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Flash Fic, January 19, 2023

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“How’s that feel?”

Spock leaned back in the giant spa tub which seemed vaguely obscene in size. Of course this room had been chosen to be luxurious after their “ordeal”. It wasn’t much of an ordeal, Spock had to admit. He and Jim had been together for so long that they had love making down to a “t” as Jim would say. And Pon Farr was just…a lot of love making.  Even their first time, Spock discovered it wasn’t the horror he’d always imagined it to be.

Jim had added many soap bubbles, scented with roses, together with rose petals themselves.

“It feels a bit hedonistic,” Spock admitted.

Jim laughed. “This whole place is. Not just this room, this planet.”

“True. Would you join me?”

Jim’s grin widened.  “I’d love to.” He dropped the terry cloth robe he’d pulled on earlier to the floor and then lifted a foot, then leg into the tub to join Spock.

After he was settled into the bubbles with Spock, Spock pulled him close so they could snuggle together in the heated scented water.

“Wish we could have one of these on the Enterprise.”

“I do not think they are considering adding such things to the layout of the ship. Even the captain’s quarters.”

“They totally should. We should have one in each one of our retirement homes.”

Spock considered. “You’ve mentioned retirement before. And more than once recently. Are you actually considering it?”

Jim shrugged against him. “Well. I mean someday, right? And I’d like to be young to enjoy aspects of it.”

“And yet during the admiral’s recent call you indicated you’d be up for another five years.”

“Hmm. Does that bother you? I know I probably should have talked to you first.”

“Being the leader of a starship is your first best destiny. I can hardly argue with that.”

“But you can, you know. This is a partnership.”

“Wherever you are, I belong. If you wish to serve another five years I am amenable.”

Jim smiled faintly. “As long as we both come back alive.”

“There is always that.” Spock wrapped his arms tight around Jim. “Still, this is quite nice. You may be right about having one of these wherever we retire to.”

Jim chuckled. “I’m always right, Mr. Spock.” “If you say so, Captain.” Then he put his fingers on Jim’s jaw to turn his face for a kiss

Flash Fic, January 17, 2023

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When Spock opened his eyes he felt as though he had been absent from his world for a very long time, yet even as he rolled over from his stomach he noted his bondmate sitting on the edge of the hotel bed, smiling at him.

“T’hy’la?” His throat hurt some from yelling his release during intimacies and so the word came out a hoarse whisper.

“Welcome back to reality.” Jim handed him a glass of water and Spock drank from it greedily. Jim’s hand reached over to smooth a lock of Spock’s hair. “How do you feel?”

Spock considered his answer, then said carefully, “Better I believe.”

“Are you hungry? I bet you are. I have some quinoa and tofu stuff ready for you.” Jim made a face which almost cause Spock to laugh, but he wasn’t quite in a laughing mood.

“You are well?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve been awake and up for a while. I even took a dip in the pool outside our room.” He reached for Spock’s hand and squeezed it. “Let me get that food for you.”

Spock was reluctant to see Jim move away, not because he was still in the throes of Pon Farr, but more because, generally, afterward, he craved extreme closeness to his bondmate.

Jim returned in hardly any time though and returned to sitting on Spock’s bed. He handed him a plate of quinoa mixed with seasoned vegetables and tofu.

“I ordered that when I saw you were waking up. Bones said you’d be out about twelves hours but it was more like fifteen.”

Spock took a bite of the food and nodded. “It was quite exhausting. And I saw that you were settled and resting before I rested myself.”

Jim smiled. “Of course you did. Did you hypo my shoulder? I saw a tiny bandage there.”

“Yes, I gave you electrolytes per Doctor McCoy’s instructions. And a small sedative to help you to rest.”

“You’re good at taking care of me.”

“You are my T’hy’la.” Spock ate more of the food, feeling better with each bite. “You went swimming?”

Jim grinned. “I did. And had a long soak in the whirlpool tub. I never want to leave.”

“We do have a few days left for our shore leave,” Spock commented, amused.

“I think when we retire we should consider purchasing a vacation home on Risa.”

“Hmm. There are a number of possibilities for such things.” Spock finished the food and Jim took the empty plate away.

“Would you like to go for a swim?”

“Perhaps later.”

“The whirlpool tub?”

Spock nodded. “That sounds currently more agreeable.”

Jim stood and reached a hand to haul Spock up. “Come then. There are even bath salts and bubbles.”

Spock brought Jim close for a moment, holding him. “I adore you.”

“I know. Same, Spock. Same.” And Spock allowed Jim to take care of him. Soon, when he was energized, he fully intended to make Jim’s comfort his priority for the rest of their leave. Jim had surely earned it.

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Flash Fiction Friday, August 18, 2017

Married Spirk is always welcome. This week’s prompt was a simple one: A Massage.

When the door to their quarters opened, Jim glanced up from the book he was reading. Spock stalked in. There was no other word for it. Jim could tell from his position on their bed that Spock was wound up tight.

“You okay?”

Spock shot him a look that was just short of incredulous. He did not even dignify Jim’s question with an answer, but rather went right to the wardrobe where he kept his Vulcan robes.

“Was he angry?”

“Vulcans do get angry.” His predictable response. Spock always fell back on predictability when he was ruffled.


“There was a level of that,” Spock replied.

Spock had been forced to advise his father that they would not make their planned visit to New Vulcan for shore leave as originally planned. Starfleet had ordered them to explore another sector of the universe and it would mean they would be completely out of range. They’d had to select a new destination for the crew’s shore leave. Jim hadn’t been thrilled either for he knew Sarek had been anticipating their visit for some time.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart.”

“You are not responsible for the change in plans.”

“I know, but I’m still sorry.” Jim knew that Sarek was not the only one who experienced some level of disappointment. If Jim could change it for Spock he would. He knew Spock hadn’t been able to see his father since the Enterprise had gone out again.

Spock had now changed into his softest brown robe, which was not the one he generally wore while meditating.

“No meditation tonight?” Jim asked.

“Negative. I do not need it.”

Jim suspected as agitated as his husband was that was not exactly true, but he was hardly about to argue. Any time Spock’s smelly incense wasn’t lit within their quarters was a win for Jim.

“Can I get you anything?” he asked as he set aside his book.

Spock shook his head and lifted the covers next to Jim, joining him in the bed. Which was also surprising. Spock generally spent some time attending to business at the terminal at their desk before coming to bed.

Jim watched him for a moment as he attempted to settle in. “I’m sorry.”

“You have already said that.”

He smiled a little at Spock’s gruff tone. “It really sucks.”

Spock had no response to that because, Jim suspected, he agreed it sucked but didn’t want to say it.

He tugged on his lip with his teeth. “Maybe I should have argued more.”

“T’hy’la, none of this is your fault and your repeated apologies are—”

“Pissing you off. I know.” Jim sighed. “You know what you need?”

“I am not prepared to have sexual intercourse tonight.”

He said it so primly that Jim had no choice but to smile.

“I’ll try to contain myself,” Jim said dryly.


“I wasn’t talking about fucking, Spock. Though I think I could fuck it out of you.”

Spock narrowed his eyes.

“Lay on your stomach.”

Spock just stared at him.

“That’s an order.”

At that an eyebrow shot up. But Spock did not argue, for once, and turned over onto his stomach.

“Oh wait. I should have had you slide your robe off.”


“Oh, for pity’s sake, Spock, I’m not going to take advantage of you. Just do as you’re told.”

Spock lifted up and slipped his arms out of the sleeves of the robe and lowered it to his waist.

Jim put his hands on Spock’s back and pressed down gently.

“What are you doing?”

“Giving you a massage,” Jim explained. “And don’t say, Vulcans don’t like massages or you will be sleeping alone.”

Spock closed his eyes. “I was not going to say that.”

“Good.” He moved up to Spock’s shoulders and began to massage there.

“And I would not sleep alone.”


“Wherever you went I would chase you down,” Spock murmured.

Jim smiled. “I know. And I’d be sure to be caught, too.”

“I know that as well.”

Jim continued to pinch, prod, and rub Spock’s back, neck and shoulders until his Vulcan was practically purring putty in his hands. Jim laughed.

Spock opened one eye. “What is amusing?”

“Practically purring putty.”

Spock closed his eye again. “I never entirely understand you.”

“But I keep you on your toes, don’t I?”

“You do indeed.”

Suddenly, Spock turned onto his back and ensnared the back of Jim’s neck with his hand, pulling a startled Jim’s lips down on his.

“Feel better?” Jim murmured against Spock’s very tasty lips.

“I am still disappointed,” his husband admitted. “But I do feel better.”

Jim readjusted himself so that his head lay on his husband’s chest. “Good. Computer, lights off.”

Spock kissed the top of Jim’s head. “Goodnight, T’hy’la.”

“Night, sweetheart.”

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