Sitting here falling asleep at my lunch…Who Knows Why

My plan is, when I have the energy, to work on the ending of I Dream of Jim. I’d like to get some more stuff concluded in the very near future. This promises to be a super busy writing season coming up and I will feel better having a couple more done. Before I get into more WIPS that I want to coming up, I need to end those. I actually have less WIPS going now than I have had in years.

But I Dream of Jim and Catch a Falling Star are headed out of the rotation soon. And now that I have 4 chapters done on A Heart Needs a Second Chance, I feel I can get something else done.

Likely not until Sunday though with the family thing tomorrow.

I have started my fall decorating though not everything will be out for another or week or so.

I think I may have done my last Overt Time hour on Wednesday. They talked about it in today’s work meeting and I do believe they might actually transfer the work out this time.

Supposed to drop down to 87 or so tomorrow which believe me is a big improvement!

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