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So my brother from Kansas visited us recently. Originally both he and his wife were coming, but his wife’s mother was close to passing away, so she stayed behind. My brother came, visited with mom, and will be going back today. His wife’s mother did pass away on Tuesday. She was 91 and had dementia for a number of years.

I fasted on Wednesday after indulging far too many days in a row. During the celebrating for Mom I indulged in a bottle of wine. Back to reality now and watching it.

Today is, of course, the first day of August. There’s a flash on Friday (I don’t actually remember what it is I wrote right now!). And of course Chapter 8 of I Will Follow You was up yesterday. With only two to go, hopefully things will get better for Jim!

Spreadsheet-wise My Devotion is up next but we’ll see when I get to it. Probably not until next week. But I did update Transfer Request, The Sight, and The Mysterious One this week. I might finish I Will Follow You first or even get more done on Stranded 3.

Not much going on this weekend that I know of, which is the way I like it. Supposed to be toasty though.

Hope everyone enjoys