Hello friends

Last week’s flash fic was a Mirror flash. I do love to include those sometimes. This coming Friday I get a little…odd. Or do I? You will decide.

Then that only leaves one more scheduled for April. Which means I need to begin writing and scheduling May flashes!

As you know this weekend my Saturday was taken up by a four year old’s party. Sunday was chores and a bit of shopping.

Coming up this week in updates: My Heart’s a Virgin. Not sure how many more chapters I’ll have for this one. I want them a little more settled into life on New Vulcan before I say goodbye, but you can expect a wrap up on this one in the not too distant future. All I Ever Wanted. They are headed to New Vulcan to see what can be done for Jim, if anything, and to examine their damaged bond and perhaps repair it. If I can get to it, with everything else, a new chapter of Transfer Request will also appear.

This coming weekend is Easter. M and I have Friday off. His company gave it to them as a “spring” holiday and I just took it off as paid time off. On Easter we are going to the family’s house for a Lobster Easter dinner. I make baskets for everyone because I am a nerd.

I have now finished 3 chapters of the Pinto Regency, The Thought of You is Consuming Me, which is due to return to A03 on May the 5th.

Our warm spring weather has officially arrived. Hope yours has too.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com