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Flash Fic, February 02, 2022

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“What is a guy like you doing in a place like this?”

Spock’s lips quirked as he looked up from his PADD into the sparkling blue eyes of the too good-looking Human who stood beside his table.

“The duty roster, actually.” Spock gestured to the seat across from him. “Why don’t you join me?”

“If you insist.”

The Human plopped down with an overly dramatic sigh. He picked up the fork Spock had discarded and poked at Spock’s half-eaten fruit bowl.

“Not sure that’s actually real fruit.”

“Doubtful,” Spock acknowledged. “Bored, Captain?”

Jim grinned. “Beyond belief. I’ve been looking for you.”

“And so you have found me.”

“How much longer?”

Spock arched a brow. “What do you have in mind?”

“A little horizontal something something.”

At that he shook his head. Not in an answer to the suggestion but rather to Jim’s word choice.

“Ah come on.”

“You need to eat.”

“Okay, well, then we can have a romantic dinner first. Or, you know, as is my preference, after.”

“The duty roster—”

“I’ll do it while we eat. Or you can. Or together, whatever. Come on, Spock, this is the first time we’ve had time to breathe in a long time. We should spend it together in our quarters, basking in our love.”

Both eyebrows shot up at that.

Jim laughed. “I read that on a love card.”

“A love card?”

“Yeah you know romance, Valentine’s.”

“It is Groundhog’s Day,” Spock pointed out.

“Right, but V day is coming. You’re stalling. Let’s go have a little romance.”

Spock shut down his PADD and rose, reaching down to pull Jim up from his seat, too.

After all it was only logical to romance one’s husband, Spock supposed.

As they walked along the corridor, close enough to touch, there were some crew members who would swear their fingers were touching.

Flash Fic, 04/01/2020

“And then I…”

“Help! Help!” Chekov cried, rushing into the medbay.

Jim turned around from talking to Bones to stare at Chekov in shock. “Ensign, what—?”

“He iz crazy, Keptin. Help me.”

“Who? What the hell?”

“Mister Spock! He Is going to kill me.”

Jim laughed. “Spock is not going to kill you.”

Chekov grabbed for Bones. “Doktor. He is running after me, hide me.”

“Now see here, Chekov, what is this all about?” Bones asked reasonably.

“There is no time to explain!”

“Ensign, explain yourself now. That’s an order.”

Chekov straightened and looked over his shoulder at the door. “It was a little prank, sir.”

Jim frowned. “A prank?”

“Ya. April Fools. I tell to the Kommander that you and the Doktor are inwolved in an affair as a little joke.”

“What?” Bones demanded. “Me and him? I may throw up.”

“Bones,” Jim said sharply. “But that’s just what I was about to tell you before Chekov ran in here. I’m pretty sure Spock’s going into his time and is entirely irrational.”


Chekov’s eyes were huge. “Yes! This is vhat I am telling you. He iz trying to kill—”

The medbay doors exploded open and Spock stormed in, looking darkly menacing. He took a step toward Chekov, who squealed and dashed behind Jim and Bones.

Jim held out his hands. “Now, Spock, it was…”

But Spock charged toward them, not to Chekov, but to Bones. And his hands were outstretched toward McCoy’s neck.

“Spock! No!” Jim exclaimed, trying to grab onto his husband and first officer. But Spock swatted him as though he was just a fly, sending him flying into the bulkhead. For a moment, Jim was dazed, and he heard Chekov squealing in terror.

“Stop it, Spock! You’re not in your right mind,” Bones tried, just as Jim saw Spock’s hands wrap around Bones’ throat.

“No! Kommander! Stop. You vill kill him!”

“You think to steal him from me,” Spock roared.

“Spock!” Jim scrambled to his feet and rushed at Spock. “Stop it.”

Just then Bones fell limp to the ground. His mouth hung open and his eyes bulged wide. Jim knelt down beside him.

“Bones! Bones! Damn it. Spock, you’ve killed him.”

“Oh no!” Chekov cried. “It was…it was a joke. Just a little joke.”

Spock suddenly straightened and stared blankly at Chekov. “Very little, Ensign.”

Chekov blinked. “What?”

Jim burst out laughing. “April Fool’s, Pavel.”


Bones pulled his tongue back into his mouth and sat up, cackling. “That was too good! Lord, you shoulda seen your face, Chekov.”

“A joke?” Chekov shook his head. “You vere in on it, Mister Spock?”

“Obviously. And frankly with what you tried to pull, you deserved it,” Spock said, simply. He reached down and hauled Jim to his feet.

“Hey! What about me? I’m the one you strangled,” Bones grumbled, getting to his feet himself.

“Are you all right?”

“Well, I…”


Bones scowled.

Jim grinned. “Well you did kind of toss me into the wall pretty hard. Lost my breath for a second.”

“I will make sure you get it back later,” Spock murmured.

Jim stepped closer.

“Okay, that’s it, out of my medbay. It’s April Fools, not Valentine’s Day. Everybody out.”

“Bridge. Mr. Spock?”

“Indeed, Captain.”

“A joke,” Chekov muttered. “I thought he killed the doctor and it vas a joke.”

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