooky. But there were no such things as headless horsemen tossing jack-o-lantern heads at unsuspecting victims.

And yet…why did it sound like the clip clop of horse’s hooves behind him.

Breath held, Jim started to turn around when the theater door opened.

“I am so sorry, Jim.” Spock rushed toward him. “The zipper got stuck and the costume department head wanted to be careful with it so they could use it again in the future. I intended to just rip it.”

Jim blew out his held breath and looked around. There was nothing there. He turned back to Spock, swallowed, and attempted a smile.

He was a starship captain, for God’s sake.

“No big deal. But can we go now? I’m freezing.”

Spock took his coat off and put it on Jim. “Yes, ashayam. We will go now.”

They turned in the opposite direction from the sound Jim heard and he couldn’t help but be glad.

He made it home without losing his head. That was a huge plus.  

Flash Fic, October 22, 2021

Another continuation (and there might be one or two more in the coming months)

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“Go fish.”

Chris stared at Zach like he’d never seen him before. Zach sighed and put down the cards.

“You asked if I had any sevens, I don’t, I said pound pavement, that’s the way the game works, Pine.”

Chris yawned then, so big and loud that his eyes watered and his jaw popped. “Sorry. I, uh, I lost track of the game.”

“Because it’s time for little boys to go to bed.”



Chris averted his gaze and Zach wondered what that was about. But he didn’t say anything, so Zach stood, grabbed Chris’ arm and hauled him to his feet.

“Come on. Off to bed with you.”

Zach knew where Chris’ room was, so he pulled the younger man through the house and to the bedroom. There were items there that belonged to her, but Zach decided not to focus on that.

They were always at cross purposes, weren’t they? Jonathan, Olivia, Iris, Miles, and now…yeah, her. The one he’d seemed to be with the longest. Though still not as long as Miles, if it came to that.

A fool for love was still a fool.

He gently pushed Chris down onto the mattress.

“I’ll bet you can manage to get yourself undressed.”

“Yeah,” Chris agreed. Out came that tongue to trace over his lips and Zach fisted his hands. “Only…”

“Only what, Pine?”

“Can you stay here with me tonight?”

Zach laughed. “What? Why would I?”

“Uh.” Chris was blushing now.

“You’re not still thinking of that spider, yeah? Come on. It’s not going to come in here and eat you.”

“It might have had babies.”

“Maybe.” Zach smirked.

“And, uh, the slashers.”

“What about them?”

“We watched a lot of slasher films, Zach. I’m kinda freaked out.”

He sighed again. Ran his fingers through his hair. It felt greasy and he should have a shower, but he felt far too lazy and apatetic to bother.

“You’re a grown man, Chris.”

“I know, but—”

“This isn’t a good idea,” he said in a low voice. But those blue eyes rose to his and they almost looked watery like Chris would cry if he refused. And he just wasn’t. Even if it was the mother of all bad ideas.


“Okay,” he replied. “Fine. Let me go get my stuff and we’ll go to bed together. To sleep, Christopher. Nothing else.”

“All right.”

Zach left the room and went to get his small bag. He took maybe extra long and it paid off because when he returned, Chris had taken off his clothes and put on low slung pajama pants and a thread-barren T-shirt.

He didn’t say anything when Zach returned, just stood there looking at the empty bed, so Zach went into the bathroom, got into his shorts and tank, and brushed his teeth.

“Do you have to go?”

Zach was surprised by the question when he came out of the bathroom.


“You know, back to New York.”

“Yeah, I do. It’s home.”

“LA’s home too, isn’t it?”

“Sometimes yeah and sometimes no. Right now, home is more New York for me. California’s…complicated.” Zach shrugged. “Anyway, you’re living the good life here. What are you worried about?”

Chris shook his head. “I’m not worried. I just miss you. A lot.”

Zach decided not to address that. “Get in bed, Christopher.”

And he did, too. Zach turned off the overheard light and then walked over to the side of the bed he supposed she normally occupied. For some perverse reason he wanted to smear his scent and greasyish hair all over her pillow.

Zach was here, Bitch

She wasn’t really one, except because of the obvious reasons.

He got in bed and turned off the lamp next to the bed.

“Next time your friends suggest slasher movies, maybe say no?”

A few heartbeats of silence.


Zach said nothing for a while and then he heard heavier breathing and knew Chris had fallen asleep. He was glad. Because they couldn’t go there. Not again. Not now as it was between them if they were to remain friends. And that was what Zach wanted. Not to lose Chris. Even if all it ever was, was this.

He almost got back out of the bed and went to the guest room, but no. He said he’d stay and he was a man of his word.

Took him a long time to fall asleep though. But there were no spiders or slashers. He’d slayed them.   

Just Pics

Thought you might want to see some pictures of the neighbor’s decorations. Cool huh? They have creepy sound too. As a child I would have been terrified of that house HAHA

That’s the full moon behind the house

He’s got a few new things this year I think

He does it cute for Christmas too.

Flash Fic, October 20, 2021

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“It feels so cold.” Jim shivered as he stepped past the threshold of the house. He suddenly regretted letting his friends talk him into going into the creepy house.

“Well.” Janice scooted next to him. “No one’s occupied it for years, so there’s no heat or anything. It makes sense it would be cold.”


He was there with Janice, Christine, Bones, Sulu, Uhura and Spock. Jim had a big time crush on Spock, but so did Uhura. She had been jonesing to go out with Spock and get her nails into him since the beginning of the semester of the Academy. That was the sole reason she was there that night. Because of Spock.

Jim had a little hope, though, because Spock had only agreed to go into the creepy house because Janice had talked Jim into attending. Bones told Jim that Janice liked him, but Jim had eyes only for Spock. Yeah, it probably sucked for everyone.

Despite the hope he did have, Jim wasn’t convinced it meant Spock was sexually interested in him. It could just be that he thought Jim was stupid enough to get himself hurt at the creepy house and admittedly they were friends. Spock had sort of made himself Jim’s personal bodyguard ever since Jim’s acrimonious breakup with a girl whose brother wanted to kick his ass.

“Okay, sure,” Jim agreed. “But it seems like…unusually cool. Like blast freeze.”

“Or ghostly visitors?” Bones asked with a knowing smirk. “Trying to go for atmosphere, Jim?:

He shrugged. “This wasn’t my idea.”

He saw a room at the end of the hallway but the others seemed to be headed in the direction of the kitchen. For some reason, Jim felt drawn to that room, so he lingered behind from the group and headed in that direction instead. He put his hand on the outside of the door which almost felt like he was touching a block of ice.

A voice in his head told him not to open the door, but he ignored it, twisted the knob and went into the room.

It appeared to be an old ballroom, from back in the days, he guessed, rich people had those. The room was so cold, Jim could see his breath, and he started to shake uncontrollably.

I shouldn’t be here. Something bad happened here. Really bad.

“Spock,” he said out loud, though he couldn’t say why.

As he turned around to head out, he suddenly realized he was somehow in the middle of the room, though he couldn’t remember walking that far in. Cold fingers touched his neck and he blanched. Suddenly coming toward him was a wisp of smoke or mist and for some reason he found he couldn’t move.

The door of the room slammed open like an explosion in the empty room and then warm fingers seized his wrist and yanked him with unusual force from the the room.

“We are leaving,” Spock’s voice said directly into his ear.

The next he knew, he was outside of the house entirely and being held in Spock’s strong warm arms. Spock was rubbing his back and he was speaking softly but Jim wasn’t sure what he said.

Slowly he began to feel warmer and become more aware of what was happening around him. He realized the others were there too.

“It is all right, Jim. You are safe now,” Spock spoke softly.

Jim nodded and snuggled in closer to him. “What was that?”

“I do not know. Leonard says you suffered from a bit of shock but he gave you something and you are coming out of it.”


Spock’s hold tightened. “I am going to take you home as soon as you are well enough to walk away from here. I think the sooner the better though.”

“I’m ready. Just…not sure I want to be alone.”

“I am taking you home with me,” Spock assured him.

Jim summoned up his first smile in quite some time to look into Spock’s face. “Yeah?”

“Of course.”

Nearby Uhura sighed and muttered, “I don’t know why I ever bothered.”

“Told you,” Sulu whispered back.

Spock took Jim’s arm and they all began to walk away from the spooky house. Some looked back as they did, warily, but Jim kept his eyes firmly away. He never wanted to see it again.

But at least…Spock. Something good had come out of it. But it would be a long time before he’d come anywhere near this area.

Flash Fic, October 18, 2021

A continuation…

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Leonard was surprised when two days later it was a fully showered and dressed Spock who came down the stairs while Leonard was helping himself to a cup of coffee and another pumpkin donut.

He’d been bored to tears for those days, finding there was little to do by yourself in a homestead in the middle of nowhere. He hadn’t dared go directly into the bedroom while matters were still commencing but he had kept a pained ear trained.


“Spock, nice to see you coherent. Does that mean it’s over?”

“It has…passed.” Spock went into the kitchen to make himself tea. “At the moment, the captain is sleeping.”

Leonard rolled his eyes. “The captain is it?”

Spock averted his gaze. “I suppose you have many questions.”

“You bet I do. But first I need to check on Jim.”

“He is asleep and in a mild version of the Vulcan healing trance I initiated for him. I would ask that you not disturb him immediately.”

“And I would ask where you got your medical degree,” Leonard rose and he held up a hand when Spock took a forward step. “I’m just going to check. If he’s sleeping and is in no immediate distress, I’ll leave him be.”

“Very well.”

Leonard took his medical bag and went up the stairs into the bedroom his two closest friends had been using. Jim was lying on his side facing away from Leonard. He ran a quick scan and was relieved to see his vitals seemed to be close to normal. He saw no evidence of excessive wounds or bruising either.

Going back downstairs, Leonard found Spock sitting at the table with his tea. In front of him was the Vulcan bread Kreyla.


“For now.”

Spock stared into his tea. “I am the last being you need be concerned would harm him. He is the most important to me in the universe.”

“Is that as a result of the Pon Farr.”

“My affection for Jim preceded that,” Spock said softly. “He has been the subject of my affections for some time.”

Leonard raised his eyebrows. “Was Jim aware of that before Pon Farr?”

“Yes. Our relationship was kept secret in the waning months of the five-year mission. I had discussed the possibility of my time with him and secured his consent prior to his commencement.”

“And what happens now?”

“We are a bonded pair.”


“A legal marriage in terms of the Federation. Should Jim wish to have an Earth marriage, I am amenable.” Spock paused, sipped his tea. “We intend to file the bonding papers once we have fully recovered.”

“I’d been sent to find you. Apparently some young Vulcans were having performance issues. Jim assured me you were not.”

“I was not. But to hear some are, is troubling.”

“Yeah, so they’re working on it. I informed everyone that you were okay and in the throes of it. I’ll let them know you came out of it fine.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

“Well, if this is what you both want, then congratulations, Spock.”

“Jim did say you were aware of his feeling for me.”

Leonard nodded. “Yeah, long time ago he confessed to me. You and Uhura were pretty serious back then and Jim’s not that kind of guy.”

“I am aware.”

“But if this is what you two want, then, I’m happy for you.”

Spock nodded. “I will always hold great affection for Nyota, but Jim is my T’hy’la. There can be no one else for me.”

“And I’m sure Jim feels the same way. Okay, Spock, I’m going to check on him one more time and then I’ll leave you two to it. I’m sure that you’ll see that he eats and takes care of himself.”

“I will, of course.”

Leonard smiled. “Of course. I have more own leave to get back to, so soon I’ll let you two get to yours. A sort of…honeymoon,”

Spock arched a brow. Leonard gathered up his few belongings and set out to check on Jim once more before departure.

He knew everything would be fine.

Flash Fic, October 15, 2021

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“Fortunes told.” Bones read the sign and then glanced at Jim. “You up for it, Jim?”

Jim scoffed. “Are you kidding? These fortune tellers are hokey as hell.”

He crossed his arms and stared at the sign. They were at a Harvest Festival. In Georgia of all places. Yes, thanks to Bones.

They had a two week leave on Earth and somehow, he let the doctor talk him into going to Georgia with him.

Sure, it was true, Jim had no where in particular to go. His mom wasn’t at home in Riverside, and he had no real desire to hang out in the empty farmhouse. Spock planned on attending some science symposium in San Francisco and made no particular overtures that Jim’s presence would be welcome.  Which okay, they weren’t “together-together” but Jim thought maybe they’d been working their way in that direction.


“Maybe I should go with you, Spock.”

Spock had stared at Jim for a good minute without blinking. Amazing really.

“I am afraid you would be quite bored, Captain.”

And that was Jim’s clue that that illogical human captains were not included in the plans.

If he didn’t know that Uhura was going to Scotland with Scotty, he’d be worried they were reconciling despite Spock telling him that he was romantically interested in Jim.  

And he got dragged to the festival by Bones and his young daughter. There were pumpkins and hay. Definitely lots of that. And apples and cider and all things fallish.

“You sure, Jim?” Bones asked. “You seem interested.”

“Nah. I—”

“Please, Uncle Jim. It’d be cool!” Joanna exclaimed.

Jim looked down at the pint-sized McCoy. “Fine.”


Jim gave Bones a look who grinned back and then he lifted the flap and went inside.

The fortune teller was shrouded in veils so he couldn’t even see her face, but she indicated he should sit on the stool in front of her table. He did and she grabbed his hand.

“Oh you’re a man of some importance.”


“You’re going to meet a tall, dark haired man who will sweep you off your feet!”

Jim laughed. “Already did, lady.”

“See my fortunes are true.”

Jim smiled. “Uh-huh.”

“In fact…” She paused dramatically. “He’s waiting for you outside.”

Since Bones was the only dark haired man waiting for him outside, he laughed again. “Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“Go and see. That’ll be five credits.”

“What? That’s it? Geez.” He stood, reached into the pocket of his jeans and tossed credits on the table. What he did for kids.

He stepped out of the tent, shielded his eyes from the sun, and then-


Spock stepped toward him. “I grew bored at the symposium and missed you. I contacted the doctor and he provided your location.”

Jim embraced him. “Then this whole fortune teller thing was a setup.”

Bones chuckled. “‘Fraid so, Jim. That was Joanna’s mom, my ex.”

“I’ll get you later,” Jim promised. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Spock’s lips quirked slightly just before Jim kissed him.

“I’ve missed you too.”

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