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Rambles November 15, 2018

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The fire near us is now at 57% containment and that’s good news even though it burned over 504 structures. Up north, the “camp” fire destroyed an entire town. What a horrible couple of weeks it’s been for everyone here. I hope the winds leave us alone for a while, we need a break.

The weather report coming up for the next week or some promises a mild Thanksgiving holiday, which is very much welcome. As I have said I start my week off as the day ends tomorrow and I look forward to it even though I have many household chores.

My writing goal is to finish the Christmas story (still unnamed). I am writing the sex part at the moment. Once that story is finished I will feel much relief.

I saw on the news today something sad. A while back there was this big story about a “GoFundMe” account set up for a homeless man after he gave a woman his last $20 so she could get home. People donated all kinds of money. Now it turns out the whole thing was likely a scam to get people’s money. What kind of horrible people take advantage of warm-hearted generous people like that to steal their money and good will? These people need to go to jail and I hope they do. The moral? I say, sadly, don’t give money to any of these things, unless YOU personally know their circumstances.


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