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Flash Fic Tuesday

Flash Fic, May 24, 2022

Amanda sighed slightly. “Long ago my son did as he pleased with no regard to what either myself or my husband said.”
“Still…wouldn’t it bother you? Never to see him again?”
“Whatever the circumstances my son finds himself in, what matters to me is his contentment. I can see, as I said, that my son values his bond with you very much. He isn’t going to find it easy to part from you.”
“And if this healer decides he’s wrong, what then?”
“Do you think Spock cares for you only because he believes you have the T’hy’la bond?”
Jim frowned. Thought about it. “No.”
She smiled. “I believe you have your answer regarding what my son intends to do.”
“Your husband would fight it.”
“Most certainly. But the thing is, Sarek doesn’t always get his way.” She leaned back in her chair. “And what about you, Jim? Would you consider staying here on Vulcan in your future?”
“I don’t know,” Jim replied. “My family is very important to me. If I came here, I’d not be able to see them again, right?”
She hesitated. “Probably not.”
“I can’t put them through thinking I just disappeared one day and never know what happened to me. I’ve seen that happen to families on the news and stuff, and I couldn’t let that hurt them like that. But on the other hand, having Spock stay with me in my time would hurt him.”
“There’s no easy answer, I agree.”
Just then Spock and Sarek returned with a Vulcan woman.
Jim stood up. “Have they figured out how to help my dad yet?”
“Not yet, Jim. They are working hard at it though. This is T’Pau, sh is an elder here, and trained in healing and an expert at bonds.”
Jim glanced at her. She was studying him with barely disguised derision.
“You name this outworlder T’hy’la?” She turned to Spock.
“I do.”
T’Pau looked at Jim again. “You are from ancient Earth.”
“It’s not ancient to me. It’s just home.”
Apparently, she didn’t like that as she made an even more pronounced prune face.
“”If you will step forward with Spock, I will examine your minds.”
Jim’s gaze went to Spock, who gave a slight nod.
He blew out a breath. He’d rather deal with all this after finding out about his dad, but apparently that wasn’t going to happen.
So he stepped over to where Spock stood and let the Vulcan approach, with her hands extended toward each of them.
Her left hand landed on his face while her right hand was on Spock’s. Spock closed his eyes, so Jim did the same.
T’Pau said nothing, but Jim did feel a bit of pressure in his head, like having a sinus infection or something. It could have lasted a minute or thirty, he wasn’t sure because he sort of lost awareness.
Spock spoke softly and Jim opened his eyes. She no longer had her hand on his face and the pressure was gone. He blinked rapidly.
“There is no mistake,” she declared. “They are bonded. They have the ancient warrior bond.”

Flash Fic, May 17, 2022

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Later after they’d eaten lunch, Sam took Jim aside,
“I know this is sudden and really short notice, especially since you have Spock with you, but maybe it would better if you stayed the night?” Sam shook his head. “I don’t know, I just…I’m unsettled a bit.”
“If you’re unsettled, things have to be bad. Why don’t we get him to the hospital now?” Jim asked.
“He’s stubborn and doesn’t want to go. And he spoke to his cardiologist and thinks that’s good enough until he sees him tomorrow.” Sam pinched the bridge of his nose. “I could set up a room for the two of you.”
“I’ll need to talk to him because he has work. I can probably call and get a substitute.” Jim’s stomach flipped. “Worst case scenario, I’ll drive him back to San Francisco and then drive back up here.”
“I hate to make you do that, but I’d really like you to be here, kiddo.”
“And I want to be. When did this all start?”
“He seemed a little weak Friday, but nothing too concerning. Same for most of yesterday, but last night he started showing signs of it.”
Jim glanced toward the living room. “This isn’t it, is it, Sam?”
“I honestly don’t know,” Sam admitted. “You know when he was young his chest got crushed when the wall fell on him. The doctors think that did some damage to his heart even back then that nobody paid any attention to until later in life. They concentrated on his collapsed lung instead. I don’t know. Some part of me realizes we’re lucky to have him this long.”
“Yeah okay. I’m going to go talk to Spock and the contact the university.”
Jim ended up taking Spock outside to a garden area his mom usually tended to so they could have some privacy.
He explained everything to Spock, who remained silent until Jim had finished.
“I’m sorry this is so crazy and unexpected. I’ll drive you back to San Francisco and the come back here.”
“I am able to make my own hours at the Institute,” Spock replied. “To be honest I am only working there in an effort to find a way back to my own time and universe. This far I have not been successful. But at the moment, I would rather be here, supporting you.”
Jim didn’t quite give into the relief he felt yet. Because he wanted to make sure. “Really? I don’t want to make things difficult for you.”
Spock pulled him close. “This entire situation we find ourselves in is difficult. But you are my T’hy’la and I don’t wish to be parted from you.”
Jim blew out a breath. “Okay.”

Flash Fic, May 10, 2022

Probably NSFW

“Let’s make love.”

“Are you sure? Spock continued to be surprised by Jim. They had just been preparing for bed, when before getting into the hotel bed, he had turned to Spock and said those words.

“Spock, our time is limited. If you go back that is.” Jim shook his head. “And I don’t want you to.”

Spock nodded and opened his arms to pull Jim close. Jim went easily and Spock put his hand on Jim’s jaw and brough their lips together.

When they came up for air, he whispered. “Nor do I, but…I do not belong here.”

“Just…fuck me.”

They managed to get their pajamas off and fell onto the bed together. Spock kissed Jim everywhere and when he went to reach for a condom, Jim stopped him.

“Forget about that. I just want to feel you as you are inside me. Besides, in your time, surely they’ve eradicated sexually transmitted diseases.”

“They have,” Spock agreed. “If you are sure—”

“I am,” Jim whispered, kissing him with such intensity Spock felt dizzy.

Spock prepared Jim with the lubricant and then slowly pushed into the Human. His Human.

Spock knew perhaps he shouldn’t, but even as he moved deeper within Jim, he sought a deeper mental connection. His hand moved toward Jim’s face.


“Vulcans are-are touch telepaths, I wished to-to do a meld with you. If permissible.”

Jim arched up as Spock thrust. “Will it hurt?”

“It should not, no.”

Jim moistened his lips. “Do it then.”

Spock did not need to be told twice. Now that Jim knew the truth of who and what he was, holding back a part of himself was not required.

He rested his fingers on Jim’s face. “My mind to your mind,” he whispered. “My thoughts to your thoughts.”

And just like that, he slipped inside Jim’s mind as though they were made for each other. No meld had ever been so easy, so welcome, so right.

“Spock,” Jim moaned.

In Spock’s mind he saw Earth, as it was now, and then he saw Vulcan as it was when he left, the planets moved to line up right next each other, which he knew was not their exact location, and then Jim, bathed in bright sunlight, like Las’hark, appeared. Spock saw himself bathed in the colors of the desserts of Vulcan. Jim walked toward him, hand outstretched, and Spock reached out and took it.

Spock’s hand slipped off Jim’s face as they both found their release together.


Flash Fic, May 03, 2022

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“This is nice,” Jim said a few days later, on Friday, when they decided to go out to a restaurant together.

It was one that would accommodate Spock’s vegetarian tastes as well as Jim’s not so much. He was used to Nyota’s eating requirements, and going to “health food” places, but at least this one was just a nice restaurant.

On the way there, and all the way to their table in the back, Spock kept his knitted cap on the cover his ears. Jim felt bad that he felt the need to wear it, but on the other hand, he also knew how people were.

Once at the table though, Spock did remove it.

“They have my family’s Cabernet Sauvignons here. I’m thinking of getting a bottle. Would you have some?”

“I don’t drink wine.”

Jim smiled. “Do you drink blood?”

“I beg your pardon?”

He laughed and shook his head. “Dracula. You know, from the movies. He’d sometimes say that. Like Frank Langella from the 70s,  I think.”

Spock shook his head.

“No? Okay, well.” Jim just smiled.

“Unknown references notwithstanding, Jim, I do not normally drink red wine, but since it’s from your family’s vineyard I am willing to do so.”


When their waiter came, and he started staring at Spock, Jim gave him the stink eye and the waiter quickly looked away and covered.

“We’ll have a bottle of the Kirk Vineyard’s Cabernet Sauvignon.”

The waiter nodded. “Coming right up.”

“Is this okay?” Jim asked. “I mean I know going out was my idea. I just thought it might be nice for kind of a real date.”

“It is perfectly fine, Jim.” Spock paused. “And it is nice.”


“Why do you assume there’s a bit?”

He sighed. “There’s always a but.”

The waiter arrived with the bottle and poured even for Jim to sample. Of course he was quite familiar with the taste.

“Great, thanks.”

The waiter poured them both wine in their glasses and Jim sent him away while they continued to look at the menu.

“You don’t mind if I get a steak, do you?”

“Of course not. You may order whatever you want.”

“What are you thinking of?”

“Possibly the pasta primavera.”

“Good choice. If you like veggies.” Jim laughed again.

“I do.” Spock’s lips curved and he took a sip of the wine. “While I am not entirely familiar with everything wine is supposed to be, this is pleasant enough.”

“I’m glad you think so. It’s Dad’s pride and joy.”

“You mentioned a but.”

“Right. Just…I don’t know. Does it seem strange or even stupid to go out on a dinner date when you’re going home to Massachusetts soon?”

“Massachusetts,” Spock repeated softly.

“That’s where Vulcan is, right?”

Spock nodded. “Yes, it is East of here.”

“Every time I get involved with someone I end up liking, well, something happens that ends things. In your case, obviously, you’re getting out of dodge.”

“Getting out of—”

Jim waived that away. “Another saying. It means leaving.”

The waiter hovered nearby and Jim gestured him over. They made their orders and then Jim waited for him to leave again.

“It seems to me,” Jim continued. “That this is all kind of a waste of time on something that doesn’t really have a future.”

“I know and I am sorry.”

He nodded. “But I like you so much, I can’t seem to help myself with waiting the time anyway. When you leave, I’m going to…well feel pretty crappy to be honest.”

“It will be the same for me.”

Jim reached over and took Spock’s hand. “Somehow that doesn’t make me feel much better.”

Flash Fic, April 26, 2022

I was as vague as I could be here so as not to be too explicit on HERE, but it’s still Definitely NSFW

The Moment has arrived though for Totally Modern Jim

The best thing to do was to steer Jim to Spock’s bedroom where there were no windows to let in light and Spock only had a small lamp on a side table. That would likely mean Jim couldn’t see any color differences.

He opened his eyes and straightened from the wall. He turned off the burner for the water to boil the pasta and made sure everything else was off for now. They could eat later. They would need their strength.

Spock was alerted the moment Jim approached his door again. He did not hear the Human, but he was very much aware of everything concerning Jim, and he didn’t stop to analyze why.

Jim tapped lightly on Spock’s door, but then came in. He grinned at Spock as he held up a strip of foil condom packages and a bottle of lubricant.

Spock found his own lips curving in response. He held out his hand for Jim to take it and was pleased when Jim’s warm hand fit perfectly into his. He led him toward his bedroom, taking the condoms from him as he did so.

Jim moved to switch on the lamp, but Spock stopped him, a hand on Jim’s wrist.

“No lights.” He tried not to make it sound harsh or panicked. He heard Jim’s huff of breath and realized he had managed it.

“Okay, sure. I know some people have hang ups. I just know how beautiful naked you have to be.”

Spock pulled him close and slipped Jim’s short off. “Some other time.”


They returned to kissing then as they helped each other out of their clothes, then fell onto Spock’s bed, mouths fuses, limbs entangled. Jim felt soft and hard everywhere, somehow, no matter how illogical that was.

Spock had never been so aroused, so desperate to be inside someone before.

Jim reached to put a condom on Spock. “Wow, you’re really leaking a lot of stuff.”

“I-I apologize,” Spock said, shyly.

“Oh, babe, I’m not complaining, I’m marveling.” Jim kissed him again, so hard, and passionately Spock nearly came from it.

Condom in place, Jim positioned himself on the bed beneath Spock, handing the lubricant to apply, which he did.

When they were finally joined, Spock didn’t think he’d ever felt anything like it, ever felt so connected with anyone. He knew his heart hammered in his side, and when Jim’s hands caressed him everywhere, a part of him feared Jim would notice the pulsing of his side, and be repulsed by the alien making love to him.

But that never happened. It was glorious in every way. Jim begging him breathlessly, Spock driving in, again and again, their heavy breathing, messy kisses. It was all so shockingly perfect.

Later, Spock collapsed on Jim and the Human’s arms wrapped tight around him, holding him there, though Spock imagined he was really quite heavy.

He did not know what to say in the aftermath of such a life changing event. How he could ever have anyone else after having Jim.

“You all right, Spock?” Jim whispered, his mouth close to Spock’s ear, making him shiver.

“Yes,” Spock replied, turning his head so he could kiss Jim once more. “Yes.”  

Flash Fic, April 19, 2022

Jim was still curious about Spock though and he realized he actually knew very little about Spock other than him being into elves from Tolkien.

“Do you speak Elvish?”

This time he saw Spock’s spine stiffen. He did not turn back around though.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Elvish. I mean, there are a lot of people into fandoms that learn to speak the language of the characters, right, and I know there are a bunch of people who speak that from the Tolkien books. So I thought given your ears, you might—”

Spock did turn around then, and he was waving the spatula he held somewhat threateningly. “I do not speak Elvish, Jim. And I did not have my ears altered to be pointed on the end.”


“My ears have been like this from the moment I was born,” Spock said slowly and carefully as though Jim was a buffoon. And at the moment Jim thought maybe he was.

“Oh. Um. Sorry about that. Stupid assumptions.”

Jim could only imagine the teasing Spock must have had from other kids because of his ears. He knew kids could be cruel from his own experience with severe acne.

“Your apology is accepted. If you will go sit at the table, I will shortly bring the waffles to the table.”

Jim did, feeling pretty foolish. Spock had set the table with butter and syrup too. He kept his mouth shut and drank his coffee.

A few minutes later, Spock arrived with two plates with large Belgian Waffles.

Jim smiled uncertainly. “Looks good. Thank you.”

They ate in silence for the most part. Other than a few comments about whether they’d get the rain that was predicted for the next morning.

When they were done and Jim was assured Spock needed no help cleaning up, Jim decided to excuse himself to his own place. He really was tired and a bit discouraged, though he wasn’t sure why. Spock was still polite and nice to him.

“Do not forget your Bisquick.” Spock handed it to him as Jim picked up his empty thermos.

He sort of remembered Spock had mentioned him coming for dinner Monday night but as he headed for Spock’s apartment door, Spock made no comments to remind him, and Jim didn’t want to push his luck.

Still he lingered for a moment there, hoping Spock would come close enough for Jim to try a little kiss. But Spock kept his distance and somehow made it look as though it really wasn’t deliberate.

“Okay, thanks for dinner, Spock. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Jim.”

Jim went back to his apartment and basically straight to bed. And in that bed, he stroked himself to images of Spock, and afterward he fell into a fitful sleep.

Flash Fic, April 12, 2022

I’m going with Sam looks quite a bit like Dad

Jim decided to seek his brother out first when he arrived at his family’s home in Napa. He found Sam in one of the vineyards, bent over at the waist, and speaking.

“What are you doing?” Jim asked, frowning with puzzlement.

“Talking to the grapes.”

“Lost it have you?”

Sam snorted and straightened. “Funny. Been at the house yet?”

“No. Wanted to see what you had to say about things. Mom and Dad aren’t as forthcoming as they could be.”

Sam nodded and eyed him. “You’re looking tired, little brother. You didn’t have to come up here this weekend.”

“I think Mom wanted me to and besides I wanted to check on Dad.” Jim pointed to the grapes. “What are you the grape whisperer?”

“I prefer wine whisperer, thank you very much. I just think talking to your plants helps.”

Jim smiled. “Okay. So what’s the situation?”

“They let him leave the hospital last night. He’s doing good. Has to take it easy for a while. Which you know he’ll hate.”

“He’s especially going to hate not being out here with you. The two of you love putzing around these vineyards.”

“Yep. But he’ll be well enough soon. Keeping busy down there in the city?”

The city was always San Francisco for Sam. Jim knew his brother seldom went there, didn’t like it there, couldn’t understand why Jim did.

“Yep. “ Jim smiled. “My physics classes are going well. Teaching a bunch of geniuses keeps me on my toes.”

“Bet none of them are even close to you,  though.” Sam rubbed the top of Jim’s head.

Jim was by no means small, or he didn’t think so, but both his dad and brother were giants and liked to remind everyone around them of their superiority.

“Come to the house then. Oh, and I’m going to ask Aurelan to marry me soon. You remember you met her last time you were up here.”

“I do, yeah. Congratulations.” Jim had liked the pretty petite brunette.     

Sam grinned. “She hasn’t said yes yet.”

“She will.” Jim fell into step beside his brother as they hiked uphill a bit to the house from the vineyards. “I almost brought someone with me this time.”

“Oh?” Sam asked, surprised.

Jim laughed. “You make it sound like no one would want me.”

“Hardly. You’re a brilliant scientist that comes from a great family and you’re not bad looking. You just never seem to settle on someone you want us to meet.”

“Not sure I’m to the point of settling in this case either,” Jim admitted. “Just…a guy moved into the apartment next to mine and he’s pretty cute and I like him.”

Sam nodded. “So why didn’t you bring him?”

“We’ve only seen each other a handful of times. I think he got a little freaked when I made the suggestion he could come with me. Hell, we haven’t even had a first kiss. So I don’t know. Seemed pretty fast.”

“Well, you’ll know when and if it’s right.”

“Like you have with Aurelan?”

“Exactly. “

They reached the back door of the Spanish style villa. Sam opened the door and let Jim go in first.

“Mom? Dad? Look what followed me in!”

April 05, 2022 Flash

And Totally Modern Jim continues

Jim slid into the bench of the booth to sit across from his friend, Nyota Uhura. The restaurant she’d chosen was pretty bland and not his favorite. Hugo’s Health Food Restaurant.

“To think we could have gone for Asian fusion.”

Nyota wrinkled her nose. “I don’t like fusion. And besides you know I have to be careful. I can’t have dairy or gluten.”

“Or anything good,” he mumbled.

She snorted. “You’ll survive missing a cheeseburger once in a while.” She paused to glance briefly at the menu, but then she put it down just as fast. “So, what do you think?”

Jim knew what she wanted but he liked to make her ask for it.


“Montgomery Scott. Is he…”

“I met a weird guy.”

“Everyone you meet is weird. Can we just—”

The waitress arrived at their table. “Something to drink?”

“Coffee?” Jim asked hopefully.

“Sorry, honey. We don’t serve coffee.”

Nyota smirked. “We’ll have a pot of cranberry tea, Doris. And thank you.”

“Cranberry tea.” Jim sighed. “He was weirder than most.”

“Can we get back to my problem?”

“So Scott’s a problem?” Jim was amused.

“You know what I mean,”

“Contrary to popular opinion, I do not have gaydar.”


“But no, he’s totally straight. And into you.”

She looked hopeful. “Yeah?”

The waitress arrived with their pot of bloody red tea. Okay not bloody red, but it was pinkish nevertheless and wholly unappetizing. Come to think of it, Jim knew a lot of weirdos.

 “I’m pretty sure.”

She made a face. “Why hasn’t he asked me out then?”

“Because guys like that think girls like you are off limits to them. That you wouldn’t be interested in him.”

“Why not?”

Jim shrugged. “Probably because you prance around acting like you’re God’s gift to men.”

Nyota gave him a look. Sniffed. “I am.”

He laughed. “And that’s why he hasn’t asked you. Scotty’s an average guy. He thinks you’re out of his league. If you want to get something started, Ny, you’re going to have to ask him.”


She poured them each a cup of the tea and Jim took a tentative sip.

“It’s as bad as I thought it would be.” He glanced at the menu. “What can I get here that won’t make grass grow on my chest or something?”

“They do have a veggie burger on a gluten free bun.”

“Swell.” But when the waitress came, that’s what he ordered.

She leaned her chin on her hand. “So tell me about the weird guy. Who is he?”

“He lives next door. He dresses pretty strange. Like a Tibetan monk or something. Some of the time, anyway.”

“Like what the Dalai Lama wears?”

Jim frowned. “No, no. More like, uh, I guess a Franciscan monk. Like Friar Tuck from Robin Hood. But sometimes he just wears regular pants and a sweater with a hoodie.”

She looked amused. “Are you stalking him? You know an awful lot about his wardrobe.”

“Of course not. But he lives next door. He also has pointy ears.”

“Pointy ears?”

“Like Legolas.”

“Oh.” She nodded. “Like a Lord of the Rings fanatic. Just like wears fake ones all the time?”

“I think his are real.”

She snorted. “All right, you’re right, he’s weird.”

“Thing is, I kinda like him. He’s trying to get a teaching job at the Science Institute.”

“You like everyone.” She patted his head. “Honey, you aren’t always the best judge of character as far as relationships go.”






She laughed. “You’re making my point for me. Just, you know, be careful with this pointy eared dude. What’s his name?”


“Spock what?”

“Just Spock.”

She snorted again. “Be really careful, Jim.”

He sighed. “Yeah.”

Flash Fic, January 11, 2022

This conversations must definitely needed to happen after Galileo 7

Jim noticed Bones leaving Spock’s quarters and nearly called out to his friend to ask him what was the deal, but something made him hold back and just watch Bones leave.

After McCoy moved out of sight, Jim went to Spock’s door, and after a moment was granted access. He’d been expected and Spock was setting up the chess game when he entered.


“Jim,” he gently reminded Spock. “What did Bones want?”

Spock stiffened around the shoulders a bit. Then he turned around. “To offer an apology.”

Jim frowned. “For what?”

He took his seat and waited as Spock brought them over beverages.

“Spock? For what?”

“His recent behavior on the mission,” Spock replied after a moment.

“Behavior? What behavior?”

Spock did not answer immediately and seemed reluctant.

“That’s an order, Mister Spock.”

“At times the crew of the Galileo were insubordinate,” Spock said, moving his first chess piece.

Jim narrowed his eyes. “To you?”

Spock nodded. “McCoy among them. The situation was stressful and tense.  After Latimer was killed, I hoped to avoid further destruction of the natives on the planet where we were forced to land. The others wished to kill them outright. One of them killed Gaetano and the crew blamed me.”

“You were making decisions based on the available information you had at the time. I read your report.”

“Yes, but they did not see it that way.”

Jim drummed his fingers on the table. “All of them? Bones? Scotty?”

“Mister Scott was not insubordinate directly, no.”

“But the others were, including Bones.” Jim grimaced. “I’ll talk to them.”

“McCoy apologized. I would rather it was dropped.”

“What about Boma?”

Spock shrugged.

“It’ll go on his record,” Jim stated.

“As I said, Captain, I would rather it was dropped.”

“And I would rather the crew respect the first officer of this ship. Spock, you aren’t going to just accept that kind of thing. And I’m not going to either. I’ll have a word with both Bones and Boma. If I don’t get a satisfactory response from Boma, it’s going on his record. What about Mears?”

“Like Mister Scott, she was not directly insubordinate.”

“Okay. I know we’ve discussed this, Spock. I really want you to tell me about this kind of stuff.” He sighed and leaned back. “And I added to it.”


“Teasing you on the bridge about your emotional response and calling you stubborn.”

“I was not offended, Jim.”

“Still.” Jim shook his head. “I’m sorry, Spock.”

Spock covered the hand that rested on the table with his own. “I accept your apology, Jim. The game?”

Jim smiled, turned over his hand to touch their palms together briefly before moving his hand over to grab his coffee cup.

“Right. I believe from last time we played I was about to checkmate you.”

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