Yep, me again.

I like to keep you up to date on what’s going on so you know what to expect. You may or may not care. It’s all good.

We are coming up to that most busy time of year both for me writing-wise and social-wise/personal-wise. Already I have a bunch of things planned in my personal life. And as you may or may not recall on October 01 I begin watching all my scary movies in honor of Halloween (my dose of scary is milder than many though I know most of you reading this are chickens, lol)

This Saturday me, sister and M are going to one of our favorite steak restaurants. I don’t recall if I mentioned it here but recently I did a favor for my big boss at work. To me, it was part of the job, but to him, he decided I went above and beyond and he gave me an award that allowed me to choose gift cards to use. One of those I chose was a $50 Gift Card to this steak place so that’s pretty cool.

In October, I have a few things already planned too. M’s cousin wants us to go to Solvang with her for a day trip (Danish village I have mentioned and shown pictures of). The first week of November, sister and I have another three day trip plan, this one includes a trip to the world famous San Diego Safari Park. So yep, lots of plans. So little time.

I ended up dropping one of my claims for the Advent Calendar so I am down to only 5 now. HA

I Knew You Before, my Academy fic for September will end next Friday.

I’ll be wrapping up Joined either today or tomorrow. Yippee, another one finished!

But before I start updating my remaining WIPS I intend to get all of my October flashes done and scheduled. By my calculations if I write MWF that’s 13 of them. Yeah, no small amount. But you know if I don’t get ahead of this I get twitchy. You don’t want that.

As a reminder October will be Autumn/Spooky flashes.

That’s where I’m at. I hope you will continue to join me on the journey!

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