Now that I’m cleaning up a few things (concluding them), my mind is set to the future.

So besides continuing the ever popular Welcome to the Enterprise and Our So-Called Life, and the new A Heart Needs a Second Chance,

I will be eventually writing the sequel to Didn’t We Almost Have it All (Should I Call it, We Did Have it All, LOL), and the adventures of Vulcan Jim and Vulcan Spock from Granted.

I might also take a stab (pun sorta intended) at more tentacle sex with Jim as well as this crazy idea: Spock Prime melds with young Jim on Delta Vega, but instead of Jim crying over emotional transference and them having to leave to save the day right away, they end up having wild sex on the cave floor because of what was in the meld.

You know, all this and your regularly scheduled flashes. October is still Autumn/Halloween stuff, November Family/Gratitude, and December whatever I get up to for the holidays.

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