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Ramblings of the week, February 04, 2018

Our stateroom. They gave us twin beds for some unknown reason. I think because we were the same sex.





St Thomas








Puerto Rico



This was their library damaged in Hurricane Maria





Grand Turk IMG_3232

Our cruise ship next to another in Grand Turk. Ours is the bigger one!

We had pretty rough seas due to some bad storms in the Caribbean. The Captain decided to skip our first port Amber Cove because the waves would be 18 feet high. We ended up having an extra day at sea. It was fun though. An excursion on St Thomas that would have taken us to St John was also canceled due to the waves, so I still didn’t get to St John. Other than that we had a great time. I love both Puerto Rico and Grand Turk. This time we got to do a tour of Grand Turk, which really is a tiny place, and I really liked it. So beautiful and the natives have such an amazing attitude even after the hurricane. They do have an issue with stray starving dogs which made me very sad.

And now I am back and rather tired, but happy for the great time I had.



Ramblings of the Week, January 08, 2018

On the 7th, I updated A Surprise with a second chapter.¬† I always wanted more to this one-shot but didn’t have time to accomplish that at the time. I have now.

I will updated My Devotion.

This coming weekend is a three day weekend for me. We get MLK off. On Sunday is my niece’s baby shower at a restaurant called The Old Spaghetti Factory. Otherwise nothing else is set in stone for the weekend.

This week on Tuesday I will finally be seeing Star Wars. I saw Ferdinand last week and it was cute but not amazing like Coco was. I’m rather unfairly ambivalent about seeing Star Wars, but others in our movie going group want to see it so we will. Just the endless hype of it just gets to me and it’s certainly gotten worse with Disney in charge.

I made a bunch of arrangements for my cruise coming up in now less than three weeks! I am having a hot stone massage (I booked this back on Black Friday) but now also beginning Acupuncture (just to try it) as my second massage. I also booked an excursion to St. John’s of the US Virgin Islands, a walking tour of the top 10 things to see in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and a taste of Grand Turk tour.

I also have onboard gifts sent to my fellow travelers (and me of course). Yeah, I am rather a nut case. But it will be fun. We will have fun and everyone is excited.

I am feeling so much better. My cough is gone. Yay. I am still on some medicine but in about a week and a half I should be done with everything.

I may skip a flash this week to concentrate on some neglected stories. We shall see.

And that’s my rambles for now.

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