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When Spock opened his eyes, he was staring into the intense blueness of his boyfriend’s irises. He blinked and let his gaze move down to the soft smile lighting up Jim’s face.


“Nothing’s wrong, sweetheart. It’s morning.”

Spock’s gaze toward the window, noting the light streaming through. “I overslept?”

“No, no. It’s only ten.”

“Ten? That is late.”

Jim laughed. “Guess I wore you out. I brought your tea. I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the pumpkin patch with me.”

“Pumpkin patch?”

“Yeah. You know what a pumpkin is.”

Spock nodded as he sat up. “Of course. Ever since our arrival on Earth you have been obsessed with pumpkin spice everything.”

Jim had even purchased pumpkin spice tea for Spock and it mostly tasted like cloves and cinnamon, so Spock didn’t mind.

Spock didn’t mind much of anything that made Jim happy at this time. Only a short time ago, Spock had feared he’d been robbed of Jim once again.

The mission had been untenable from the start and everything had gone absolutely wrong culminating in Jim’s life threatening injuries. Both Spock and Doctor McCoy thought more than once Jim would succumb, but he’d come out of it, thankfully, wonderfully, alive. Starfleet had ordered Jim to take an extended medical leave, a minimum of three months. At first, Jim had balked, until Komack had agreed Jim could take that leave on Earth, with Spock by his side.

Jim was much improved. He still limped slightly, but even that would eventually go away. And Spock found himself filled with gratitude and abiding love for Jim.

“Right. But this is pumpkin. I mean just the fruit. The squash. You go to this place and it’s filled with all kinds of them. Some you can carve and some you make into pie and just…you know. I want to go.”

Spock nodded. “Give me some time to get ready and then we will leave.”

Jim smiled and leaned in to kiss him. “You got it. Tea’s on the bedside table. See you downstairs.”

Spock watched Jim walk stiffly from the room and when he was gone, Spock closed his eyes. Jim was still with him. Yes. And mostly better. They’d even been able to enjoy intimacy.

He rose from their bed and went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. His mind had been disordered since the ‘incident’. No doubt the real reason he’d slept all the way until ten.

He took his tea with him and went downstairs to be greeted once more by Jim, this time with a slice of fresh baked banana bread. Even though it was Jim who had been injured, Spock noticed Jim seemed determined to take care of him.

The pumpkin patch turned out to be crowded with families, but Jim seemed unbothered by this. He wandered up and down the aisles looking at pumpkins of various sizes. Some he said were sugar pumpkins, the kind used for pies, and others were carving pumpkins for what he said were Jack O Lanterns.

By the time Jim had chosen several pumpkins, Spock could tell that Jim was suddenly, incredibly exhausted. He’d lost several shades of color and was very pale. Spock immediately rushed to him.

“Jim, ashaya.”

Jim sagged against him, clutching the sleeves of Spock’s sweater. “I’m okay, sweetheart. Just a little tired.”

“You have done too much. We need to return home.”

“I won’t argue with you, but I want to buy these pumpkins first.”

Spock blew out a breath. “Very well.” He lowered Jim to a bench. “You wait here while I arrange the purchases.”

When Spock had paid for all Jim’s pumpkins, he got Jim into the hover car and drove them back to the farmhouse.

Jim moved to get himself into the house and then protested when Spock came toward him. “I can walk, Spock.”

“I know but—

“I’m okay, I promise. Just got too much sun exposure and did too much, I got tired. That’s all.”

Once inside, Spock made Jim sit again.


“Indulge me. You almost died again and—”

Jim took Spock’s hand and drew him down onto Jim’s lap.

“I am too heavy.

“Oh be quiet,” Jim said with a laugh. Then he put his arm around Spock to hold him there. “I’m here. I didn’t die, okay?”

“Because of Dr. McCoy’s expertise. You take too many chances.”

“Spock. Just…kiss me.”

Spock did lean down and place a chaste kiss on Jim’s lips. He then got up when Jim let him. “Pumpkin soup for dinner?”

Jim smiled. “Sounds great. Want my help?”

“Are you capable?”

“Give me five minutes. Then we’ll cook together. Come here.” Jim pulled him back down. “I love you. Thank you for going with me to the pumpkin patch.”

“You are welcome. And I love you. More than I have words to convey.”

For fun here is a link to a pumpkin soup recipe: