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Chapter 3

Bombay, Chapter 3

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“There are some options with regard to your leg.”

Spock looked up in surprise as he carefully got down from the exam table. “Options, Doctor?”

Leonard McCoy shrugged slightly as he studied his medical tricorder with Spock’s latest results on them. McCoy was the CMO at Starfleet Hospital in San Francisco. It was located directly beside Federation HQ. 

“I was told there was nerve damage and nothing could be done.”

“There coming up with new treatments all the time, Spock. In fact, a Doctor M’Benga has extensive knowledge of the physiology of Vulcans. I would recommend making an appointment with him.”

Spock took in this information and ventured to ask, “Where is this doctor located?”

“On Vulcan at the moment,” McCoy advised. He lowered his tricorder. “How’s the pain in that leg?”

“Manageable. On cold days it gets stiff. And when I do too much walking.”

“I’ll write you a prescription that should help with that. Vulcan friendly.”

“The earliest I can plan to see M’Benga on Vulcan would be the next break between semesters at the Academy,” Spock said.

“I understand. Just think about it. It’s possible he can’t do anything, but if he can, it’s worth looking into, yeah?”

“Perhaps,“ Spock acknowledged.

Spock departed and headed for his apartment. The walk was a little longer than his typical walk to the campus, but in some ways Spock thought exercising his leg might be good for him. He’d possibly be sorry for it later.

When he made it home, just as a light drizzle began, the cat was waiting for him by the door. He appeared to want to dart out of the apartment into the drizzle, but Spock got the door closed before Bombay could make good on his escape.

“I can see how you must have gotten away from your care giver,” Spock remarked out loud as he moved into the kitchen to prepare himself tea and feed the cat.

As Spock spooned out the smelly food into a dish, the cat rubbed against his legs. He put the food down, made himself tea and a bean burrito and headed to his terminal to grade tests.

He’d only been sitting there five minutes when Bombay leapt into his lap and settled down there.   

Rather than fight a losing battle where Spock made him leave only to have him return, repeat, he just allowed the furry pest to remain.

When the cat stared at him while he ate his burrito, Spock even began to share little bites with him. He made a mental note to check with the veterinary’s office to learn if anyone had come forward to claim Bombay.

Once he finished his grading, he signed into his Academy email account and found an email from Nyota.

“If you’re interested in my class on the disappearance of James Kirk, the class will be next Thursday at ten in the morning. It’s kind of a strange case and I thought you might be curious. I’m surprised you don’t know more about the details but then again you were on active duty on the Enterprise when it occurred. Attached is a picture.”

Spock clicked on the link and a very good-looking young Human male appeared on his screen. And yes, Nyota had been right. He had incredibly striking blue eyes.

Bombay uncurled from Spock’s lap and stared at the picture. Then to Spock’s surprise he raised paw and put it on the picture and meowed loud.

Most strange.

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 3

Chapter Three: Hiring Help

“Yes, Mother, I am keenly aware that Father anticipates I will fail at this venture and be on the very next shuttle to Vulcan to humbly accept the shame hanging over me for refusing entry to the Vulcan Science Academy.”

Spock paused as he entered information to his computer.

“That rather sounds like too much emotional reaction from you father,” his human mother, Amanda Grayson, declared with a teasing lilt to her voice.

Spock glanced at the communicator left open on his desk and shook his head. “You are, no doubt, correct. However, given that I made a promise to make Gad-Shen a success, I don’t intend to return to Vulcan any time soon.”

“Oh, I’m quite sure you will have no trouble. Your father is being quite…petulant about the whole thing.”

Spock’s lips quirked. “I cannot imagine Father showing petulance.”

“You’d be surprised.”

“Hello? Anyone here?”

Spock frowned, having been unaware anyone had entered the as yet unopened restaurant.

“Did I hear someone, Spock?”

“Yes, Mother. Apparently someone is here. I will contact you later. Spock out.”

Spock closed the communicator, rose from behind his desk in the small room to the back of Gad-Shen, and walked into the main dining area.

Standing just inside the door was a young human male with rather sandy hair and the bluest of eyes. He was extraordinarily attractive.

The man smiled at the sight of Spock.


“Good evening.”

The man thrust his thumb out toward the Help Wanted sign.

“I came about a job. You’re hiring?”

“For wait staff, yes. Do you have any experience Mister…?” He left it dangling waiting for the human to introduce himself.

The man moistened his lips with his tongue. “Kirk. Jim Kirk. I prefer Jim.”

Spock nodded. “I am Spock.”

Jim’s smile lit up the shadowed room and Spock felt foolish thinking that.

“No experience waiting tables whatsoever,” he admitted. “But I learn quick. I just got laid off from working at the shipyard as Starfleet pulled our contract. I’m a single dad and I really need the work.”

Spock considered this. “Gad-Shen will only be open for breakfast and lunch Sunday through Friday. Six to two. I would need you to work from five forty-five in the morning until two fifteen in the afternoon on the days you are scheduled for. You would get a thirty-minute meal break. The restaurant will open the day after tomorrow. Can you start then?”

“Absolutely. Yes. That would be great. Thank you.”

“I have, so far, hired two other wait staff, both females, one named Nyota Uhura and the other simply calls herself Gaila.”

“Like Spock, huh?”

He arched his brow. “No. Our chef is Mr. Scott. He is well trained and versed in both Vulcan and Human dishes.”

“Okay, cool. Everything sounds great.”

“If you will provide me your contact details, I will send you all the information you will need to fill out to begin your employment and collect your pay.”


Jim came nearer and Spock could not help notice that he smelled very good. He wondered if it was wise to hire someone this attractive when…

Spock shook his head and focused on work.


“So, who was there?”

He’d contacted his mother as soon as he sent Jim on his way. He had watched the young man cross the street and go into the depot. He had remained watching until a few moments later, Jim had come back out, holding the hand of a cherubic little girl with long, blond curls.

He had declared himself to be a single father, and though Spock was quite curious, he had not asked.

“A man who was recently laid off and looking for a job.”

“Oh. That’s too bad. And right before the holidays too. Did you give him one?”

“Of course I did. His name is Jim Kirk and he is a single father.”

“Kirk? Why do I know that name? Hmm. Single father just laid off before the holidays? How awful.”

Spock was of the mind to lose one’s job any time was not pleasant. But he agreed and changed the subject back to his father.

Where Do People Like Us Float, Chapter 3

Jim grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge and downed the whole thing in just a couple of swallows. A least he was able to drink water without any additives. Then he went back outside and headed in the direction of Spock’s house.

There was no sign that anyone was outside, which was too bad, because Jim would have preferred not having to knock on the door. He really didn’t want to bother Spock’s mother.

He hesitated, biting is lip. He could just wait until Spock did come out. But that could take hours. Or he could just go back home. Not that he really thought of this place as home.

Riverside was home. Until it wasn’t. Part of him just wanted to go back there.

Jim went up to the front door and knocked. He had no idea what he was going to say if Spock’s mom opened the door.

But to his relief it was Spock who peered out at him. But the for a long time, Spock just stared blankly at him. Almost like he didn’t even recognize Jim.

“It’s Jim. You know. From yesterday.”

Spock nodded. “Yes, of course. Hello, Jim.”

“Um. Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering about the kitten.”

“Yes, I have kept the kitten and Mother has named her Butterscotch. You may come in and see her if you would like.” Spock opened the door wide to let Jim inside.

Jim grinned and entered the house. There was no sign of anyone other than Spock and he heard no noises.

“My mother is out,” Spock said, as though reading Jim’s mind.

Which Jim had heard was possible. Weren’t they some sort of telepaths?

“Are you mind readers?” Jim blurted out before he could stop himself.

At that, Spock arched a pointed brow, which Jim had to admit was cute. “That would come in handy for certain. Alas I cannot. Nor do other Vulcans. We are touch telepaths. And there are limitations there as well.”

“Yeah. Okay.” Jim nodded. “You’re my first Vulcan.”

Spock tilted his head. “Butterscotch is this way.”

Jim followed Spock to a bedroom he assumed was Spock’s. There was a strange instrument attached to the wall. “What is that?”

“It is a Vulcan lyre. I have been playing it since I was a small boy.”

“Yeah? That’s really cool.” Jim shuffled his feet. “Wish I played a musical instrument. But I’m not musical.”

“Anyone can learn, Jim. Would you like me to teach you?”

Jim’s draw dropped open. “You-you would do that?”

“Why not?”

“I…well. I wouldn’t want to waste your time.”

“It would be no waste of time. My father taught me.”

“Is your dad here too?” Jim asked.

“Negative. He is on special assignment at present. Our residence here is temporary.”

“Yeah. Me too. I don’t plan on sticking around here either.”

Spock crouched down next to his bed and then when he rose he held the squirming orange kitty in his hands.

He could not keep the grin from his face. “She is so cute! Can I-can I hold her?”

Spock handed Jim the kitten,

She immediately started purring as he raised her to his chest. He rubbed his face against her fur.

“It is a shame you were not able to keep the cat for yourself,” Spock said softly.

“Frank doesn’t like animals. Or anything living really. I had a dog before.” Jim felt a dull ache in his chest. “Anyway, I’d probably be allergic. Seems like I am to everything.”

“She has adjusted well so far. What happened to your dog?”

He stared down at the purring kitten, his stomach twisting painfully. “He didn’t make it.” Jim handed the kitten back to Spock. “I need to go.”

“Very well. I had thought to offer you tea but—”

“No, that’s okay. I really need to go.” He turned abruptly and fled from Spock’s house.


“There you are,” his mother announced when he entered the house that afternoon. “Where have you been?”

She stepped over to him and grabbed him by his shoulders. She studied him carefully. “Have you been smoking again?”

“No,” he denied, even though he had just had a cigarette.

“Don’t lie. I smell it.”

He brushed her away. “Then why ask me?”

She sighed and went back into the kitchen to the stove. “You said you stopped.” She looked at him. “Are you cutting again?”

“No.” Not that he hadn’t thought about it. “I did quit smoking. But today was just…hard. So I had one.” He sulked down into the chair at the dining room table.

She put the spoon down she had been using to stir the food in the pot and came to sit next to him at the table. “Things didn’t go well at the doctor?”

He snorted at that. “It never does. She threatened me.”


“She did. To institutionalize me.”

“I won’t let that happen. Frank said you didn’t tell him much about your appointment.”

“As if I would,” he mumbled. “I met a guy. He lives nearby.”

“A guy? Yeah?”

“A Vulcan.”

She laughed. “On this planet?”

“He’s a teacher. He offered to teach me how to play the lyre.”

She raised her brows. “Did he? How interesting.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Give me a break. His name is Spock.”

“You like him. Don’t you?”

Jim shrugged. “Well.”

She smiled a little. “Maybe you can invite him over so I can meet him.”

“With him around? No thanks.”

“We’ll pick a day when he isn’t.” She stood up again and squeezed his shoulder as she went back into the kitchen. “I’m making chili beans. Is that okay?”

“Sure.” It wasn’t like everything didn’t taste like the additive anyway. But she liked to pretend he could actually taste the food.

“Jim, I know you don’t like Doctor Cassadine but can you go just a few more times? And then if you still feel the same way, we’ll tell her to forget it.”

Jim got up from his seat and went to the fridge, taking out a chilled glass water bottle. “How many more times?”

“Two. Maybe three.”

He bit his lip. “Two.”

“Okay,” she said with obvious reluctance. “Sit back down, it’s almost ready.”

He retook his seat, glancing toward the hallway when he heard Frank yelling at someone from the office. “You know he’s not going to take those anger management classes you want him to take.”

She brought a bowl of the chili beans over to him. “You really shouldn’t interfere, Jim.”

Feeling rebuked, he lowered his gaze to the beans and took a spoonful. He put it in his mouth and chewed.

“How is it?”

“Good,” he said mechanically.

She petted his hair and sat down next to him. “I’m off tomorrow so I want to take you into town to get some new clothes. You’ve changed sizes again.”

“I don’t need new clothes.”

“Are you kidding? Those jeans you’re wearing right now are falling off you. We’re going. So be ready.” She ruffled his hair. “Maybe a new PADD too.”

The Sight, Chapter Three

“Papa, live with you.”

Jim had just thrown a big purple plastic lightweight ball toward David who gleefully batted at it until it tumbled to the ground. He smiled and walked over to his son, crouching down.

“Papa would love that,” Jim said carefully. “You like living with Mama.”


“So Mama would feel sad if you lived with Papa.”

David puckered his lips. “Live together.”

“Your Mama and me we care about each other so much, but we don’t live together.”

“Why not?”

Jim took David’s hand in his. “Papa is on a ship, like the one I gave you. But you know, as much as we care about each other, we both care even more about you. You’re the most important one to both of us.”

David stared at Jim, his lower lip sticking out.

“I need you to watch your Mama for me and keep her safe, okay?” Jim wasn’t even sure his son understood what he was saying.

“Okay,” David agreed, looking very solemn.

Jim decided it was time to lighten the mood. “Let’s go in and have ice cream with your grandma.”


David turned excitedly to run into the house. Jim went to stand, but was suddenly hit by a powerful wave of dizziness. His eyes blurred.

Then suddenly Spock appeared before him, leaning over someone in a biobed. Spock looked unexpectedly distraught. He turned to face someone and then the scene changed. Uhura was standing in front of Spock, angry. She raised her hand and struck Spock across the face.

“Papa! Papa!”

Jim was being shook and then he looked down into David’s pale face. His eyes were very huge.

He smiled. Or tried to. “It’s all right, David. Papa is here.”

He stood now and took David’s hand as they walked into the farmhouse together. David released Jim’s hand and ran to Jim’s mom.

“Ice cream! Ice cream!”

Jim exchanged a look with Winona, who frowned, then grinned at the boy. “Chocolate or Strawberry?”

“Both!” David cried gleefully.

“Oh, you really are Jim’s son. Okay, some of each.”

Jim wearily sat in the nearest chair. Often visions exhausted him. This one definitely had. But he had no idea what it meant. It had looked like the medbay on the Enterprise.

“Want some coffee, Jim?” his mom asked.

“Yeah. Yeah. That sounds great. Thanks.”

She poured him the coffee and brought it to him before even dishing out ice cream for David. She looked at Jim. His mom knew about the visions. Had even witnessed him having one before. She’d once told him that there were rumors, according to Jim’s dad, that quite a while back one of gran’s family had met and mated with a seer from the planet, Nestron, a mysterious planet that even now the Federation didn’t know all there was to know. Nestron had been destroyed many years ago also mysterious and all that was left was a lifeless hull of a rock.

“Did you see something?” she asked softly.

“Maybe, yes, I don’t know. It was fleeting. I don’t even know what it meant.”

“Grandma, ice cream,” David yelled from by the freezer.

She stared at Jim a moment longer. “Coming.” She turned back to David with a smile.


That night his sleep was disturbed by dreams, nightmares really. He didn’t really remember any of them except the last one he’d had.

It woke him up around three am and there was absolutely no way he could get back to sleep. In the dream, Rigel Three was attacked by Klingons and Carol was an immediate casualty. David was left alone, crying.

Then he woke.

Beside him in his bed, David slept on, but Jim’s heart was racing.

Had it been a vision or merely a dream brought about by a little anxiety with David being taken to Rigel Three by Carol?

Jim found his PADD and sent a message to Carol. But of course she ignored him, as he knew she would. She had laughed later when they’d talked in person, as she came to collect David from him. She had no reason to believe he had visions, so he didn’t real blame her. He could not hold her back from leaving.

He kept it to himself then. After he had hugged his son goodbye and Carol, too. He’d hugged her tight, unable to shake the feeling he would never see her again. And he could do nothing about it. He’d tried.

When he got to Yorktown for the final week’s preparations, he was relieved to see Spock. Finally.

“Mister Spock,” Jim greeted Spock with a smile as he got off the shuttle and saw Spock waiting for him. “What a pleasant surprise.”

“Captain, I was alerted to your impending arrival.”

“Well, good. How long have you been on Yorktown?” Spock fell in step beside him as they made their way out of ship docking area and over to the lift that would take them up to the streets of Yorktown.

“I arrived last evening,” Spock replied.

“Uhura too?”

“Nyota will arrive tomorrow. She left New Vulcan early in order to see her family on Earth.”

“Ah, good. Glad she got the chance.”

They got on the lift and rode up in silence. Jim stepped out first when it stopped.

“Did you enjoy your leave, Captain?”

“Yeah, I did. Spent most of it with my mom in Riverside. Got to spend a week or so with my son. Yeah, it was good.”

“I am gratified to hear it. David is well?”

“He is, yes. He’s going with Carol to Rigel Three soon for a temporary assignment she has there,” he said, neutrally. What he’d seen in his dream was still very much on his mind, but Spock would be completely dismissive. “You and, um, Uhura, did you—?”


“You know, get married, or um, what is it…?”

“Bond,” Spock supplied.

He knew that, of course. He knew that well. But he was distracted by Carol and by the whole idea of Spock and Uhura living happily ever after together.


“We did not,” Spock said. “We are not at that level in our relationship yet.”

Jim frowned. They’d been ‘dating’ for years. When did it get to that level? But the truth was, as weird as Jim thought Spock’s response was, he was also incredibly glad. More glad actually than he ought to feel because he had absolutely no right to feel anything.

“Oh. Okay,” he said instead.

And they made their way to the first of Jim’s many meetings he’d have to have. He got busy with planning and even some negotiations, but he still thought of Carol and David somewhere in the back of his mind.

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